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The #ShivSena was launched on 19 June 1966 by #BalThackeray. Its initial targets were #SouthIndians. The genesis of the Sena had its roots in a similar anti-South Indian campaign by his father #PrabodhankarThackeray in 1922 Thread:
#UddhavThackeray #politics #Mumbai #Maharashtra ImageImageImage
Keshav Sitaram Thackeray was a journalist, author and social reformer. He was referred to as Prabodhankar Thackeray because of his periodical 'Prabodhan' in which he took on casteism and obscurantism.
The Shiv Sena’s birth had its roots in a campaign launched by Prabodhankar through his Prabodhan in 1922.
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If you're interested in abortion numbers post-Dobbs, this thread is for you 🧵
(I'm going to reference some sources, which I'll hyperlink at the bottom of the thread, FYI)
In February I compiled a bunch of data from sources including Texas Health & Human Services, Texas Policy Evaluation Project, the Journal of the American Medical Association, & the US Census Bureau in order to figure out what abortions in Texas looked like post-Dobbs.
Since virtually all the abortion clinics in TX shut down, the obvious question for many would be, "What abortions? It's illegal now. Right?"


I was looking specifically for data on out-of-state abortions and mail-order abortions, and what the data suggested was tragic.
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This is a threaded version of Chapter 23, titled,

“Prenatal Politics, Generationally Speaking”

of the book, *Psychology of Apocalypse:

*Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema

READ BOOK…… #psychology

PA 23/1 ImageImage
Chapter 23 is subtitled...

“Panicky Electorate, Biting the Feeding Hand,

“Perinatally Oblivious Right-Wing “Hate Groups,” the Tea Party, & the Fifties Generation...

“Perinatal Access of Millennials”

READ BOOK… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM

PA 23/2 Image
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Can anyone at this point still maintain that the politics of the last few decades had anything at all to do with ideology or issues?” []

READ/DW BOOK…… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM #history #Millennials #MAGAts #BigLie

PA 23/3
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What beliefs do politically intolerant people have?

Are politically tolerant people more or less concerned about political conflict than their intolerant neighbours?

We conducted survey research to address these questions.

Here's what we found.

#politics #immigration Image

We asked people how irritated they'd be if a member of their most opposed political party was dating a member of their family, their neighbor, co-worker, or local elected official.

Avg answer = tolerance score. We limited this sample to most and least tolerant.

"The United States government should provide financial
support to people in other countries who are in need."

The most intolerant group was more likely to agree than the least intolerant. Image
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Transgender health: Comparing model bills to real proposals; Many bills have preambles asserting that the risks of #gender-affirming care outweigh its benefits, which has been rebutted by major #medical organizations.…
1) The AP obtained the texts of more than 130 bills in 40 state legislatures from Plural, a public policy software company, and analyzed them for similarities to model bills touted by the conservative groups Do No Harm and the Family Research Council.
2) The model bills have similar preambles, including the assertion — rebutted by major #medical organizations — that the risks of gender-affirming care outweigh its benefits.…
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🌈Did you know that @TheAbbeyWeHo, the iconic gay bar in West Hollywood, started as a humble coffeehouse in 1991?

Explore the history of this vibrant venue below. #TheAbbey #WeHo #LGBTQ (1/8) Image
☕️ Owner David Cooley relied on community outreach, providing cookies for nearby support groups, fostering loyalty and making The Abbey a meeting spot for HIV/AIDS activists. #TheAbbey #Community (2/8)
🏳️‍🌈 In the mid-1990s, The Abbey transitioned into a gay bar, creating an inclusive space to enjoy LA's diverse queer community and becoming an iconic LGBTQ+ establishment. #TheAbbey #GayBar #Inclusion (3/8)
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Special Issue on 4G #Singapore
I would like to thank the contributors-Bilveer Singh, Daniel P.S. Goh, Terri-Anne Teo, Norman Vasu, Marcus Teo, Andrew Yu and Stephanie Kwan Nga Lam.
#Politics #peoplesactionparty… Image
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Hi All,

I've recently completed a free online course on leadership from Coursera. Its course curriculum has been designed by IIM-A!

Though I came to know about various aspects of leadership through this course, I still perceive it as a completely different ballgame altogether.
Instead of what management experts and leadership gurus feel—no I'm not saying they are completely wrong—I've just a different way of seeing things.

My perspective on leadership is slightly different.
If you've read this post so far, please bear with me for a minute or two to clarify my viewpoints on leadership.

