12 Simple Mindset Tweaks That'll Completely Shift Your Reality...In Your Favor

What we're Learning more of Today is that our Minds have a lot of Control over our Reality & if we want more Control over our Reality, we must first gain back Control over our Mind & overall Mindset⬇️
1. Want More For Others Than You Want For Yourself

Whatever it is that you perceive to be missing from your life (Health,Wealth,Love,Peace)You must want it more for others rather than yourself

Become the source to others of that which you seek

Help Yourself By Helping Others
2. Think From The End

Begin to see yourself Surrounded by the People, the Events, & the Things that you would like to have


It's that Awareness of thinking from the end.

It's already here because everything that we think is missing from our life, is in the NOW
3. Be An Appreciator In Your Life

Look for that which is Valuable rather than Worthless

Buying a House = Appreciation = More Value
Buying a Car = Depreciation = Less Value

The more you Depreciate life, the less valuable life becomes, so start Appreciating life & see your value
4. Stay In Rapport With Source Energy/Consciousness

This goes well with Rule #3 as you must be conscious of the fact that you are apart of the One Supreme Source Of Consciousness

Be in a Meditative State of Divine BEing, Reminding Yourself "Is this how my Source should think?"
5. Resistance

'Well easy for him, he can talk about this but I can't"

That's Resistance

You're absolutely right though because for you that's what you BELIEVE & if you BElieve that then the universal source will help you to fulfill that belief

Universe Is Literally A Mirror
6. Contemplate Yourself As Surrounded By The Conditions Which You Want To Produce

You are ONE With Source

You are ALWAYS One With Source, you are one with all of its principles,all of those spaces,you are one with it.

It Can't Be Anything Other Than INFINITE, Neither Can You
7. Understanding The Art Of Allowing

Allowing means taking the Path of Least Resistance

You're One With Source so you have to go with it, you have to truly ask yourself if you're PUSHING away FROM source or PULLING source TOWARDS you

Bend Reality Towards You By ALLOWING
8. Practice Radical Humility

Ultimately Just Letting Go

You are Not this BODY that you're in
You are Not this MIND that you're in
You are Not any of the POSSESSIONS that you have


Don't Try To Box The Infinite, Into The Finite.

It Just Wont Add Up.
9. Be In A Constant State Of Gratitude

Be Grateful for Everything that Shows Up

Stay in a state of being generous & grateful in your life because what could be more generous than that which has allowed you to come from the infinite source to this material world & back
10. Keep In Mind That You Can Never Resolve A Problem By Condemning It

When you use Shame, you're using the Lowest Energy that's out there in the Universe.

You cant shame your way into higher consciousness, into Source Energy

Be ALIGNED To The Higher Frequencies

Inner = Outer
11. Play The Match Game

Just like i said, Your Inner Reality is Creating Your Outer Reality

Ask yourself "Am i Matched up with the Field Of Intention?"

Stay aligned to the higher vibrations/frequencies & flow with the Source Energy with your Intentions

The Universe Will Match
12. Mediatate

Everything comes in Dichotomies except for Silence

You cut it in half what do you get? More silence. Cut it in half again, more silence.

Cut source in half, more source, can't divide it.

When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change
These 12 Rules All go well Together as in the end All you really need to Remember is the Basics

Be Grateful For ALL That You Have

Want More For Others

Intend From The Heart

Be Mindful That Youre Infinite, NOT Finite

Flow/Align With The Infinite Divine Energy

Be In The NOW

• • •

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18 Sep
When does numerology stop being "just a coincidence"

9/11 is the biggest give away

Happened on the 11th, 9+1+1= 11, Twin Towers look like an 11 side by side, The first plane to hit the trade center was Flight 11, Shanksville is 11 letters, Pentagon is 11 letters

But why? ⬇️
9/11 was a extremely important day in human history because that's when we went from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

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Aquarius is a water bearer but not a water sign

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China knows this, they built "Ghost Cities" that can house 20+ million people but nobody lives there

Beijing is right by the water tho so they have to prepare
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Innerstand that life/universe WANTS to work for you!

It honestly is working FOR you 24/7, however the way it works for you is in YOUR control.

The universe works for you based off the VIBRATION/FREQUENCY you're constantly putting out

What you emit out is reflected back to you
This reality is a mirror reflection of the energy we constantly, both collectively & individually, put out

Individually you're creating your own expierence of life through the way your percieve your life & collectively we are doing the same thing, but most are unaware of this
We percieve reality in which its presented to us

If you're constantly living life through what your being told life is like, then life is going to be built FOR you rather than BY you

Free yourself from this mental prision by raising your frequency/consciousness
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17 Jun
The Cheat Code To The Matrix: (thread)

Our thoughts create our reality

Most people understand the idea of this but dont innerstand how this really works.....until now

The mass collective worldwide is starting to wake up & this will change the way we live as human being ⬇️⬇️⬇️
If you think your thoughts have something to do with your future & you think on average 60-70k thoughts in a day, understand that if 90% of the thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before then your life isnt going to change very much as long as you're thinking the same way
These same thoughts lead to the same choices

These same choices lead to the same behaviors

Same behaviors create the exact same expierence

And we anticipate the same feelings/emotions from those expierences

Those emotions are the payoff of our stagnant thoughts
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16 May
Everything starts with Breathe!

In monk school they teach their kids "how to breathe" on the first day.

When we're able to focus on our breathe & control the tempo, we become more conscious & are able to take control over the situation presented to us, rather than vice versa
The way you breath in any given situation, dictates how you're reacting to it

If you're in a more stressful/fearful situation compared to a more calming/loving situation, you'll instantly feel the difference in your breathe
If you're able to become more conscious of your breathe (through mediation, breathing techniques, etc) you can become more of a conscious CREATOR.

We are all creators but most of us arent creating consciously, but rather subconsciously, which correlates to HOW we breath
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22 Apr
According to astrologers the last time Jupitar, Saturn, & Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn was in 1894BCE (3000 years ago)

Its said to happen 3 times in 2020

When this occurred in 1894BCE, it is said to have triggered the birth of the great empire of Babylon/Sumerian People
This is huge news if you understand who the Sumerians were

Sumer is the earliest known civilization & were credited for having the first known writing system, advanced architecture, mathematics, astrology, etc

They stated in their tablets that they received this info from...
They recieved this info from the "Sky Gods" known as the Anunnaki

Anunnaki means "those from ANU, who were sent to KEY our earth/civilization

It is said that before they came, human civilization was more primitive & that they were the ones to awaken us by giving us the KEY Image
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22 Mar
The worldwide agenda is completely shifting

We are literally witnessing history unfold right in front of our eyes

I truly believe this year is going to be the year the collective consciousness of the world rises

We are starting to see what a human life should really consist of
In the past 100 years we have been able to see what life is like without any tech or machine help all the way up to having 5G wearable tech that will teach you anything,in the history of everything.....

Truly think about how quickly humans have changed when it comes to lifestyle
We know what postive advancements we can achieve with technology (shown by what we have built in the last 20 years with the internet)

But we have also seen the mindless ways to use this new tech (mass gen z lifestyle)

This tech can literally either make you a God or a zombie
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