Shamir's Secret Sharing is an algorithm in cryptography created by Adi Shamir. It is a form of secret sharing, where a secret is divided into parts. I have used this scheme to backup my passphrase for my Bitcoin wallet. Here is what I did.
First I used an old Android phone and downloaded "Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme Encoder & Decoder" app from Playstore and "Backup and Restore" app to save the apk of the SSS app in case it would disappear from the store.
After installing the apps I closed all internet / bluetooth connections and will never enable them again.
Next in the app you can write the secret (passphrases) and select how many shards to have in total and how many needed for reconstruction.
After getting a QR code for each shard I took polaroid photos with my wife's Zoemini S. This camera takes insta photos and has no memory for storing. So this is ideal for getting a backup of each shard. You can find many cheap cameras like this on the market.
The zink photo papers that you get are also stickers so you can hide them in different spots. Remember that it's best to put them in dry places because the humidity can make the color go away.
I used 3 of 5 shards for the SSS and tried them all to verify if the app can read them correctly. After this I just shut down the old android phone and left it in a drawer. If you ever do this.. consider verifying the integrity of the photos from time to time. Enjoy!
Here is the link to the Shamir Secret Sharing app in Android Playstore:…
Of course this option can be used to backup your seed too if you want more redundancy.
I didn't mention in the thread but before shutting down the network connection I emailed myself the apk backup of the app in order to have it even if I lose the phone.

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22 Sep
This is a short review of the best way I found until now to create a Bitcoin BIP39 seed phrase (24 words) that you can actually verify yourself BY HAND that it was generated correctly and you don't have to trust the code.
It's @bjdweck's Rudefox Burrow.

H/T @MartyBent
You will need a Raspberry Pi (just swap the existing sim card with a sim with the Rudefox Burrow image), a 8-sided die (explained later) or somehow to generate randomly numbers from 1-8, and a seed generation worksheet.
I will attach at the end a link to installing tutorial.
After booting up the OS and typing the command line on the screen you will be prompted to input 11 numbers from the 8-sided dice rolls. This will generate the first 3 words.
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Quotes from "Fiat money inflation in France" written by Andrew Dickson White in 1896 and revised in 1933.… Image
"Paper money under a
despotism is dangerous; it favors corruption; but in a
nation constitutionally governed, which itself takes
care in the emission of its notes, which determines
their number and use, that danger no longer exists."
"But the current toward paper money had become
irresistible. It was constantly urged, and with a great
show of force, that if any nation could safely issue it,
France was now that nation.."
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7 Aug
This is a short review of Specter Desktop from @CryptoAdvance, which is now my new favorite way to validate coins and create multisig wallets.
It's an interesting easy-to-install tool that connects to your Bitcoin Core and that you can then access from a web page.
Thread: Image
To start you just download the files for your system and you just run it. It's that easy.…

After starting it you will get the webpage address to access Specter. I recommend bookmarking it: Image
After accessing it we have to connect to our Bitcoin Core through RPC. Just use the same details like in your bitcoin.conf file. I am connecting to mynode so you will find the username and password on the mynode page. Image
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14 May
Everybody is an Austrian, they just don't know it yet!

Goldbugs like to think that they understand Austrian economy, but actually everyone understands it without knowing it.
People always chose to save in a harder money. And the best one at the moment is real estate.
Thread 1/n
Real estate has an inflation lower than that of fiat, that's why people chose to park their value in this asset.
It's easy to validate (use eyes) and it's also arguably even easier to transfer (sign some papers) compared to gold and there's no other 3rd parties (vaults).
Something a bit difficult for Americans to understand is that people usually save in harder fiat too. I'm from Eastern Europe and the national currency has a higher inflation compared to Euro. That's why everybody saves, signs contracts and pays rent is euro.
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24 Feb
I will try to sketch the transactions graph of the three Coinjoin implementations that we have to better understand how they work. These are just abstractions, the real process being much bigger and with many more users.
@wasabiwallet creates one big round of coinjoin where many participants add different UTXOs and the outputs are equal size UTXOs that have high anonymity set but also change UTXO that is still linked to each user.
The change could be used for mixing later, a LN channel or donated
@SamouraiWallet 's Whirlpool creates continuous mixes between users and their UTXOs. Five UTXOs participate in each mix and no more than 1 output from a previous mix will be included in a following mix to prevent remixing with the same users. All outputs are equal.
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7 Jan
Defiance is a Spectrum (THREAD)

I see some Bitcoin content creators (@PeterMcCormack) that argue Bitcoin will just grow to billions of users without them ever validating or coinjoining their coins. I am arguing that if users don't do this then the Bitcoin experiment has failed:
When Bitcoin was invented for the first 4-5 years most the people involved were cypherpunks. They all understood the importance of self-sovereignty and valiantly opposed the NYA agreement and the S2X attack. This showed the importance of users taking maters in their own hands!
But 2017 brought into the industry many normies and new content creators and most of them are not cyperpunks. Most of them are used with the nice apple phones and easy-to-use internet banking apps that offer them everything on a plate. The nanny-state got them nice and cozy.
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