U may want to believe that France is in trouble & Macron is inviting it. U r absolutely wrong. France is being saved from an inevitable disaster which will strike them 20-30 years later when there'll be no return. It's called demographic change. Their suffering now is miniscule!
What they're doing is absolutely brilliant. They're simply normalizing criticism against Islam in their society, which is the first step towards the real solution. If you can take this first step, then rest of it is not so hard. France is actually winning
There's no such thing as living peacefully with Islam by negotiating with it. It may work for some time but once the demography reach above 50%, real trouble will start. u'll look like a fool when u see their excuses to drive you out of your own homeland & establish their sharia
This change in behavior isn't surprising if you learn their scriptures. It's already written there that the real target anyway is establishment of Sharia. U r never winning peace with Islam by brokering a deal when they're minority by appeasement, u r only postponing the storm&
you're actually a fool bcz of your reluctance to take the bull by its horns while u actually could, yet, u couldn't do it, u thought u can negotiate & get permanent peace. Because u didn't know, whatever u do, after a certain period, you won't get any mercy. U can't change a..
a group of ppl whose goal is very clear to them, doesn't matter how many decades it'll take, they're ready to wait patiently as they dream of a period when their religion rule the land, even if they're not alive that day. It's a consistent effort!

• • •

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31 Oct
BR Ambedkar 👇

"For Islam divides as inexorably as it binds. Islam is a close corporation& the distinction that it makes between Muslims and non-Muslims is a very real, very positive and very alienating distinction. The brotherhood of Islam is not the universal brotherhood of..
man. It is brotherhood of Muslims for Muslims only. There is a fraternity, but its benefit is confined to those within that corporation. For those who are outside the corporation, there is nothing but contempt and enmity. The second defect of Islam is that it is a system of...
social self-government and is incompatible with local self-government, because the allegiance of a Muslim does not rest on his domicile in the country which is his but on the faith to which he belongs. To the Muslim ibi bene ibi patria..
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30 Oct
Seeing a flawed argument that if you mock one religion, you should equally mock all other religions. It's like saying whatever the crime is, punishment should be the same! If a religion is imperialistic & supremacist, they deserve mockery, not others
Basically I'm against purposefully hurting religious followers by intentional mockery&trolling. The only exception is if the religion is imperialistic, supremacist, actively trying to impose their ideology on others saying that only they're right& use violence& arm twisting as..
as a method to achieve their goal. In that case, extreme mockery& trolling is required to teach them that you're not allowed to control us, if u try, you'll face embarrassment. There's no need to give similar treatment to other religions that are not trying to interfere in your..
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29 Oct
The helpless Libtard cum Jihadi thugs in India are trying to defend the series of "peaceful terror attacks" by talking about one MF Hussain 😂 I feel pity for their situation! MF Hussain? Really? He migrated to another country voluntarily while u thugs r living here safely 😅
Did he, MF Hussain ever draw the picture of Muhammad ? He couldn't even draw the face of Muhammad, yet, he wanted to portray a Hindu goddess nude! I support cartoon against Muhammad for just one reason. Islam is trying to impose itself on everybody. The day they stop doing that,
I'll change my stand&say there's no point in mocking a non imperialistic religion. But it must happen soon, time is running out! Even today, I wont support sexualizing&objectifying d body of khadija or Aisha even though I'm against Islam! That's what these so called 'feminists',
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29 Oct
One group will kill

Another group will say their religion is peaceful&what some ppl doing is against their religion

Another grp will say this happened bcz they were provoked&it was bad to provoke

What they achieve

1. Terrorize
2. Whitewash
3. Play victim

A well-oiled machine
The real fool? YOU! You'll never see these three groups fighting against each other. But they'll be there to defend their religion anyway. The first group will achieve the target of discouraging others frm talking against their religion by inflicting fear for life, the 2nd will..
repair any damage that was done 2 d religion's image bcz of d actions of the first group by defending the religion&whitewashing it by putting blame on a small group of ppl, third group will make sure that 'victim of provocation' card is invoked, which will give it a victim color!
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29 Oct
Why do you think that others should respect or "not insult"(whatever it is) Islam? If u can convince me that I'm wrong about Islam, I'm ready to stop criticizing Islam! And about India, why do u think "insulting" Islam is getting support here, not other religions? What's special? ImageImageImageImage
If u believe that ppl in India will support "insulting Islam", then there must b something special about it right? If hatred against another religion, then it must b against all religions bcz religious supremacy is like that. " Only my religion&god is right". But that's not the..
case in India. If Islam is singled out like u claim, there must be something different about it. What is it? What is it that makes Indians target Islam& not other religions?
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13 Sep
Recently former supreme court judge markantey katju appeared in UK court proceedings, in favor of Nirav modi, against his extradition. He compared India with Nazis&claimed that Nirav modi is a victim. U think katju is a fool? He's a cunning fellow. To understand this, u need 2..
under how big this "hiding fugitives business" in UK really is. It's billions of $ business. These financial fugitives will deposit the looted money in UK, help to launder money, in return, they'll help the fugitive against extradition. The courts in UK will decide in favor of..
such people if there's a threat to the fugitive's life or persecution if extradited to home country. Can you now see why Markantey Katju is in this game & why he's appearing in favor of Nirav modi& saying that India is like Nazi Germany & Nirav modi is a victim& so on? U think..
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