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Oct 24, 2020 11 tweets 3 min read Read on X
Pre-covid, my work was on maternal mortality, and 1 way to decrease MM rates is to listen to women. What I notice in #returntoschool debates are that we are not listening to families we claim are most negatively impacted by #virtualSchool.
This article is one of the first to detail and predict that when given the choice, Black parents won't overwhelmingly send our children to school in the middle of a pandemic
Municipality after municipality showed similar data.
yet, we have well meaning (non black?) people, advocating for schools to reopen so our children won't be left behind. hmmmm. Makes me wonder why.
I read this article this morning that offers many thoughts on why. I found them compelling. jacobinmag.com/2020/10/neolib…
This quote expresses why my Black children won't return to in-person school.
"The reluctance of parents of color to send their children back to in-person school is likely driven by the fact that the virus has hit low-income Americans and people of color, ...
...who also are more likely to live in multigenerational households, much harder than their white and upper-income counterparts."

Also, I've found virtual school of the fall to be completely different than crisis schooling of the spring.
When I asked Black families what they like about virtual school, I got answers that will outlive the pandemic. Things like "no microagressions", "my kids don't get overly punished", "my kids can learn in a loving nuturing environment."
Thank you @htubbscooley_RN for sharing that very thought provoking article with me.
Because with the pandemic, the same thing has to be proven over and over again, I'm adding a recent article from NYC to the list.

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Apr 3
It's 2:30 in the morning. I'm up with the baby, so of course I want to do a thread on the 2024 measles outbreak.

Illinois has over half the measles cases of the country.

Many medical providers have never seen a person with measles.

What do you need to know? Image
Measles are highly contagious, unvaccinated people have a 90% chance of getting measles of exposed.

Where have exposures occurred during this 2024 outbreak? Hospitals/clinics, busses, schools, airplanes, congregate living settings. Know exposures can happen anywhere.
2 doses of measles vaccine is seen as 97% protective, 1 dose is 93% protective after 3 weeks.

If you are not vaccinated, or your baby is too young to be vaccinated, and you are in an outbreak area, talk to your medical provider or public health dept about vaccination.
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May 13, 2023
Lots of thoughts about the PHE ending in the US.
I'm processing how the death of 1.1+ million people (in the US), plus millions more becoming disabled, has left us ... callous
I guess it could be worse- As Title 42 comes to an end, I can only be happy that we wont have remnants of this following us for years, like with HIV where for 23 years the US tested people's blood for HIV and used it as a reason to deny entry.
but it should have been so much better- with HIV we had lasting systems level and individual level change.
Federally funded programs and protections.
I can only hope that public health and disability lobbyist start doing their thing.
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Dec 28, 2022
A close family friend has COVID. Lessons from her case that will cause me to move differently in my vaccine advocacy.

1- She is an elder who is 4x vaxxed. She didn't get the bivalent booster because she didn't know about it.
Our messaging about the bivalent booster is pretty much the same as the other boosters. People who aren't spending their time staying up-to-date on all things COVID may hear "get your bivalent booster" and think "I already did that".
We need clear & simple messages.
"How many COVID vaccines have you had?"
She told me if she was asked that, she would tell people she had 4, we could then educate that she needed # 5.
But instead, people asked "have you had your boosters?" to which she says yes, and then she fell through the cracks.
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Nov 13, 2022
On #immunitydebt
1- public health measures have limited exposure to diseases for a century. Yet, the phrase immunity debt just recently popped. When public health measures stopped exposure to waterborne diseases, people just lived longer, no faulty claims of immunity debt.
2- The age group most likely to be hospitalized by RSV are 0-6 mths. This age group was born during the "live with COVID" or "return to normal" phase of the pandemic. They didn't experience public health mitigations, therefore no "immunity debt" from it. cdc.gov/rsv/research/r…
3- and most importantly, your immune system is not a muscle, you dont need to continually exercise it to make sure it works. So public health measures that let us enjoy 2+ years w/out flu and RSV didn't cause your immune system to forget how to work.
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Oct 25, 2022
There's a poverty tax, we all know this. Goods and resource often cost more in poorer sections of town.
We also see this in our criminal justice system. There are certain things that are crimes that would almost only apply to poor people. For instance,
the mother in Georgia arrested for killing her baby. Circumstances- no heat in the house, mom heated their small home with the oven. Baby overheated and died.
Heating a home with an oven is something poor people do. Criminalizing its unintended consequences only impacts the poor
I'll also never forget about the mom who was found guilty for the death of her child.
Circumstances- her child was hit by a car. The family of 4 got off the bus and tried to cross the street on a rainy cold night. The bus stop let them off .3 miles from a light/crosswalk.
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Aug 13, 2022
Dear @PublicHealth, did you consider having a local/state public health director lead mainstage talk about backlash?
Just doing our jobs led to us needing police protection many times during the pandemic. We did not have to go out of our way to utilize media to manufacture it.
Our families have been tortured, our lives threatened. Many of us have lobbied for laws to protect our privacy by unlisting our addressed.
A colleague described how her kids were beaten up on the school bus after she implemented a mask mandate.
But, you're highlighting a
person who sought media blitz, downplayed the harms of COVID among minority populations, used her platform against struggling local public health leaders, in a conference focused on equity.
Can you help me understand this decision?
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