1. Autumnal nine days recall the glory of Devi - Sharad Navaratri. Beautiful verses such as Devi Mahatmyam/Lalita Sahasranamam/Chandi Paath describe Devi’s qualities. These are recited.

Navavarna Kritis in Sanskrit are dedications by Muthuswami Dikshitar sung Carnatic style.
2. These magnificent pieces offer a glimpse of the Tantric mode of extolling Devi. Elaborate tantric rituals are simplified into emotive yet spiritually rich songs. Kritis (songs) are structured as Dhyana(1) Kirtana (9) & Mangala (1). Each is set to an evolved raga.
3. Todi,Ananda Bhairavi, Kalyani, Sankharabharanam, Kambodi, Bhairavi, Punnagavarali, Sahana, Ghanta, Ahiri & Sri. In the Navavarna, Devi = Kamala as kritis are dedicated to Kamalamba in a temple in Tiruvarur(TN) built (?)9th CE.Shall try to explain pallavi & anupallavi each day.
4. Each of these kritis have a final verse called charanam after their pallavi & anu pallavi. Attempt here is only to give simple meaning.
Today, we take up the pallavi of Kamalambike, the dhyana kriti. And for Kamalamba Samrakshatu, the 1st Kirtana, the pallavi & anu pallavi.
5. Pallavi of dhyana kriti in Todi:

कमलांबिके आश्रितकल्पलतिके चण्डिके
कमनीयारुणांशुके करविधृतशुके मामव

A wish fulfilling creeper for those who surrender unto You
Chandika= an aspect of Chandi
Wearing beautiful red garment
Holding a parrot in Your hand
Protect me
6. Pallavi & anu pallavi of Navavarna 1 in Ananda Bhairavi:

कमलाम्बा संरक्षतु मां हृत्कमला नगर निवासिनी अम्ब |

anu pallavi
सुमनसाराधिताब्ज मुखी सुन्दर मनःप्रियकर सखी
कमलजानन्द बोध सुखी कान्ता तार पञ्जर शुकी
7. Navarana 1:
May Kamalamba protect me
The Mother
Resides at heart of Kamala Nagaram (Tiruvarur)
Her lotus like face
Praised by virtuous people
Beloved companion of Lord Sundara-Shiva
Is Beautiful
Revels in joy out of wisdom
Like a She-parrot
At the centre of cage called Tara.
8. Navavarna 2 in Kalyani:

कमलाम्बां भजरे रे मानस कल्पित माया कार्यं त्यज रे

anu pallavi
कमला वाणी सेवित पार्श्वां कम्बु जय ग्रीवां नत देवां
कमला पुर सदनां मृदु गदनां कमनीय रदनां कमल वदनाम्
#Navratri2020 #MuthuswamiDikshitar
9. Navarana 2:
Oh mind
Mother Kamalamba
Cast aside
Attachment to this illusionary
Attended on by Lakshmi &
The beauty of Her neck
Wins over (jaya) the Conch
Worshipped by Deva
Resides in Kamalapura
Speaks softly
Has beautiful teeth
Lotus like face.
10. Navavarna 3 in Sankarabharanam.

श्रीकमलाम्बिकया कटाक्षितोऽहं

पङ्कजासनादि पञ्चकृत्यकृत्-भावितया
शोकहर-चतुर-पादया मूक-मुख्य-वाक्य-प्रदया
कोकनद-विजय-प्रदया गुरु-गुह-त्रिपदया  
11. Navavarna 3: (simple meaning in this plus 2 tweets)


The gracious glance of Sri Kamalamba
are cast on me
I am with the Absolute Brahman
In fullness of existence, consciousness & bliss.

#Navratri2020 #MuthuswamiDikshitar
12. Navavarna 3 continued:

anu pallavi

Indra & others attend on Her.
She is adored by Brahma & others
They perform the Pancakritya, the five cosmic acts

#Navratri2020 #MuthuswamiDikshitar
13. Navavarna 3 continued:

Her feet are smart at removing grief
Gifted speech to Mooka (became a noted Kavi)
Her victorious feet are like red lotus
She manifests the 3 worded mantra Tat,Tvam, Asi
So says Guruguha*


*Guruguha =signature of #MuthuswamiDikshitar

• • •

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