For your help, I'll provide my perspective in bullet points so that you can understand it better.
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap 'Politics Returns' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#stockmarket #investments #politics #personalfinance #marketwrap
The markets have intense spells when politics prevails over everything else in directing sentiment. Closer to every general election, this trend returns to haunt the markets. (2/n)

#markets #indiangovernment #elections
But, the ability of politics to drive sentiment is influenced by how much the outcome of the election will drive change. If change is likely to be significant and for the better, the markets can run up ahead of elections. (3/n)

#stockmarket #politics #investors
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Hello Poster lovers!

Today is Sunday, so why don't we learn something about social rights?

I researched two significant movements in history that used vintage posters as a tool to bring attention to their cause:
- 'I Am a Man '
- The women's rights movement.
Let's dive in! Image
The "I Am a Man" movement emerged in Memphis, TN in 1968, with African American sanitation workers demanding better pay and safer working conditions. The workers marched with signs bearing the words "I Am a Man," asserting their humanity and dignity in the face of discrimination. Image
One iconic poster from the "I Am a Man" movement features the phrase "Honor King: End Racism!", symbolizing resistance and solidarity. The poster was created to promote a march that took place in Memphis in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. after his assassination. #MLK #Posters Image
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Had an awesome time this morning with @Tzardan where I learnt something about #politics and then we chatted about the #cyber security society challenges and how #communication is key to helping #solve todays and tomorrows cyber #challenges! 🫡❤️🇬🇧🤗 ImageImageImageImage
I also promise I did not jack into their net ;) 😈 ImageImageImageImage
Also I’m a shirt ass and Dan had to keep bending down to fit in selfies 🤣🤣🤣 ImageImage
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🧂PSA - As a social worker, I see firsthand how #politics affects social policies and communities. If you're a politician who is interested in reviewing policy, learning more about #MentalHealth, or how to help the communities you represent - let's chat.
I am seeing too many statements from politicians about mental health and it's either inaccurate or woefully ignorant. Some of them want to be misleading on purpose but I challenge their opponents to increase their own knowledge and confidence when speaking on these issues.
Social workers are trained to look at issues from a holistic approach and can provide data-driven insights. We take an evidence-based approach & are held to a strict code of ethics. We're also great communication coaches.
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Are Democrats more tolerant of Republicans than Republicans are of Democrats?

We surveyed ~500 people to investigate.

Here's what we found.

#diversity #politics #tolerance Image
Oppositional Political Group

"Which political group do you think is most different/opposed to your own political views?"

We limited the sample to Republicans and Democrats who selected either the Republican or Democratic parties (N=474).
Political Intolerance

We asked people how irritated they'd be if a member of the political party they most opposed was dating a member of their family, their neighbor, co-worker, or local elected official.

We then averaged their answers to get an overall tolerance score.
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Who prioritizes time with family and friends more, Republicans or Democrats?

How did the pandemic impact the time these groups spent with loved ones?

We surveyed people about this in 2019 and 2020.

Here's what we found.

#loneliness #family #friends #COVID19 #politics Image
Friend Time

"How often do you spend a social evening with friends?" 0 (Never) to 6 (Daily).

Both Republican and Democrat men reported spending more time with friends compared to women.

There was no significant change between 2019 and 2020. Image
Family Time

"How often do you spend a social evening with relatives/family?" 0 (Never) to 6 (Daily).

Between 2019-20, time spent with family significantly declined for all groups except Republican men.

Democrats reported spending significantly less time with family. Image
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🧵 Liz Truss is back at the Heritage Foundation, so let's take a look at how it influences the Conservative Party.
#KochNetwork #Politics
1/ The Heritage Foundation (HF)is a conservative think tank based in the United States that has had a significant impact on conservative politics worldwide. In the UK, it has had a significant impact on the Conservative Party.
2/ The HF has been active in the UK since the 1980s, and it has provided conservative policymakers with research, policy ideas, and training. Its influence has been felt in many areas of conservative policy, including economic policy, foreign policy, and social policy.
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#kochNetwork #politics

🧵How US libertarian think tanks have infiltrated British politics:

