I feel as if this sort of thing is useful if it helps us know that we are dealing with structural power that is indeed very unlikely to bring any consequence to abusive power, *so that we are prepared to demand it*, but not if it just encourages a sort of jaded defeatism.
We need to demand real consequences, and be prepared to deliver real consequences to anybody who tries to block them.

Yes, empowered liberals *will* bring out the same old toxic nonsense about moving forward to heal, and we'd better be ready to go absolutely nuts on them for it.
Donald Trump and his entire administration must go to prison.

If your answer to that is "that's not going to happen" and that's the end of it, you're aligning yourself with nothing happening.

There's no prize for being most cynical, least disappointed, or most unsurprised.
Oh damn I should be clear this isn't in opposition to Eion's article.
Oh damn I should have spelled it *Eoin*

• • •

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20 Oct

So, the street in front of my house is a part of a system of streets—a *natural human* system, a delivery system for the natural values provided by human community.

Every system has observable qualities.

If one is curious about a system, I think it’s useful to observe and catalogue that system’s qualities.

So I think I’ll do that.
Remember, this system in which I take part is natural. If you trace it back far enough, it’s established on natural resources and values that nobody bought, nobody sold, nobody made. Wide river or vast reservoir or shoreline, rich topsoil, natural minerals, teeming forest.
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20 Oct
Likely the biggest mistake most are making is thinking there exists a margin of victory so wide that Trump won't dispute it, or that there exists a rationale for overturning an election bad enough that 4 currently-seated justices won't rule in its favor.

Vote. Prepare to march.
Trump and many Republicans have been talking in open terms about simply bringing the election to the courts to prevent the counting of votes, and I don't see any reason to think they won't do that.
By the way, be prepared to march even if—maybe especially if—Biden is able to take office after winning.

We are going to have to make Democrats more scared of us than they are of doing the brave necessary thing.
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18 Oct

Here’s my situation: There’s a street in front of my house. Perhaps you can relate.

Let me describe this street. It’s rather hard, mostly smooth, mostly flat, made of some sort of composite material, beveled slightly downward at the edges to accommodate rain runoff, pocked here and there with lids covering access points to sewer and water infrastructure.
The street is connected to the houses lining it by a series of umbilicals we homeowners call our “driveways.”
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17 Oct

Imagine, if you can, a society founded on a series of unjust lies.
A society founded upon a series of propositions which, like a virus, have no place in a healthy society; which, like a cancer, grow out of systems that would otherwise be necessary for health; which like both, exist only to propagate themselves until the system is consumed.
Can you imagine it?

As a novelist, I might be able to manage such a thought experiment.

Let’s see … what would it look like?
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17 Oct
So just from memory: Trump owes $1b, he committed 10s of millions in tax fraud, he deliberately concealed a pandemic from America and now 210,000 are dead and he STILL refuses to address it, and he enjoys the enthusiastic support of his party and normalizing coverage from media.
He told violent white supremacists to "stand by", he braggingly admitted to ordering an extrajudicial hit by federal marshals, he has been funneling campaign cash to his business, and he enjoys the enthusiastic support of his party and normalizing coverage from media.
He's made the AG function as his personal lawyer, he's dismantled the Census, and in order to contest an election he's losing he's installing a far-right religious zealot who wants to ban in vitro fertilization but can't name protections afforded by the 1st amendment.
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16 Oct

This is not the proclamation of an expert. This is the confession of a fool.


We know things about ourselves we hate to know, but there’s no going back. There are two questions we have to face, now that we have this knowledge.

The first question is about knowledge and confession.

It’s this: How did we get here?

1. Streets

Question: Who put my street there, in front of my house?

Who put your street there, in front of your house?

Who put my street there?

Have you ever wondered?

Read 5 tweets

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