"Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place."

This is the reverse of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We guarantee equality under the law, not equality of outcome.

I've been warning for 5 years that the left is no longer liberal. Thread here we go!
First up, what is the difference between Leftism and Liberalism?
This split between Leftism and Liberalism is exactly what I was warning against in my first @prageru video, “Why I Left The Left” from almost 4 years ago.

This authoritarian, crazed Leftism, which has consumed the Democratic Party and deems anyone who opposes it a racist and bigot, has led to The Bravery Deficit:
Now putting bigotry back in the system is literally on the ballot in California. This is just the beginning of where this will take us...
So the choice is to either vote for the progressive Marxists who are being smuggled in by Biden or vote for the imperfect guy trying to save it, who also happens to be orange. The choice seems pretty clear to me.


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22 Jul
Progressivism is a mental disorder which uses meaningless slogans to cover its emptiness. This tweet means absolutely nothing. Cancel rent? Ok, who is gonna build apartments for people to live in? Cancel mortgage? Ok, I can live in my house for free? Should’ve bought a mansion!
Of course I’m gonna get some genderless 🌹 Bernie people here saying the rich will pay for it, or government, or some third grade nonsense.

Your life is on you, go get yours. Not by taking from others or burning it all down. Go build something. Trust me, you’ll be happier...
But in case it works out for the progressives I’m moving here. Cancel mortgages! Image
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16 Jul
The perfect Democrat policy. Spend money we don’t have on a problem that doesn’t exist.
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24 Jun
Mashable creating “how-to” take down monument videos. Encouraging criminal activity totally cool, right Twitter?

Speaking of Mashable. They have 10 million followers and get virtually no traction. These well funded companies bought followings to trick us and now the game is up.
Their last three tweets have 5, 4 and 2 retweets. That’s almost mathematically impossible. I could tweet a poop emoji, the number 4, an @ sign and an exclamation mark and get more traction.
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12 Jun
“Dave it’s just college campuses, this stuff will never leak out to the real world...”

Full hour including my speech defending individual rights for all, a trans gender studies professor calling me a Nazi, a girl claiming my relatives who died the in the holocaust are rolling in their grave, mindless chanting, noisemakers and more!
Two years later Antifa showing up to an event I did with @MaximeBernier about free speech: The man who opened our talk was my friend @SalimMansurLNC, who happens to be Muslim but was also labaled a Nazi.
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3 Jun
One of the things conservatives have to realize is that rationalizing with facts and reality with a leftist/progressive/socialist rarely works. This is the disconnect. People on the left generally think because they feel something it is true. People on the right like evidence.
The best way to deprogram a lefty from progressive brainwashing is to gently offer them information and make it as personal as possible. Eventually if they have tiny spark of individual thought left their wake up will happen. As the mob then turns on them it accelerates it.
Share videos and ask them to point out the lies and bigotry. They can’t, and maybe, just maybe, that ignites something in them. A few good ones to share:



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1 Jun
A thread on the situation now that I’ve caught up.

First, there is nobody, not a single influential voice that I can find across the political spectrum, that is condoning or defending what happened to #GeorgeFloyd. The officer is in custody. We all agree his murder is horrific.
What is happening across the country has nothing to do with him, though, it was just the current spark. Rioting, looting, burning down stores and churches is evil lawless behavior that must be dealt with swiftly if we are to remain a civilized society.
For the last 5+ years there have been a bunch of voices online warning about what the toxic stew of progressivism, socialism, grievance culture and identity poltics was going to bring forth. Well here it is. The rioters aren’t white supremacists, they’re far left Antifa.
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