My Grand Mother said stories of how Razakars made them dance naked around Bathukamma.
She said she was between 12 -15 yrs then. She is no more now. Every One of her generation will say episodes of atrocities by Razakars.

They spared women only if she can pee as far as men, that's their Legacy.
Her name was "Veeramma".
She said - When Razakars entered village everybody hid themselves in Cattle "Koshtams". They beat men till they pissed in their Dhothis. The raped women by Razakars remained like a Widow.
They took away around 10 sheeps from our koshtam, she heard her father whispering - Let them take, our women are spared.
Only one or two remain in my village (Rachur) even today who can narrate their "Ashleel Atrocities" & Lament proudly how they got over it.
Even Today many temples & their "Moola Viraats" (Chief Deities) lie desecrated by Razakars for wealth beneath them. Few villages like mine resecrated them with "Saptahams".
There is beautiful "Eka Shila" Bhairava Murti in my village which was stoned by Razakars whenever they passed by, later became custom because villagers believed he was responsible for all their mishaps. Even I stoned it in my childhood (Even today I regret).
Today the Bhairava stands as proof of their atrocities on Hindus, their festivals, their temples & Their women.

• • •

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23 Aug
None of the Indian Architecture schools teaches "Temple Architecture". Since I am in touch with students, every body is obsessed with Fletcher's books. Its standard book to refer to.

@ReclaimTemples @punarutthana @LostTemple7
If Indians don't study Indian temples, who else will?

if have humongous ancient literature on this subject like Manasara, Mayamatam, Silpaprakasa, Aparajitaprcha, Brihat Samhita, Samarangana Sutradhara, Agamas and much more.
but present architects neither understand our temples nor the literature.

There is a common belief that because temple construction now is not a regular activity, teaching that will not provide job opportunities.

so they are busy teaching everything except Indian.
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13 Aug
How to identify “Saptamatrikas” in temples?

@ReclaimTemples @punarutthana @LostTemple7
Saptamatrikas are the feminine Energies of Gods like Brahma, Shiva, Kartikeya, Vishnu, Varaha, Indra, Bhairava.

They look like their consorts with similar Vahanas and Ayudhas.
One easy way of identifying them is, mostly they are on the door Jambs of the temples.

Ayudhas or Vahanas as mentioned in the picture is the way to recognize them individually.
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3 Aug
This Magnificent and Gigantic Monolithic Lakshmi Narasimha Murti is from Hampi Karnataka.

यह शानदार और विशाल एकचट्टानी लक्ष्मी नरसिम्हा मूर्ति हम्पी कर्नाटक से है।

@ReclaimTemples @punarutthana @LostTemple7
He is famous with two names – Ugra Narasimha (Fierce) and Malola Narasimha (Beloved of Lakshmi).

वह दो नामों से प्रसिद्ध है - उग्र नरसिम्हा (भयंकर) और मालोला नरसिम्हा (लक्ष्मी के प्रिय)।
Built during the reign of Great King Sri Krishna Devaraya, it is 500 yrs old and was mutilated after the battle of Tallikota in 1565 while Vijayanagara was being ransacked & plundered by Deccan sultans.
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27 Jul
This 900 yrs old “Chariot Wheel” is from Airavateswara, Temple, Darasuram.

यह 900 वर्ष पुराना "रथ पहिया" ऐरावतेश्वर, मंदिर, दारासुरम से है।

@punarutthana @LostTemple7
The perfection in circle brought on granite is amazing. The Temple contains 2 such wheels which acts as Sun Dials. One is for morning and the one visible here is “Evening Sun Dial”
ग्रेनाइट पर लाए गए वृत्त पूर्णता अद्भुत है। मंदिर में 2 ऐसे पहिए हैं "राजागम्भिरा मंडप" के दोनों ओर जो सूर्य की रोशनी के रूप में कार्य करते हैं। एक सुबह के लिए है और एक यहाँ दिखाई दे रहा है "शाम के लिए"I
Read 7 tweets
24 Jul
Re-Creation of the magnificent “Stone Chariot” from Vijaya Vitthala Temple, Hampi.

विजया विठ्ठला मंदिर, हम्पी से शानदार "स्टोन रथ" का पुन: निर्माण।

This once in lifetime monument is actually a Garuda Mandapa before the temple of Vijaya Vitthala (Sri Vishnu).

जीवनकाल में एक बार के स्मारक - यह वास्तव में विजया विठ्ठल (श्री विष्णु) मंदिर से पहले एक गरुड़ मंडप है।
Since the Garuda is Vahana of Sri Vishnu, Garuda’s Mandapa was also designed in the form of a Vahana (Chariot).

चूँकि गरुड़ श्री विष्णु का वाहन है, गरुड़ का मंडप भी वाहन के रूप में परिकल्पित किया गया था।
Read 6 tweets
22 Jul
This is largely motivated from the temple of "Dwarakaadeesh" but nowhere near to it.

Do you see those too many balconies.

if everything is a balcony, where is the wall for sculpture?

@ReclaimTemples @punarutthana @LostTemple7 @krithikasivasw
The speciality of Our temples is Sculpting the Episodes from Ithihasas & Puranas on their walls.

since it is Ram temple, Walls should be filled with Ramayana episodes.

that's how our temples were Wikipedia to common man.
By having balconies, scope for sculpture is nil.

Another beauty of our temples is proportionality.

GarbhaGriha and Mandapa are proportionally inter-related and then Shikhara and Mandapa are related.

this design contains no proportional values.
Read 5 tweets

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