Political Songs I Like Day 2: Well, I got to 2. 😆
It is Election Day in the USA.
Today I'm posting a recent song from @fiveironfrenzy that appears on the Ska Against Racism compilation.
You can hear the track on the Bad Time Records site: badtimerecords.bandcamp.com/track/five-iro…
"You’re offended at the wrong thing, brother-
And you’re burning all your bridges with hate
You fell asleep while Jesus stayed up weeping
While the Pharisees were plotting our fate
Yesterday was peaceful
Now your verses are deceitful
Now your congregation’s raiding the store
It’s Mutiny on the Beagle
More affluence for the Eagle
When you’re out of food
You’ll just eat the poor
Hiding behind, hiding behind your masks
While the supplies, while the supplies will last
Did you waste your prayers protecting snipers
While you hoarded all the lysol and diapers?
Save some profits for your cadre of vipers
Because your God only favors survivors
If you vote to stop abortions
Damn the pregnant girls and orphans
Blame your decline on the LGBTQ
Offer platitudes not portions
Then your rancor is your fortune
And your poison is what’s poisoning you
You said “we all deserve this”
For not forcing kids to pray-
While your party loots the earth
And you tell us “Jesus saves”
You’re ignoring half the gospel
Wearing clothing made by slaves
You never “rendered unto Caesar”
Now you, now you fear the fever
Fear the bottom dropping out of your stocks-
You voted for the devil
Let that narcissist embezzle
Put the hen-house in the mouth of the FOX"
Over the past few years, I've sat and watched people I grew up with turn into something I can't recognize. I grew up in the church. I heard the arguments for pro-life being the only thing that matters in elections. Voting for the pro-life candidates.
In past elections, I didn't really think much of it. The Republican and Democrat candidates both seemed fairly equal. Both sides were playing the game and it seemed to me that it was inconsequential on who really got in. Nothing would *really* change.
It all changed these past few years. With the introduction of Trump into the political field, it is like a grenade went off in Washington. Things have been disrupted at a level I have never seen before. I don't even really mind that part.
It's like a forest fire that cleanses the land and makes it ripe for new growth. The problem is that there are people that now *love* the forest fire. Not the effects of the forest fire, but the fire itself. They want the fire to continue burning.
They want the fire to keep destroying. To go beyond the dead junk that needed to be excised and just keep ripping through any and everything it comes in contact with. They don't see it as destruction. They think this fire is keeping them safe.
They don't seem to understand the unpredictable nature of fire. They think it's OK because the fire is on their side. They can't fathom that the fire would ever turn on them. They think they are safe watching the fire from a distance.
The fire needs to be stopped now. It needs to be put out so that we can get to the healing and restoration of the land. This fire is stubborn and won't willingly go out on its own. We need to act now and extinguish it.
It's probably a bad metaphor. But I know fire and I know not to make friends with it.

• • •

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