The debate of the century. The Immune one vs the confused and cowardly one.

Could it be a lesson in Rope a dope?
And it's on. .. .
Trump looks good. Biden looks like he is breathing....
Trump's answer on covid is very good.....
Creepy Joe looks like the crypt keeper tbh.
Joe's plan....wear a mask....🙄🙄🙄🙄
Anyone keeping time .......
Trump a vaccine is coming....

Biden wear a mask...

Trump +1

Biden 0
Biden lying his ass off....
Biden is struggling. Trump, dare I say it,....looks Presidential.
Moderator is an ass. Trump said young people recover. She said they can get sick.. rambling off hoaxes
Biden is coming off as an asshole. Seriously. failing.....Trump is doing well. Very Presidential so far.
Trump hammered Biden on being a wall street fat cat.
Joe is rambling.....Joe is trying to say Rudy is a Russian pawn. 🙄🙄🙄
Boom.....Trump....went off on Joe .. Joe's body language was one of defeat ...
Trump is fantastic and Presidential....
Joe looks like a criminal...
Joe interupting President Trump. His mic wasn't cut.
Moderator now trying to save Joe. Joe is frazzled.
Trump is doing a great job. Very Presidential. Joe is the village idiot.
Joe talks about Hitler or something.
Joe is struggling on healthcare.
Trump's answer on healthcare was very very good.
Yes, I'm biased but even if I wasn't, I would say Biden is having a very bad night.
Moderator let's joe talk but when Trump tried she says we have to move on.
Biden brings up TRAP
Hey Joe if everyone is going to be laying off people should we open up our country?
Joe wants to bail everyone out while he keeps everyone in a basement wearing a mask.
$6.00/he joe? Are they working under the table.
Joe has never taken an economic class in his life.
Biden is falling asleep
500 kids out of a million. It's a good record.
Did joe just cast shade on Obama? why yes he did.
Joe is an idiot
Race is the next question....

Joe pandering to minorities.
Joe now attacking America.
Joe.... Russia Russia Russia
Joe is sliding his words badly...
All talk and no action
Biden spent 5 days to prepare for this?
Biden's medicine is wearing off.
Biden says we have 8 to 10 years left before we all die .....they have been saying that for 50 years.
Biden's medicine wore off. That answer was a word salad.
Biden's is failing badly.... seriously I thought he was bad at first but now he is really failing. ..
Biden will close down the oil industry. Moderator asks why....
Pa, NM, TX, CO, OK, ND are you paying attention? Biden will close down the oil industry.......
Biden just had the biggest self induced wound of the debate of any debate to be honest. He will close down the oil industry.
And that's all folks.

Good debate. Trump was Presidential. Joe was a rambling idiot and he wants to close down the oil industry.
Joe wants to shutdown oil industry.

Vote accordingly.

NBC has yet to say Biden won....that should tell you everything about who won.....
Trump won the debate hands down.
NBC has still yet to say Biden won....if NBC can't say it ....he lost big time.
Nbc says Trump has stopped the bleeding other words they are saying Trump won..

• • •

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24 Oct
The Immune one is doing three rallies today. This is the second.

🔴 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Ci... via @YouTube
Circleville, OH population 13,965 and is 25 miles south of Columbus. Trump is drawing bigger more massive crowds in small town America than Biden and Obama are drawing from major cities.....
The beast is now onsite So the Immune one should be speaking soon.
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24 Oct
Trump just said on Nov 4th you won't hear about Covid anymore. That's my prediction too.
For those not understanding....the prediction deals with the press and the dems' use of the virus as a political weapon....
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23 Oct
Damn, EV report out of NC. The GOP continues to turn on the flamethrower. They have now closed the margin by another 1.6 pts. The dems lead in EV+mail is only 12.6 pts. The white vote is starting to come out, making the % of the Black vote fall now at 20.9%
Just a reminder in 2012 and 2016 Obama and Clinton had a 16 pt lead going into ED and they lost. Clinton lost by 170,000 votes. The total vote advantage has also fallen. Dems only up +340,000 now. Down about 10,000 from Oct 21st. Clinton had +310,000 going into the election.
Some qualifiers: We don't know how many more are voting early due to covid and both sides may be cannibalizing their ED vote at this point. However, Gallup polls showed dems are more likely to vote EV due to covid than GOP.
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22 Oct
Did Chris Wallace and Joe Biden collude with Iran by bringing up the Proud boys during the first debate?

Chris Wallace: (42:08)
Well, do it, sir.

Vice President Joe Biden: (42:09)
Say it, do it say it.

President Donald J. Trump: (42:10)
What do you want to call them? Give me a name, give me a name, go ahead who do you want me to condemn.
Chris Wallace: (42:14)
White supremacist and right-wing militia.

Vice President Joe Biden: (42:14)
Proud Boys.
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21 Oct
Youtube playing games with the link. Had to really search for it tonight. They must be upset RSBN broke a record yesterday with 155k a shame to break it again...

🔴 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Ga...
That's a big ass crowd. plus 80k watching the stream on RSBN...24k on fox stream...
Trump on stage now.
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21 Oct
Look, there are two different beliefs out there.

1) that polls are magically tightening as we get closer to the election due to things going on in the campaigns, what type of drink someone had that day or if the dog ate the NY post newspaper

2) the polls were always garbage and we are finally starting to see the real polls as the election draws closer and the pollsters run the risk of showing their magic gaslighting trick with the results of EV and ED results....

I am firmly in the 2 option camp.
That doesn't mean that polls are worthless. That doesn't mean that all polls are wrong. That doesn't mean that "I don't believe the polls."

It means that I believe pollsters are human and are effected by the same human nature as politicians, spin masters, pundits, & ideologues.
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