Lazy politics I need you to put away

1. Momentum
This is the primary- but as partisan as Americans are - what a bunch of strangers in another state votes-does nothing to impact their vote. Knowing this the concept of momentum is bunk.
This is something even politicos argue

And they always point to Senator Barack Obama as the one clear example.

But is it?

The black vote was the only shift. And it was a circumstance you cannot replicate on normal circumstances.
If you look at the history of primaries- winning a previous primary doesn't set you up for the other primary. Senator Clinton was still winning primaries in late May. If Momentum was real that should not happen.

Demographics play a role here
At that point Demographic appeal was baked in. States that had Clinton's favored Demo meants she won that states and Senator Obama won the states he seemed to appeal

This factor has played out more consistently than momentum.

It is why Bill Clinton, Joe Biden was nominated.

This is the idea that there is a universal formula that appeals to all, most, of even a large swath- so the person who speaks to it will be lifted to wins.

Do I need to remind everyone Bernie lost twice.
We as a Nation can't agree on basic things,

Happy Holidays V Merry Xmas
Wearing a Mask

So the premise that there was something that had wide mass appeal that just happened to be as super liberal as you - should have come across as phony as a Rolex sold on the subway
Not everyone is the same:

What excites this one- being submissive to her husband
Yurtle is excited by taking away your health care
And we are not going to go there on what excites Lindsey Graham
We are different people.

Frequent voting is about access and understanding civic duty.
let us not forget that the most disciplined voter(who never misses an election) - does not equate voting w/ excitement but a fulfillment of their civic duty.

Treating it as a conditional relationship - has led to conditional results.
Expanding voting -is usually about access -not excitement.
This is true in Europe where we have data. The more easier we made voting the higher the turnouts.

We have low turnouts even with very liberal candidates and high turnouts with non-liberal candidates candidates
The Youth Vote.

There is a lot of stupid punditry on this one.
Foremost the youth vote leans Democratic because it has a larger percentage of POC in Y and Z generation.

White younger ppl split pretty evenly ongoing Conservative or Liberal…
White Young voters are:

Get this- evenly split among being Republican and Democrat

But they are more likely to occupy the far extremes of political ideology. Whereas POC in this age group are more situational
There were large assumptions of what would appeal to this larger group based on the very small fragment of

very liberal white voters speaking for the entire group which is just a subset.

This group has far more ideological diversity than older groups
With the amount of data we have about the historical record and about current demographics- why are we still saying LAZY SH*T

• • •

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18 Oct
I am so tired of the media being trash and acting like TMZ in gold print

But when they get cussed out - run to the public like we are the manager at Denny’s.

When I had a career set back - as a grown woman,

yes my mother wrote me notes of inspiration and sent gifts- to pick me up.

And I have a Caribbean mom
I had already been on TV, written laws

but as big as you get.. you are always your parent’s child

They will always be invested in your emotional wellbeing.

They will be there when you are knocked small
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29 Sep
Roland Martin and Maggie Haberman are both subjects in a conversation I want to have about how candidates spend their time and money.

But will put a pin in it until Nov 4.

What I will say now is funny that National press complain when local press is afforded too much attention
One of the best, thoughtful and deep conversations President Hillary Clinton had in 2016 was with “ urban radio”

She was able to go deep on subjects like mass incarceration, answering in a way that connected with voters.

The National media framed it as if she dodged real media
The same national media that had thousands of email stories but failed to fully review Trump’s financials although known

But Habberman, Sam Stein and random jokers from low circulation outlets want to frame it as not being transparent if Biden isn’t chained to them 24/7
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27 Sep
You were never in the history of our country guaranteed your own personal customized government-

Not Madison, Not Lincoln or FDR- made that promise - every part of this experience came with compromise

Voting anyway is your RESPONSIBILITY as a citizen.
Berners love the meme of FDR winning 4 election as a complete socialist*

During FDRs time few eligible voters actually did so. Voter participation levels are more about access and less abt leanings

Everyone isn’t excited by the same things that would never be a guaranteed win Image…

Myth: If the Dems fail to win its because they didn’t offer enough to nonvoters to turn them out.

Fact: Turnout is governed by access to voting, like time to vote and not on ideology

Fact: Places w/ high turnout elected both conservatives and liberals
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27 Sep
Berner fans now tell me an NHS type system is the only universal system they would consider

When you point out the failings of that system they immediately blame the Tories w/o irony.

As if Donald Trump wouldn’t have been in charge of this system here ImageImage
Democrats overall win more votes both in the presidential and congressional races but still have an up hill climb in our electoral system.

Building a system that is vulnerable if they were in charge is building a system for only 50% capacity

So how does this make sense
There is a lot of great universal systems around the world.

Germany, Australia, France, Singapore and so forth

To bring up any of these that are ranked higher and less cost - seem to stump them because each of these have a private element and includes a level of choice
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24 Sep
Do you remember how in vogue it was to be a R in 2016 crapping on Bush!

It was so enlightening for them. That is how long it takes to let common sense take effect.

But while they are in progress - they are wrapped up in stupid.

Trump could shoot a 👶🏼. Cruz would sue the 👶🏼
Don’t expect Republican voters to stop the madness either.

The get enthralled in this contest with Democrats as if its a competition.

They will do anything if you frame it as owning the liberals

Trae Crowder said they would burn their house down if we would choke on the smoke
Democrats- that is not our thing.

We don’t fall in line- we fall in love and that is a fault and an asset - at the same time.

We are overly critical of our leadership but we also don’t have a Bush and then a Trump.

This couldn’t happen under us.
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24 Sep…

JC Watts father once said being a blk Republican is like being a chicken working for Colonel Sanders .

But that was before Twitter where so many chickens ready to tweet “ its finger licking good” with no irony.

Trump is bad for black people
The White House has targeted historically black colleges in coronavirus testing.
“We know they’ve been underserved historically, and we just want to support them,” Adm. Brett Giroir, a White House Coronavirus Task Force testing official, told McClatchy.
In a week that President Donald Trump publicly at odds with the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over the timeline and distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine, a new survey reveals that Americans are wary about getting the vaccine once it becomes available Image
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