What if we all start a return to normal life now that the government says the worst of the pandemic is behind us? What if we all make conscious choices to move about as before or to stay sheltered, based on our own exercise of our own informed free wills and not on the basis of..
governmental edicts? What if each of us decides if it is healthier to breathe in fresh air from outside or recycled air from under a mask?
What if massive numbers of us make these decisions on our own?
What if the governors’ edicts don’t really carry the force of law?
What if governors have assumed the power to tell us how to live from either out of thin air or from unconstitutional and outdated state laws? What if it is profoundly unconstitutional for a state legislature to give its law-making powers to the state’s governor?
What if,
when that happens, all the governors’ edicts based on that attempted passage of power are null and void? What if we simply behave in a manner that shows we understand that these edicts are unlawful? Full post eraoflight.com/2020/10/18/wha…

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20 Oct
Beautiful 🌟”Some may look forward to creating something new. And yes, one needs to tear down so rebuilding anew can begin. That is the traditional way that humans have moved from one stage to the next, going back to the stories of the Shakti and the Shiva. Image
Here you are creating it all over again in a different way. What we’re going to ask you to do is to look ahead. Instead of looking at all the small little mud puddles that are on the path, focus on the opportunities ahead. We’re going to take you much further down the road,
because that’s what many of you came in for. Even as time travelers who have traveled back to be here now at this very moment, even just share a word or thought at exactly the right moment to exactly the right person.
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19 Oct
Love this medicine for our times🌟
Mountain Lion - leadership
By Vickie Graff
This medicine can be difficult for it can make you a target for the problems of others. This is the ability to lead without insisting others follow. It is also the balance of body, mind and spirit. Image
For when in balance it becomes easy for you to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your instinct takes you. Then others may choose to follow. You can never make everyone happy but when you are at peace within yourself and tell the truth, many will know..
you are a person to believe in. Remember truth is in the eye of the beholder! So your truth may not be the whole truth, but truth to you as you recognize it and not the same to another person.
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18 Oct
Sound healing-Light language, Pleiadian fam time #LoveIsTheWay 💖 Image
Interesting synchro..Pleiadian Collective came into our session with a message re Judgement &judging, particularly our Self. Saying that we MUST honor &love ourselves for that is biggest detriment to staying in our Light thru ascension process.Our inner critic can be relentless!
And I’ve observed even Lightworkers fall into very subtle but noticeable judgement mode, myself inc. We came here to EXPERIENCE ALL that Eartha has to offer& by our choices we each are doing just that! Nothing is good-bad, wrong-right, dark-light. It is our chosen experience.
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18 Oct
States of mind can change from moment to moment..yet when full higher heart chakra activation has occurred, the awakening is permanent. No "thoughts" of love, joy, oneness are required. It is all "AUTOMATIC". Now you are living as your true SOUL BEING~~ natural, authentic You🌟 Image
The "state of mind" is a "stepping stone", if you will. The HEART, is the KEY. For it is the heart which determines what you experience. The source of light/ consciousness is your heart, not the mind. Through the opening and full activation of the higher heart chakra(core being)
you experience a rise/ expansion in consciousness. In turn occurs the activation of your higher abilities and gifts, allowing you to perceive new realities. Through.. The.. Heart. It is where INTENT originates. Higher heart = Divine love, compassion, truth and forgiveness.🙏🏻💖💙
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18 Oct
9D Arcturian Council “impressed and fascinated” by humanity😉
“As we witness you moving through your ascension process, we are frequently amazed by what you have been able to endure emotionally and psychologically. You have taken on more than your fair share as a collective.
You agreed to take on the conflict and trauma that had yet to be resolved from all star systems in the galaxy. You are a melting pot of beings w various levels of e.t. DNA, struggling just to co-exist. We cannot imagine what it must be like to have to struggle just to co-exist.
You are awakening so much more of who you are as you move forward. And all of it is to be loved, accepted, forgiven, and embraced, if you are going to become your fifth-dimensional higher selves. And we know that you are destined to become your fifth-dimensional higher selves.
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18 Oct
“What’sneeded today in many people – in all people – is space to be themselves and to feel safe. However, the existing structures in society on Earth are not capable of bringing that inner space and security to people. So what is needed are people who can bring in new, flexible
social structures that are the outgrowth of this inner freedom& wisdom, and not those based on fear and control. You are the bringers of the new. You often think that you live and operate here on Earth as a lone individual, but what you think and feel and do makes a difference.
Even by just thinking differently, you exercise an influence on the world around you. The inner is always ahead of what is happening in the outer; therefore, the inner carries more power than the outer. What you are thinking and feeling is essential for change in the world,
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