1/ In recent years, US libertarian think tanks have been increasingly active in influencing British politics, with a particular focus on promoting a pro-market, deregulatory agenda.
2/ These think tanks, such as the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation, have been known for their anti-government and pro-business views, and have played a key role in shaping US policy for decades.
3/ Their influence in British politics has been facilitated by a number of factors, including the increasing globalization of political and economic systems, and the rise of right-wing populist movements.
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The dust seems to have settled down. I am referring to the discussion around the #BJP-#AIADMK 2024 poll alliance. Ever since reports of Annamalai’s intention to go alone in 2024 came out and subsequent contradicting statements from some senior BJP leaders, [1/7] 2024 is going to be a significant year in TN politics, this
everyone seems to have understood what Annamalai is thinking. After his meeting with HM in Delhi, he seems to be more assertive and confident. The seniors in the party also seem to have got the message. This is what happens with a strong leader.[2/7]
The questions from #media, statements from #AIADMK leaders, #Twitter trolls, etc. seem to have toned down. AIADMK seems to be on the defensive. the new leader still seems unsure of himself. There is a sense of artificial camaraderie in the AIADMK camp.[3/7]
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New Report: Were Americans more informed about police shootings in 2022 than 2020?

In both years, we asked people to estimate how many unarmed black men were killed by police during the previous year.

Here's what we found.

#police #racism #politics
2020 Survey: "How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019?"

The Washington Post's police shooting database says 12.

54% of "Very Liberals" (least accurate) estimated 1,000+.

13% of "Conservatives" (most accurate) estimated 1,000+.
2022 Survey: “How many unarmed black men were killed by police in 2021?”

The Washington Post's police shooting database says 11.

40% of "Very Liberals" (least accurate) estimated 1,000+.

16% of "Very Conservatives" (most accurate) estimated 1,000+.
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Do men have more trust in social institutions than women?

We surveyed people to find out. Here are our results.

#politics #gender #trust Image
In 2020, we asked 1401 men and women how much they trusted:

– News Media
– Political Officials
– Hospitals & Doctors
– Educational Institutions

The most trusted on average was Hospitals & Doctors..

Political Officials was least trusted overall. Image
We compared men and women's average scores across all social institutions.

We found that, in 2020, Democratic and Republican women both reported lower trust than their male counterparts. Image
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What impacts a political party's level of infighting? We asked Democrats and Republicans how they felt about the parties in 2019 and 2020. How did the events of those years impact party unity? Here's what we found. 🧵 #politics Image
We asked two samples, one in Fall 2019 and another in Fall 2020, which political group held views most opposed to their own. In our '19 survey, we found that Dems were almost as opposed to their OWN party as they were to the Rep party (top right). Image
~55% of Reps in '19 agreed the Dem Party held the most opposed views. That decreased to ~41% in '20. Which events do you think drove these changes? A lot happened between Fall 2019 and Fall 2020. Image
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1/ 🚨A new police report holds 9 pro-Khalistan groups & a narcotics gang from 6 countries responsible for #PunjabUnrest
⭐️Groups: KZF, BKI, KCF, KTF, KLF, SFJ, Khalistan Tiger Force, Khalistan Liberation Force & WPD
⭐️Narcotics Gang: Brothers Keepers…
2/ The 3 pro-Khalistan groups linked to Pakistan are: Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF), Babbar Khalsa International (BKI), and Khalistan Commando Force (KCF). Other organizations are based in the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, and France. #GlobalNetwork
3/ Hardeep Singer Nijjar of Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) is based in Surrey, South East London, while Gurjeet Singh Cheema of Khalistan Liberation Force (KLF) is based in Canada and Gurmeet Singh aka Bagga and Bhupinder Singh Bhind of KZF are based in Germany. #InternationalLinks
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Introducing an insightful Twitter thread discussing the concerns raised by prominent Oromo politician Lencho Leta about Ethiopia's current state and exploring the implications of various government actions. Find out more about the challenges Ethiopia faces
🧵1/9: Lencho Leta, a prominent #Oromo politician, expressed concern for #Ethiopia's current state in a recent interview, fearing system failure. As a founding member of the Oromo Liberation Front and initiator of the Oromo Democratic Front, Leta is a key figure in Oromo politics
🧵2/9: Leta is a strong supporter of PM Abiy and has been influential in releasing Oromo political prisoners. However, certain actions by the PM, such as imposing Oromo interests in Addis Ababa, have led to unrest and the loss of core supporters. #politics #Ethiopia @ervstours
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#StockMarket #Lessons #TINA #TARA


When the facts changed, Market DUMPED #TINA and moved on to #TARA

After being in an ABUSIVE Relationship, when will a INDIAN #VOTER Learn 2 DUMP #TINA in favor of #TARA
#TINA was EQUITIES in Post Covid Era till 2022 Jan-22

#TARA is CASH/GOLD came to the fore in Jan-22


#TINA in Indian #Politics is HeWhoShouldNotBeNamed

#TARA could be anyone else …. Even a Regular HUMAN is better
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