I don't think it's a coincidence that this group includes no women.
A theme of the Trump years has been *forced choice*. Eg: I favor low taxes and low tariffs. Trump forced me to choose.

Something similar happened again and again with issues of much greater moral consequence than taxes/tariffs. And by forcing choices again and again ... 1/x
... Trump forced many of us in active politics to confront new realities.

Trump put racism, misogyny, cruelty, corruption, authoritarianism on a giant billboard and forced us all to look. Could we accept? Those who said No found themselves in tandem with others who said No. 2/x
Trump pushed Never Trump Republicans into partnership with moderate Democrats - and prodded even formerly conservative minded people - to see power in ideas like Me Too and Black Lives Matter.

But that same rearrangement of politics created other new partnerships too. 3/x
And that's what we're seeing in this fusion of the pro-Trump right with factions of the far left. Both are mistrustful of US power as a force for good. Both recoil from "centrism." And both have heard quite enough from women and minorities, thank you very much. 4/x
It's early. But you can begin to discern the shape of things to come.

Update and correction: At the beginning of the thread, I referenced “the writers of the Federalist” alongside 5 named men as examples of a new political faction. That was a mistake for two reasons ...
First, many of the writers for the Federalist are of course women. Second, many writers for the Federalist remain recognizably "conservative," as conservatism existed pre-Trump. I was carelessly over-general, and I regret it.

I fell into the mistake because ...
I was trying to describe something unfamiliar, something surprising - even mysterious.

Old patterns are dissolving into something new. The maps of politics inherited from pre-Trump days have gone out of date. But good maps need to be very precise. I failed on that count above.

• • •

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23 Oct
Donald Trump's debate strategy was to walk on stage, fling a lot of convoluted accusations at Biden, and expect them to resonate with enough voters to overcome his 10 point polling deficit. Why that was a bad plan, in one chart pollingreport.com/trump_ad.htm
When Donald Trump won the Electoral College in November 2016, still only 42% of Americans regarded him as honest. Since then, Trump's credibiliy has steadily declined to about 30%.

That's a real problem for a strategy that amounts to: "believe Trump, not Biden."
One more thing.

Have you noticed how upset Trump partisans are that they cannot force their Fox News plot lines onto other media?

There's a reason for that.

40% of US adults affirmatively distrust Fox News as an information source.

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19 Oct
This is an important story. Trump & GOP are campaigning against "socialism." But Trump has been a consistent advocate of direct govt intervention in/control of economy - with all the disastrous results supposedly free-market conservatives should have predicted, but didn't.
President Trump, Gov Scott Walker, and House Speaker Paul Ryan at the ground-breaking with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou

To advance the project, not only was Foxconn offered huge subsidies - but clean air and water rules were voided too.
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17 Oct
Virginia 10 congressional district was Republican for 60 of past 68 years. A Democrat won in 2018. I took a long winding drive through the most rural parts of the district today. Counted 4 Trump signs, only 2 on private property. Dozens of Biden signs, to many to count
... too many to count ...
Also, mask wearing ubiquitous.
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17 Oct
Off-my-usual beat, but ... 1/x
You may have seen this story, now rattling around conservative media. 2/x
Political correctness run amok! But then ... think about it a little. 3/x
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14 Oct
Before "The Simpsons," Matt Groening drew misanthropic rabbits.

In one strip, two older rabbits tell a younger rabbit: "Mom left a present for you in the basement."

The young rabbit replies, "Last time you said that, you locked me in the basement for 4 hours."

The older rabbits answer, "This time we won't."

Keep that dialogue in mind when Devin Nunes, Rudy Giuliani, and the journalists who publicize for them try to purvey new fake stories in place of the old fake stories about "unmasking" etc. 2/x
Trump world and its journalistic conduits have pumped an unending stream of polluted disinformation. Fox etc. serve the bilge unfiltered. But even some respectable journalists have since 2015 sluiced doses of the poisonous stuff into the national drinking supply. 3/x
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There is something amiss about that Gallup poll repeatedly cited by President Trump re "better off than 4 years ago." Here's FT-Peterson Foundation: 35% say "better off" ig.ft.com/ft-peterson-po…
Economist/YouGov poll has 38% saying "better off than four years ago" today.yougov.com/topics/politic…
Gallup's numbers have consistently been uniquely high on the "better off" question. EG here they are back in February, just at onset of corona crisis. Somebody more expert than I will have to reverse engineer Gallup's methods news.gallup.com/poll/284264/re…
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