I’ll give you an idea, here in the open... but you have to promise that you’ll put the “good nerds” to work on it to test applicability.

This is just a basic overview.

Our US Bases generate “shit tons” of waste; I mean that in the literal sense. Our shit has to be processed in WasteWater Treatment plants...

In addition to that, there is TONS of waste in terms of other organics (everything from food scraps to grass clippings).

All = Energy
Literally, we pay tons of money to deal with this waste; why not convert it?

The “Green People” have been pushing advancements in BioGas; it can be done, but it’s not economical.

It takes Million$ in infrastructure, for one thing.
Also, this type of process is heavily dependent on temperature...

The breakdown of organics to gas is most efficient within certain temperature ranges.

With the BioGas plants on the surface, there are large portions of year where the temperature is too cold...
... to efficiently convert waste to gas. The result is, a huge portion of the gas must be used to heat the plants, enabling gas production to continue.

It’s highly inefficient for many locations.

The cost comparison (producing BioGas vs purchasing NatGas) isn’t feasible.
💡: We have a TON of formerly productive oil & gas wells that need to either be brought back into production, OR plugged.

It’s a huge problem; a huge Cost to plug.

Can organic waste be injected/digested in production zones below surface?
If I were to look at the economics of doing that (on my own) I’d probably say... “Screw it - I’ll just invest in a new oil/gas well.”

However, if I were to approach it as a “Waste Disposal” contractor - ie paid by USAF to dispose of the waste, those economics change quickly.
It may not work across the board, for all bases.

But for the many bases that are near the oil & gas fields... it’s a “Green Idea” that just might work.

What do the bases in OK/TX (& others) pay annually for this type of waste disposal?

What do we have to pay to plug old wells?
If the $’s work, it shouldn’t be too tough getting DoD + EPA cooperation to make it happen.

In theory, there is BiPartisan appeal.

• Disposal of waste via injection HAS BEEN AROUND FOREVER

• The injection zones previously help oil/gas; these are depleted zones; like bringing them back to prior state

• wells/zones available in the temp. range are (likely) EVERYWHERE

Reutilize Existing Infrastructure

• • •

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18 Oct
This is why I call him “The Mad Scientist”...
Bannon thinks at a different level.
@molmccann @SidneyPowell1 @GenFlynn

... did Bannon say Sullivan, as in Judge Sullivan, is “caught up in it too”?
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17 Oct
Here’s the deal - Rudy has been trying to enter these topics into “the news” for a long freaking time...

Maybe not the Hunter hard-drive, but this topic in general.

And media has shit on themselves every step of the way; shit on anyone within arms reach w/smear campaigns.
Now they are doing it to the Chinese Reporter; doing it to the Computer Repair Tech.

It never ends with these people.

God help them if they ever need to cover something that involves me, as they will find out that we are sick of their shit!
They get away with it by taking advantage of people’s kind-nature...

Come into my ‘Trailer Park’ and ask questions... and they’ll find out.

They truly are the enemy of the people!
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16 Oct
Does anyone care to ask Joe Biden what this gentleman means about bio-weapon plan on Hunter Biden’s hard drive?
From September; predates @RudyGiuliani & @nypost articles. And about 1/2 of his claims were validated this week.

Miiight want to ask about the “Bio-Weapons Plan”, ffs!
For the record, I checked with someone we all know & love (that has access to a Chinese translator)...

He said that translation is legit!
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16 Oct
Rudy went on Crowder’s show today and said that Hunter’s lawyer sent an email to the computer repair shop *after* the story broke.

It sounds unbelievable, bc it’s so stupid - I get it.

But who ever claimed Hunter was a genius and how stupid is the lawyer that sent the email?
... keep in mind that all of these dudes are scared shitless - they aren’t making the best decisions, bc they are under extreme stress.

And have been for a while.
I saw the segment; I think this link may get you there.

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15 Oct
@mchooyah - I’m not here to argue the OBL stories/theories, I just want to know:

Did you walk into this knowing that you’d be a tool, or not?

You just became the face of FakeNews; you walked through those doors on your own.
My bias tells me you knew what your were doing, Robert...

You aren’t dumb enough to stumble into this; you are aware how media works.
This is the fucking show you went on @mchooyah...

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