South Africans would be stunned to learn the only purpose of their Truth and Reconciliation Commission was "vengeance." And I think the people of America would be stunned to learn career DOJ officials are now considered "partisans." This is a sad article.…
The argument for letting some people be above the law and not face justice for their actions is always a political one. And columnists like this dress up that political argument in all sorts of ways that fraudulently rest on "principle"—usually by misidentifying motives/actors.
Having rule of law means you investigate violations of the law no matter by whom they are committed—and you do so impartially and without regard for political considerations. Those who argue for a different way should have the courage to say that they are being nakedly political.
Democrats and those in media who elevate elections above principles habitually hide their motives by speaking in terms of principles—when in fact their only fear of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission is that it could hurt Democrats in elections down the line. That's cowardice.
To be charitable, I will say that there are probably some Democrats and some in media who simply don't know *what Donald Trump did*, and therefore do not see the need for justice because they literally haven't researched what offenses any measure of justice might be required for.
But it's historically nauseating cravenness to say that any attempt to investigate the most corrupt administration in American history automatically qualifies as "vengeance," and anyone who thinks rule of law requires it must be regarded as a "partisan." That's an outrageous lie.
And the reasoning here is so circular: we mustn't have an investigation of whether Trump colluded with the Saudis and Emiratis and Israelis to win the 2016 election because, says this writer, you don't investigate presidents who were "democratically" elected in a "fair" election.
Andrew Weissmann's book underscores that Mueller found significant evidence of pre-election coordination (collusion)—but couldn't prove conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt once Trump obstructed justice (beyond a reasonable doubt) to shut down critical witnesses. See the problem?
Other courses of collusion were either ignored by media—see the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Report—or as far as we know never yet fully investigated (collusion with Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel, with the feds just needing one more big break on Trump-Egypt collusion).
The witnesses who needed pressure applied to advance these cases—Nader, Flynn, Manafort, Giuliani, Bannon, Broidy, Prince, Trump Jr. and more—never had that pressure applied, for political reasons. But the evidence shows they fought to *prevent* "fair elections" in 2016 and 2020.
To say that historians should do this research is preposterous, and I say that as someone who wrote the history of these events as they happened, across three books and 2,500 pages. My work was stopped—ultimately—by a devastating lack of coordinated investigation and prosecution.

• • •

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20 Oct
NBC: "The jury is still out on whether this [Giuliani] operation is at all foreign influenced..."

Nope—jury not out. Bestselling book on the shelves proving it's a foreign intel operation. Called "Proof of Corruption." 5,000 citations. NBC should read it.…
(PS) Short version: the men Giuliani is working with—at Trump's direction—have Russian intelligence ties, and Giuliani knows it, and Trump knows it, and anyone who read Proof of Corruption knows it. It is *obscene* that anyone in media is saying maybe Rudy is just being "played."
(PS2) Giuliani, Trump, and Barr have literally had to *fight* to get these men into the United States *because* of their known ties to Russian intelligence. So why is NBC News saying that this doesn't appear to be a Russian intelligence operation? And that Giuliani is unwitting?
Read 4 tweets
19 Oct
This is what happens when a bestselling book comprehensively documenting how what's happening is a Russian disinformation campaign using 5,000 major-media sources comes *this* close to getting reviewed by the NEW YORK TIMES but is finally ignored—we pay the price on the back end.
(PS) If Turley cared to read the proof that this is a Russian plot —detailed in Proof of Corruption via 5,000 major-media sources—he'd have his answer. The NYT would. All America would. But no—no—let"s pretend the book doesn't exist. Let's run around covering tweets in real time.
(PS2) There are *hundreds* of journalists who could be reviewing or unpacking Proof of Corruption right now—and *thousands* of social media accounts with many followers that know what's in the book and can recommend it. Instead we're watching a Kremlin plot unfold in slow motion.
Read 9 tweets
18 Oct
(THREAD) Tim O'Brien is a great Trump biographer. But as a fellow Trump biographer, I'd disagree that there's no strategy component here. Trump's M.O. is a metamodern melange of strategy and instinct. What's he doing? Building his brand among his audience.…
1/ When I first began writing academic articles about Trump in June 2015, I posited that he'd be appealing to many folks because—instinctively, not in a reflexive way—his paradoxical juxtapositions of opposing tendencies represent the darkest end of our current metamodern moment.
2/ At a time when postmodern political theorists—who in the waning years of that paradigm have come to love bipolar dialectics, which see polar-opposite forces contend with one another until one is destroyed—were calling Trump's followers "angry," I called them "angry optimists."
Read 26 tweets
17 Oct
I wrote 2 days ago that Trump *knew* a *long time ago* that Giuliani was involved in a Russian disinformation campaign. It's almost like I wrote a book called Proof of Corruption about this. Glad it's now breaking news on CBS. Proof of Corruption became a bestseller in September.
PS/ To be clear, Trump knew *well* before December 2019—as detailed, using many major-media sources, in Proof of Corruption. Today's breaking news is that it was December 2019; tomorrow's news will say "summer 2019"; eventually everyone will catch up with the book: "spring 2018."
PS2/ And yes, I'm talking about spring 2018. Media is so many months—even years—behind the curatorial research in the Proof series that it's releasing as "breaking news" Trump knowing about a plot he knew about a year and a half earlier than CBS News now says. This is incredible.
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17 Oct
I really admire @SachaBaronCohen, and he is excellent in THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (as is Eddie Redmayne) by @RealAaronSorkin
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17 Oct
Beyond my feed and media hits—BBC, CNN, etc—here's how I tried to help.

Proof Books—
Proof Pod—
I've been thinking about this lately because my time as a political journalist is almost done. I've been planning to move on for a long time.

(Note: I'd add my recent chat with Russell Brand to the list above, but it's not out yet. So I'll add the below.)…
I know some will feel put out that I won't be spending November obsessing over each new Trump atrocity. But I just can't. I've given 5+ years of my life to covering this madman, and it's taken a toll. My work on Trump's life from 1987 to mid-fall 2020 will have to stand as it is.
Read 24 tweets

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