Reposting this as a thread in light if additional info.

Hunter and Devon were worried that a new Ukraine cabinet resolution on gas production would end their Burisma engagement, "goodnight Irene".

A week later, Joe Biden was talking to Poroshenko about Ukraine's energy policy.
Here's the Kievpost article on Biden and Poroshenko from a week after the "goodnight Irene" email.

h/t @BeekmanCruger
Also, the Ukrainian deputy energy minister was fired after Biden-Poroshenko talk.…
Eight days after "goodnight Irene", Joe Biden also gave a speech entirely devoted to Eastern European energy policy.…
These could all be coincidences but the coincidences sure are adding up. What is sure is that if Don Jr had a goodnight Irene moment about some foreign hotel project and Don Sr then talked to the foreign president about hotel projects, the media would go to DEFCON 1.

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2 Nov
I found a copy of the "nobody will care whereabouts of nobody's money" email from Bao to Hunter. Iirc, this had only been posted as a photo of a hard copy on a Chinese news site. Image
While this is the email that's been circulating, I have to say the Bao emails on the whole are really really weird. There is some business but also a lot of really bizarre personal stuff–which all seems to be oneway from her to him. Could be anything from infatuation to honeypot.
I still have absolutely no idea what Bao's role was supposed to be. She set up the odd meeting but then she also sent Hunter a roadmap to get "Uncle Joe" elected, including a detailed China policy. There's some fung shui too and also a lot of motherly stuff. Completely bizarre.
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24 Oct
File "everyone wanted Shokin fired" under "repeat a lie often enough".

On Nov 2, 2015 Burisma demanded from Hunter that the cases be closed. On Dec 7, 2015, Joe was in Ukraine ordering the prosecutor to be fired. At the time no international organization was making that demand.
The IMF put out a vague statement about corruption much later, on Feb 10, 2016. Nothing about Shokin. Entirely possible that Biden's crew were the ones who elicited the statement and that this was the best they could get.
The EU ambassador to Ukraine merely put out a platitudinal statement on his Facebook *after* Shokin had already been fired.
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1 Oct
This is from the Weissmann book. The Papadopoulos information "essentially dropped into our laps."

How convenient.
"[Papadopoulos'] primary credentials appeared to be that he lived overseas."

Weissmann may be a first-class asshole but the prose is very good. So much better than Strzok's.
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28 Sep
1/ The most egregious aspect to the latest Flynn document drops is that Strzok obtained National Security Letters against Flynn in February and March 2017 based on the same Papadopoulos bullshit which they had already investigated Flynn for and found nothing. But it gets worse.
2/ Here's cast iron proof that Strzok lied to get the National Security Letters issued. The reason for investigation Flynn–according to Strzok's book–was that FBI didn't know who on the campaign the Russians had communicated with. But Papa told them in Jan 2017 that it was Papa!
3/ Strzok obtained National Security Letters against Flynn in March 2017 based on the claim that Flynn might be the person on the campaign who received the Russian info.

In fact, Papadopoulos had already told the FBI in Jan 2017 that it was Papa himself who got the Russian info.
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15 Sep
1/ This one paragraph from Strzok book sums up his failures.

Strzok was completely fixated on finding the person who had made the offer of assistance to the campaign (UNSUB–unknown subject). It was his "unwavering lodestar".

The problem is, how can an UNSUB be an "unwavering.. Image
2/ lodestar" before you even know whether the UNSUB exists?

The evidence that there might not be an UNSUB is right there in Strzok's book. *Either directly or indirectly* the Russians *appeared* to have communicated.

Not exactly conclusive evidence that such a person exists.
3/ Strzok saying it "appeared" fits with the language we saw in Mueller and Horowitz, that there was a "suggestion of a suggestion".

The appearance of a suggestion of suggestion is the opposite of an unwavering lodestar.

Why did Strzok go full conspiracy?
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11 Aug
1/ If you were wondering what all the fuss was about with
@ChuckRossDC watching Christopher Steele's trial on Zoom (the defamation case brought by Gubarev), it's much ado about nothing. Here's a lengthy account of the story.…
2/ TLDR is that the trial was public and outsiders were allowed to watch. But due to the virus they had to either watch via Zoom link in a neighboring courtroom or remotely but only with the judge's approval. The problem was that they forgot to make the Zoom link private.
3/ This meant that anyone who had the link could watch, without asking for approval. The judge said it wasn't done deliberately so the lawyers who shared the link will probably get a slap on the wrist. Nothing to do with Ross though.
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