MO: 5,988,927
MN: 5,303,925
CO: 5,029,196
IA: 3,046,355
AR: 2,915,918
KS: 2,853,118
UT: 2,763,885
NV: 2,700,551
NE: 1,826,341
ID: 1,567,582
MT: 989,415
SD: 814,180
ND: 672,591
WY: 563,626

TOTAL: 37,035,610
CA: 37,253,956
The entire population of Wyoming (97,800 square miles) is less than that of San Francisco (47 square miles).
But! But! But! The House of Representatives! Yeah, about that...

Average population of a Congressional district in 1800: 33,000.
Average population of a Congressional district in 2010: 710,000.
Largest district: 990,000 (MT)
Smallest district: 530,000 (RI 1st)

This isn't (just) about California. Our country is vastly different than it was 240 years ago. Maybe we could make some changes so our system better represents the population today.

• • •

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15 Oct
Apparently this thread I wrote two years ago is making the rounds on social media again. Welcome, new followers who found me because of it! If any of you haven't seen it, here you go:
If you're interested in any updates, there really aren't any, except you can add to the list of grievances the fact that we're approaching a quarter of a million deaths due to gross incompetence, criminal negligence, and willful disregard for human life.
Update #2: my extended family had a mask-free, in-person wedding two months ago in Florida.
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6 Sep
Come gather round press corps, wherever you roam
And admit that he'll never adopt a new tone
And accept it that you all got fleeced to the bone
Down the road to hell we're now stridin'
So you'd better wake up or our future is blown
And this time, please vote for Biden
Listen Fox News Viewers, throughout the land
We Dems are not communists, please understand
We just think the healthcare in Europe looks grand
There's no antifa under beds hidin'
And those caravans of rapists have eroded like sand
So this time, please vote for Biden
All you Republicans, hear what I say
A global pandemic won't "just go away"
It's two hundred fifty Benghazis a day
That death rate has not been subsidin'
And ten years of job growth has been washed away
So this time, please vote for Biden
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15 Dec 19
My new hobby is taking graphs of economic data over time and indicating the year that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, in case people find that helpful or informative.
Oops. Forgot to add my favorite one. "Total Public Debt as Percent of GDP," or as I like to call it, "Thanks, Ronnie!"
Seriously, though. I don't think Reagan and "Trickle Down" get nearly enough credit for how they led to the economic and moral bankruptcy in this country. We need to bring back the pre-Reagan tax structure in this country.
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15 Jul 19
Like many of you, I recently realized that I have spent most of my life surrounded by people who are racist, yet insist that they are not. Here are some of the things I've heard them say. Feel free to play along.
I'm not racist. I just assume that everyone of color who has a good job or a college degree must have gotten there thanks to affirmative action.
Corollary: Barrack Obama was clearly the least qualified, least intelligent President we've ever had, and the only reason anyone voted for him was because he was black. #RacistRationalizations
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26 Jan 19
In the wake of another TGIFederal Indictment Friday, an open letter to my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces & nephews, all of whom -- save one brother's family -- voted for Trump. (thread)
Hey extended family -

We're two years into Trump's presidency, and to say that a lot has happened is putting it mildly. I'm still flabbergasted and horrified that so many people I love voted for Trump, and I'd like to know where you stand in light of recent events.
Trump contradicts all the values I thought you held - humility, modesty, frugality, compassion, fidelity, common sense, tolerance. That you were willing to put all that aside and vote for him makes me worried that you are not so committed to these ideals as I believed.
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6 Oct 18
I recently learned that the prevailing narrative in my family is that I'm only against Trump because I'm gay, and that this is ridiculous because Trump isn't anti-gay.

I have so many problems with this idea that I had to write a thread. Here goes:
To be more specific, my family believes that, because I'm gay and married to a man, I'm irrationally scared that Trump will take away my marriage license, even though, according to them, Trump supports LGBTQ. This is the story they tell themselves.
First off, I'll admit I don't think Trump gives two shits about whether someone is gay. He's no sexual puritan. But he is surrounded by and very loyally supported by people who are anxious to overturn Obergefell once they're done with Roe, and his VP supports conversion therapy.
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