1. Lord I cannot sleep. Again. Laying here praying for our country & wondering what the future holds. Your Word promises us that through discernment You protect your people while punishing the evil & the reprobate. It isn’t so much myself I am laying here suffering insomnia over-
2. it’s my family. The ones who year after year won’t listen to me. And in some cases the ones who have turned their backs on you. Lord I am grateful that I couldn’t see how burdensome this knowledge would be when I pursued it so vociferously through the past decade. I probably-
3.would have chickened out. But you have been with me, God, through each turn in the road and I left leaning on my own understanding behind a long time ago.

Please give this nation the courage of our convictions, I pray. And convict those without any. If it be your will that the
4. rain falls on the just and the unjust alike,then I pray that those who are heavy on my heart would at least wise up enough to realize they are getting soaked for their own obstinacy and stupidity. And bring them back into the fold. Grant us victory in this battle I pray. Amen”

• • •

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2 Nov
Land brokers around the country cannot process deeds quickly enough.

In certain areas of the West the wait for well drilling services is through February.

Up here there is still no ammo. Stores that normally carry over 1000 guns are down to a few shotguns & deer rifles.
If God is placing the irrefutable unction upon your spirit to purchase a generator or buy your cousin’s extra AR, or that hand cranked wheat milling machine, do it.

Folks if I knew what was coming I would flat out tell you and cut through the baloney. But I don’t know.
What I do know is that God placed His hand upon me years ago while still living & working in LA. That guiding hand led me to serve the patriot community for 5 years with the overarching goal of helping to prepare & strengthen your hearts and minds for times such as these.
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31 Oct
I have sat here on occasion; sometimes for hours, looking at whatever stock photos I can find of the way things used to be: Fotomats, “dime stores”, bowling alleys, Taco Bell’s with the lava rock torches, ice cream parlors, $2 movie theaters,burger bars.

Remember pizza parlors
all had that smell? It was the smell of well seasoned ovens, charred crust and the faint wafting of pitchers of Olympia or Hamm’s. Maybe an occasional whiff of dry Italian meats?

Remember the clean ink & paper smell of bookstores? Or the microwave popcorn aisle at Blockbuster?
Remember the yeasty pancakes and syrup smell of Denny’s? Or Lyons? Or Sambo’s?

I am so grateful that I knew this country in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Can’t say I am too thrilled to be closing in on 50 but time stops for no man.

Even our “money” smells different.

Every hometown
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29 Oct
Have you heard the term
“bending the map”?

Bending the map is when you round a fire trail and know there should be a 10 acre lake to the west but it’s not there. You tell yourself “it was dry last summer; maybe it evaporated”

Bending the map is when you specifically remember
an airport to the right of the highway and even see plains on approach off toward the horizon but refuse to believe you are lost. “The FTA must have moved the airport.”

Funny thing about directions: when female motorists get lost they typically look for a kindly soul and ask
for directions.

Whenmen get lost we typically turn down the music and drive faster.

There will be numerous occasions in our near futures when bending the map will be so alluring, so magnetic, only those prayed up and aware of what the phenomenon is will process their
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28 Oct
A word on unity. As many of you know I do not believe in unity at all costs. That is the weak link in the civic nationalist mindset and it serves as a convenient disguise for those afraid to stand by, or those financially incentivized to ignore their convictions.
Perhaps ironically and certainly conversely, those who know me personally find my stance on national unity antithetical to who I am as a person. I have no doubt, that like many of you, I am almost ridiculously generous and always want everyone to feel comfortable.
The problem with that personal sentiment being allowed to take hold of us at this time is that too large a sect of people in this country want to destroy the country itself.

Imagine a beaten, bedraggled homeless mom on your front porch.
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22 Oct
We are living two separate existences.

Human beings were not designed to thrive in duopolistic confusion.

The media is telling us one thing that invariably stands in stark contrast to the limited experiences we amble through or are that are shared with us daily by others.
In previous eras the disconnect between media’s presentation of the world and our own observations might rate as odd or depending on one’s mood, annoying.

But this year is America’s worst year in decades and it is an election year. The media/reality discrepancy is dangerous
Provided we get through the indescribably crucial election in 12 days unscathed, the aforementioned danger does not end; although by any decent rights it should. We are all spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Regrettably our national emergency presents itself, post-election
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22 Oct
We were alive once. We were human beings sucking the marrow from life.

Then came the light box.

The light box supplements our dreary worlds with all of the things we used to do.

Why make an effort when it is so much easier to eat Pop Tarts & watch others do it?
First it was DIY, then homesteading followed by backpacking, camping and adventure. These pursuits develop the type of titanium-solid character that can only mature through experience. But life is tough and expensive so we watched instead.
Makeup channels and socials exploded and as a guy they didn’t leave an impact on me...until I saw men doing womens’ makeup tutorials. With 30 million views.

In two days. Overnight millionaires.

Then came muckbangs. Huge channels that are...wait for it: watching people eat.
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