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30 Oct, 15 tweets, 4 min read
Very smart people told me: never write about what you are doing in the future, only the past or what is already completed.

I never listened to them

Being real is more important to me than being clever. I'm not reputation or results-driven. I'm love-driven

A personal thread:
Multiple ppl have been needling me to appear on video more

(Observant watchers will have noticed that I have barely made any public appearances this year)

I've turned down nearly all radio and video interview requests in 2020. I've deferred requests to other relevant ppl

The truth is, I've never liked being on video. I've never liked having my picture taken. I don't like fronting campaigns. I spent my life trying to avoid public speaking, or being on a stage.

I use the skills I have only when I feel compelled to do so. And only for 1 reason

That reason is to defend other people. It was defending my home Occupy against media lies & defending other Occupy encampments from infiltration that propelled me into journalism in the 1st place. I interviewed a who's-who of NZ activism & politics without ever fronting a cam

The first time I ever put myself on video was for 'Diary of a Person of Interest' in 2016 which I made out of sheer necessity. Not just to explain why I was living in exile, but because I was trying to stop other targets going through what I had. I filmed it alone & petrified

In the years since, I have never put myself on video frivolously. It's always been out of a feeling of being compelled to defend targets, to educate targets, or to pass on vital information about my situation. I've done that all I can. I don't want to have to do it any more.

Some ppl have questioned why my family aren't on Twitter advocating for me "like other whistleblowers". My mother is a 3x cancer survivor. I don't want her to have to front media/trolls. My family have been incredibly supportive to me, privately, to the extent they're able

I'm incredibly grateful to *everyone* who has supported me, but I've hated living off donations & needing ppl's support. In NZ, I looked after others, provided for them & I far preferred it that way. I have skills beyond activism & journalism & its time to dust them off.

There are so many wonderful people that I've met and interacted with through this platform in the last decade. I don't forget any of you. I won't forget any of you. But this platform is dying. I've been asking you your feelings about that, and taking note of them carefully.

The censorship, manipulation and violations of our user data are so egregious and only getting worse. I've been so aggrieved at watching the contrived emaciation of the reach of independent media & those who support it, that I literally made a list of what's been happening.

My legal situation has dragged on for years & may well drag on for years more. I don't want to spend that time begging for donations. Nor do I want to spend it advocating for myself. My heart has always been with advocating for other people. Love is action, like Julian said.

I have 1 last article in me then I'm done with journalism for the foreseeable future. The research spanned years and the framework is done but not the writing. It will come out eventually but is not a priority for me at this time. I'll wait for a moment when its truly needed

I never wanted to be a news writer (or a newsletter writer); to write because I had to, or because I needed money; to jump on bandwagons or what's 'hot' right now; or on topics I couldn't confidently claim a deep expertise in. It feels right to put my writing life behind me

...just as it feels right to put any 'public' life behind me.

If a situation occurs where I can throw some weight around in defense of someone who really, really, really needs *me* to do it, I will likely jump in the fray. But I don't feel needed in that way at present.

I want to do different things... am already doing different things... and will be for a while to come.

Those things are in service to us all, as ever, just in a very different way.

The second I can deliver solutions, I will be. You'll know when. Til then...

Much love


• • •

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30 Oct
Do you remember when Micah Lee and Cora Currier, while attempting to smear Julian, attacked WikiLeaks *SUPPORTERS* in a hit piece for The Intercept - targeting a housewife and a librarian?

I remember
The article ADMITTED to being based on "an assumption"

The Intercept editors let it pass

cc @ggreenwald
It was only through me intervening by having a public fit at the reporters, that the names of *A LIBRARIAN AND A HOUSEWIFE* were redacted by The Intercept

Really "fearless journalism" going after members of the public who support WikiLeaks
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29 Oct
My meagre comments on Glenn leaving The Intercept (TI), are below:

1. Everyone who suggested @ggreenwald was in cahoots with Omidyar to found The Intercept to shut down Snowden reporting should be eating their hats today

2. When Glenn edited TI *every* article was scintillating
...I should say "co-edited" but ran out of room.

In 2014+, I would go straight to TI every morning & read every single article on the website. It was groundbreaking content. Now I can't even remember the last time I visited the site. It is by in large vacuous mainstream drivel..
...that is virtually indistinguishable from any of 1,000 other churn outlets.

By contrast, Glenn's personal reporting has remained as vital a shining light as ever.

3. While I understand why people are using Substack & its obvious benefits, I do not personally want him there
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29 Oct
As promised, my most recent article has been updated with evidence that the cyberstalker who was targeting @_taylorhudak, @action_4assange & myself has now been caught targeting.......... himself.

I'll save you the reading time. Screenshots in the thread below this tweet.

Idiot sends idiotic messages to us. Idiot sends idiotic messages to himself. Idiot claims they're from someone else. Idiot gets busted because idiot is an idiot.

Idiot then cries "poor me" and makes up more idiotic stories because... idiot is an idiot.
Idiot claims my followers are threatening him. Insinuates I'm somehow responsible. Except I don't follow or communicate with the people he claims are doing it. And I'd already specifically stated that I didn't want any harm to come to him

Idiot circulates fiction about me

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23 Oct
Dear People

On the below thread I want you to please tell me everything that upsets you about this user interface, application, the company that owns it & if someone else has already said it, in reply, like it.

Also feel welcome to suggest fixes to your gripes!

Complain away:
I'll start. It upsets me that timelines are no longer time-linear - I want my posts to appear in the order I post them and not with any regurgitated junk (or advertiser's junk) in between my posts
I hate all of this
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21 Oct
I'm seldom shocked anymore by the depravity of those who smear me. But today I am.

Below Left: a tweet being circulated as "proof" I never said I was being targeted when I left NZ

Below-right: tweets from the same date, account, conversation.

But they've been edited out.
The audacity of their lies is incredible

The most basic fact check catches them out
Their big scam is predicated upon the idea that I never said I was being targeted when I was in NZ.

But I talked about it consistently.

Here is a 2014 video of me discussing the targeting, with one of the most famous NZ activists of all time:

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18 Oct
This is an argument I'm really happy to have. Because this is a line I hear often and people really believe it. But all is not as it seems.

What was one of the first things Trump did when he got in? Delegate more authority to the CIA for drone kills

Remember how Obama used to have assassination Tuesdays? Where he'd get to "review" and sign off on the CIA drone kill list?

Well certain presidents decided that interferes with their other plans and decided to let the CIA have more say for themselves on who lives or dies
"Maybe we kill our objective, maybe we kill a guy we thought was our objective"

You don't get to talk authoritatively about drone killing unless you've listened to what the US military drone whistleblowers have to say about it

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