25 years ago in the US left-liberal virtue signaling was not as prominent as today. It remained contained in certain circles and the 1st amendment still had a lot of teeth and the internet was a young free place. While race played a role in how much your were paid (Eu origin
getting more) it did not trump merit in terms of who got what job. It was mostly a meritocracy. The internet freedoms eroded over the next 5-7 years & the path was opened for the ascendency of the बेझ-गुगुल्वादि-दुष्टाः बेझः was already evil (e.g. blocking real assessments of
favored leftist authors like Jared Diamond) but गुग्गुलु was still not entirely evil. Most of the restrictions to the free internet came from the rulers of the land rather than from गुग्गुल्वादि। Over the next 10 years something interesting happened: बेझः increase in evil with
गुग्गुलुश्च जाकश्च मुखपत्रश्च joining in in quick succession as a band of evil. This was accompanied by university campuses increasingly tilting in the direction of curbing free-speech and these graduates probably made their way to the tech companies bring their religion along
Thus, while the first amendment said "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." it has no means of stopping tech from doing those things. The band of evil
and its university campus incubators ensured that they got their "secular" religion, a mutation of अब्र्ह्मोन्मादः, is the accepted religion and freedom of speech on their platforms was limited if there was any criticism of their उन्मादः or मरून्मादः their father.This is similar
to how महामदः bumped off the lady अष्मा बिन्त् मर्वान् & others who pointed out that the उन्मादः The immediate effect of the introduction of this religion was the blow to meritocracy. While the great Eu lines of pedigree still hold some power, increasingly, being of the flock is
more important than anything else in this new academia& tech. Previously, where there was not place for the lack of merit, now with a mediocre capacity but with the right credentials in the new religion one can go a long way. Virtue signaling to the right audience will compensate
for साराभावः (absence of substance). It also seem that in those circles being quiet will bring you now benefits -- you have to announce your observance of the cult. On the extreme end there are many who get a job with पूर्णसाराभावः by resorting to शिश्नसंजल्पः |
शिश्न-संजल्पाज् जनसम्मोहनम् च कुटुंबभङ्गश् चेति सूत्रम् | Another form of पूर्णसाराभावः is by resorting to जातिसंग्रामः | Of course the 2 cooperate ("allyship"). It spread quite like मरून्मादः imposing itself by limiting he झिम्मि and forcing him to become उन्मत्तः for better
opportunities. Similarly, the academia-tech combine forces the non-compliant to झिम्मित्वम् if they don't follow the new religion. Thus, young academics, physicians & technicians are forced to become उन्मत्ताः for career advancement. Some people,especially the mediocre, see great
opportunity in 2 ways: 1. It allows them to get ahead by being active in the religion as opposed to actually showing merit. 2. It gives them an outlet to condemn the truly meritorious by claiming them to be apostates or infidels and there by occupy their niches. It kills
meritocracy& also eliminates quirky people who are fundamental for knew knowledge. E.g. a श्वेतः Dick Feynman would have been fired today & in the worst case even have criminal charges on him in the name of शिश्ननास्तिवादः This ultimately weakens a nation whose "democracy" has
been killed by the बेझ-जाक-गुग्गुल्वादि-दुष्टाः and provides a stomping ground for सोर इव पूर्णदुष्टः to run his agendas with impunity. That's where things are headed with the reverberations of श्मशाने फेरा इव बेझ-सोरादिहुंकृतम् But as we have said many times we cannot entirely
track the long term effects of this because शिश्ननास्तिवादः is fitness nullifying and when coupled with elimination of meritocracy it can implode after sometime. But as I've said many times so far I don't see the current H leadership seeing the dangers and opportunities of this.
~ इत्यलम् विस्तारेण

• • •

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The notable image installed by the Uighur Bojianu, cavalry general of the left wing of the imperial corps of the Mongol Khan, at Baochengsi under the patronage of the grand princess Sengge Ragi, the great-granddaughter of Khubilai Khan, the governess of the state of Lu.Of all the
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The R^igveda uses the world for pearl kR^ishana 5 times. On 4 of those occasions it is used in the context of decorating horses. From the context of the 5th occurrence it is clear that it is a transparent/shiny globular object. The AV is more clear in its description where it is
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Mongologist Allsen record that the Mongols had an insatiable desire for pearls which as steppe people they came to know initial from booties the seized from the chIna-s& marUnmatta-s. In this regard the Yuanshi records an interesting conversation between kulashekhara Pandya-I &
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Why is the rAdhA-tantra called so? While the version we are taking about is a kaula text, it is a kaula text that in centered on a late reflex of the sAtvata religion & has absorbed a text of that tradition as can be seen in this section. The sAtvant-s are ancient branch of the
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Generally, those who decide to tilt against the evolutionary theory work of some combination of a deep preexisting belief system, a poor apprehension of mathematics, chemistry, biology& computation, and strawmen that they have erected. Interestingly, many others "believe" in it
without apprehending it (several biologists included) because it is seen as badge of club in the west. Within H tradition, in some schools, the existence of laws in the observed universe was take as evidence for intelligent design by an Ishvara. If one belongs to such a school
one can see discomfort with evolution. But then even those who subscribe to such a view should ask if all patterns they observe need an Ishvara &if those pertaining to life are a sign of such an Ishvara. This is a matter of logical debate as per H tradition itself because Ishvara
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Some internet H have been talking about drawing "red lines" about who is H and who is not. While that is note exactly my what I want discuss 1 issue caught my eye: 1 of the red lines is apparent "belief in reincarnation". For me this is philosophical Q with different levels to it
1st Q that I have spent a lot of time thinking about is: whether reincarnation should be found on the basis of belief or not? i.e. can it exist in with the framework of logical or mathematical argument? Or Is it strongly supported by empirical evidence Or Is it something we need
to make an object of our faith even as the ekarAkShasa or his birthing the preta parthenogentically is an object of faith? I think the historical H (IMO correctly) have provided a logical framework for addressing this. The most paradoxical of the theories is that of followers of
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