It’s beyond tiring to have to keep answering obscurantist questions like this. But in short, yes. Yes they did.
Question for Weigel: would it be better or worse for Biden if multiple right leaning outlets published allegations *anonymously sourced* to the Biden laptop & emails (with occasional direct excerpts) or if the whole hard drive was provided so everyone could decide for themselves?
The answer for Weigel: it would be worse for Biden, just as it was for Trump. Except the difference in this case is the Biden laptop and stories are true, and the Steele dossier was false, bought & paid for by Clinton to push her scheme to falsely tie Trump to Russia to distract
The allegations compiled in the Steele dossier were published in AT MINIMUM the following outlets:

—The Weekly Standard
—New Yorker
—Yahoo News
—Mother Jones

And hyped by Clinton campaign:
—Multiple press releases about “bombshells”
—Tweets read by *millions*
And outside of those direct outlets, the dossier allegations in of themselves influenced the tone and tenor of the “Russia” Trump coverage in other places like the NYT and yes Weigel, the WaPo too. The Clinton campaign were pushing it relentlessly. It was an info op, c’mon man!

• • •

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13 Oct
One of these guys did a “monograph focusing on the representation of female characters within status competition and the economy of prestige that obtains within the fictive aristocratic courts of Middle High German narrative” and didn’t even work at Notre Dame while ACB did
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21 Sep
“On the obstruction of justice, Mueller declined to make a determination because of a long-standing Justice Department policy that sitting president cannot be indicted”

100% false and Mueller testified this isn’t true under oath. Great fact checking!…
“the special counsel shied away from subpoenaing Don Trump Jr. to testify about his notorious June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower”

This is ridiculous as well

The reason Don Trump Jr. wasn’t subpoenaed is that the FBI interviewed the key participants who all backed up Don’s account
“Team M also came close to establishing a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. On August 2, 2016, Manafort dined in New York City with Konstantin Kilimnik”

Kilimnik = Collusion again? Kilimnick was an Obama State dept source!
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A total of 61 SCOTUS justices have been nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court since the turn of the last century (1900)

70% of these (43 Justices) were confirmed in *under 46 days* (the amount of time remaining until the Nov 3 Presidential election)

Nominee & days to confirm from nomination:

Lewis Powell —45
Ruth Bader Ginsburg —42
Sandra Day O'Connor —33 (*the vacancy)
Harlan Stone —31
Wiley Rutledge —28
Harry Blackmun —27 (*wrote Roe v Wade)
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Considering Democrat plan to contest election regardless of the result, and potential for the legal cases to go to SCOTUS, Trump has to nominate, and McConnell has to confirm, an RBG replacement BEFORE the election

Cannot leave possibility of 4-4 decisions on election result
Trump “absolutely” would nominate:
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9 Sep
Okay @petestrzok has now admitted he got it wrong that the Australians watched Trump’s “Russia if you’re listening” press conference on July 27 and *then* contacted the FBI (they actually reached out the day before)

But there is an even bigger problem

Strzok opened CH on July 31, supposedly on the basis that @GeorgePapa19 (or other Trump figures) may have been told about the Russians having info on Hillary (and Obama, bizarrely) and this may have been related to the DNC email hack or the missing Hillary emails
Okay, so Trump gives a press conference on July 27, where he asks where Hillary’s “missing” emails are

Strzok and the FBI’s theory is that @GeorgePapa19 might have known about *those very emails* AT THAT TIME - from the Russians
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8 Sep
**ATTENTION: Congressional candidates/voters interested in energy policy**

Given the blackout risk in California and Biden’s comments on Fracking, energy policy is likely to be a more prominent talking point over the next few days...(until another riot at least)
...I’d urge any Congressional candidates who follow me to to check out by @AlexEpstein.
This is a well researched and footnoted collection of Tweet length talking points on energy policy, fracking, Biden’s plan & more. A great resource & @AlexEpstein may be able to assist you further if you get in contact. It’s not the easiest website to navigate but stick with it!
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