Strong intv today w/ @ABlinken on the foreign policy of a Biden presidency:

“America & liberal democracy remain the system of choice for people who can choose. And I think if anything what the last 4 years have shown is not their failure, but rather how important they are.../1
... to the strength of our democracy, and the vitality of our leadership is to our own country and the world.” /2
On engaging China from a position of strength:

“How do we put ourselves in a position of strength from which to engage China so the relationship moves forward more on our terms than it does theirs. And here’s the problem... /3
Right now, by every key metric, China’s strategic position is stronger and ours is weaker as a result of Trump’s leadership. This has accelerated the process of what China sees as our inevitable decline. They are dead wrong on inevitability, but right about Trump.”

Yes. /4
Meanwhile, KT McFarland on 2nd Trump term:

“These allies no longer need American support. Whether it’s NATO, Japan, Korea, the security agreements or even the trade agreements, they were never meant to be permanent.”


“Now that these countries have succeeded beyond anyone’s amazing beliefs of what they might do, it’s time for them to do their fair share.”

... so the Donald Trump position is we want weak allies, not strong ones?? /6
Says everything in Middle East is about “protecting our access to oil” & the right of Israel to exist.

... sigh

On China: “don’t listen to what trump says.”

After railing about deficits, says expanding defense spending is proof Trump is genius

These are not serious people /7

• • •

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19 Oct
Every 2020 disinfo thing you were warned about is happening

But @JoeBiden isn’t doomscrolling America, and neither should you

Biden understands the corrosive effect that Trump’s presidency has had on all of us—and a way out, maybe

My latest for @SURfdn…
Pretty much EVERYTHING that every disinformation watcher warned you was going to happen is happening (except deepfakes):

1-malign foreign interference continues
2-POTUS drumming up rumors of election fraud and rigged results
3-“poll-watching” will add to the mess+intimidation /2
4-fears of inevitable violence and unrest are amplified from all directions
5-spurious Biden health rumors
6-Russia, others amplifying our attacks on each other instead of making their own
7-POTUS wackadoo conspiracies-of-the-day are getting way more extreme, pro QAnon /3
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16 Oct
It’s truly hilarious watching conservatives lose their minds about the “repression of conservative speech on Facebook and Twitter” because they seem to have forgotten that Donald Trump is only president because of Facebook and Twitter.
Oh, are they finally ready to stop clowning in hearings and wasting time asking about bullshit conspiracies and Alex Jones and whatever, and actually show up to real hearings about how to regulate this nightmare? Cool. They weren’t before when social was the lifeblood of Trump.
Yes, let’s have an adult conversation about the nightmarish power of these platforms, which we in part have come to understand because they helped make Trump president and act as his conduit for comms every day. Let’s talk about social control and behavioral influence.
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16 Oct
Some updates from the covid townhall in my dad’s county in Idaho (which is like the one blue-ish county). I wonder how representative this is of other places that are less transparent and responsibly-led.

Current number of cases higher than in early months of serious spike
This is a resort area, so there’s great sensitivity to the “keep the economy open” idea, bc otherwise the whole area is toast

Emergency room lead says it’s bad enough to “only do essential errands, & if someone walks into where you are without a mask, leave. Leave immediately.”
The only hospital in the county is full. So are the neighboring ones. They don’t have options on airlifting people out because to where? No one knows.

Lots of questions on testing. There’s only one lab doing the processing in Idaho so it’s slow.
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16 Oct
Watching both townhalls

-refused to denounce QAnon
-says his RT of bin Laden conspiracy is 👍
-refuses to say he won’t claim elex rigged, spreads disinfo
-references Russian campaign agst Biden as important
-claims Obama spied on him despite failure to find any evidence
That’s minute 20

It’s a firehose of angry falsehoods, and I’m not going to post more

He’s angry and combative

Biden is engaging and gracious and informed
Ok sigh

POTUS says his $421mil foreign debt doesn’t matter. Like a mortgage, no biggie 🙄
Pivots to usual nonsense about IRS demons and his actual massive wealth that no one has ever seen

Honestly who believes any of this
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11 Oct
I love this story, @MrJonCryer!

Here’s my mom’s:

She had a beautiful but modest diamond wedding ring (the diamond was a gorgeous cut) because she & dad got married when they were grad students.

Dad always wanted to get her a new one later on, but she loved it, said no /1
35 yrs later, it was an awful winter in Ohio, feet of snow, ice everywhere, everything covered in road salt in that unnecessary Ohio way

She stopped to get gas in the blowing snow, looks down, realizes the diamond has just fallen out of its setting—onto the salt-strewn ground /2
It’s dark and wet, those terrible salmon-ish “low light pollution” light-post bulbs at the gas station, making everything on the ground look like dirty road salt.

She despairs, thinks she will never find the diamond. She looks around, nothing. Some other ladies help. Nothing. /3
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11 Oct
Look. Here’s how you do this:

“The Republican Party is rushing to establish a Supreme Court whose base views will be wildly out of alignment with the views of American voters on key issues by overriding the opinions of those voters to get it done before the election...
... This is the next step in a decades-long strategy by the GOP to control, manipulate, and subvert institutions and processes that will give them disproportionate influence to their percentage of support in America. We know this can’t be how our democracy works...
...I won’t apologize for defending the idea that the vote of every American should count a much as the vote of every other American. There are a lot of things we need to do to ensure this ideal. In the coming decades, we will face unparalleled, accelerated change ...
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