Good morning, everyone.

Are you not entertained?
So I know @JasonMillerinDC has called Nevada for Trump while I grabbed 40 winks, and, yes, the Trump campaign has made Nevada close as they claimed they would, so they should not be discounted because of their usual mendacity, but let me present you with some..facts.
You with me?
@JasonMillerinDC I am going to get a count of outstanding ballots in a bit, I hope. But here's what I know:

This election flipped in Clark County because of mail balloting, which Dems have dominated more than 2 to 1. Rs did well in in-person voting, which is why last update cut Biden's lead.
@JasonMillerinDC But the Republicans surely thought they could have a lead on Election Night so Trump could declare victory because they know what the mail ballots hold: Good news for Dems. So how many are left?

I'll know soon, but at least 50-60K in Clark, I think. Those should tilt heavy D.
@JasonMillerinDC There are also tens of thousands of same-day registration provisional ballots in Clark. GOP overperformed in same-day (which they, of course, opposed) but not by the margin the Dems are expected to win mail.

There are also a few thousand mail ballots and provisionals in Washoe.
@JasonMillerinDC But not nearly as many as Clark, of course, and there may be some left in the rurals.

So the advantage would appear to lie with the Dems, but I want to see data. And find out if we can get an update today, not wait until tomorrow. That seems...too long.
@JasonMillerinDC SO: Until I have a hard count of ballots left and know exactly where they are and what they are, bear with me.

I know patience is the coin of the Twitter realm.

• • •

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5 Nov
All right, everyone, there has been some confusion over how many ballots are left in NV -- some miscommunication, so let me clarify with latest via election officials.
In Clark:
The 51K Clark ballots that will be reported tomorrow are mail already through verification process.
There are an additional 63,000 mail ballots in Clark that have been returned but have not gone though the process. A mail percentage will end up being rejected if pattern holds.
Then there are about 60,000 so-called provisionals in Clark.
Those are same-day registrants that need to be verified after mail counted. And then some ballots that will arrive in the next few days mailed Monday or Tuesday.
So may be 175K in Clark, give or take, depending n rejections and new mail.
A few thousand in rest of state.
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5 Nov
NEWS: First batch of new votes from NV, from Clark, shows Biden lead up to 12K.
Only about 14K votes or so updated from Clark and Biden lead goes up by almost 5K. See the advantage Dems have with mail. If that is ratio for ballots in Clark, very bad news for Trump.
Washoe If no more Clark numbers post today, though, this lead will shrink when rurals post. But there tens of thousands of mail ballots to come from Clark....eventually.
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5 Nov
"The Harry Reid machine recklessly threw ballots into the mail."


Ric Grenell, Nevadan, showing just how political this is.

"They continue to count illegal votes. It is giving legal people the sense that the system is corrupt."

Legal people. Image
Reporters yelling for Grenell to say who he is.

His response: "Listen, you are here to take in information."

Why wouldn't he just say his name?
Now another Nevadan, Matt Schlapp, is criticizing the process, saying they won't let them check ballots.

Understand: What they are saying is they don't trust the professionals to run the election. They want partisans (i.e. them) to run the election not nonpartisans.
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5 Nov
T-minus two hours until new numbers supposed to be released in Nevada, where Joe Biden has a 7,500-vote lead.

Would you like a thread on what to expect at 9 AM on the best coast?

I thought you might.

Let me walk you through it.

Just under 1.2 million votes have been reported. Joe Biden has about a 7,500-vote lead. I would estimate that there are at least 150,000 more votes to be counted. Almost half of those may be people who registered the same day they voted and were given provisional ballots.
The provisionals will be counted last -- this is for security reasons to make sure none of these people already voted. Overwhelming majority of remaining mail ballots are in Clark County, the Dem stronghold where they have won mail ballots by huge, more than 2-to-1 margins.
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4 Nov
While we all wait for Washoe, some info:
Clark County will put a number on ballots left to be counted by tonight. Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria, one of the best public servants I know, will have a presser at 10 AM every day until done to announce totals, answer questions.
They don't know the total because hundreds of drop boxes need to be opened and ballots unloaded. 375 of them. Mail has slowed down, though, and not a lot will come in this week, officials believe.
At state level, it's very simple: They need to get a handle on all areas of NV.
Wayne Thorley, who is overseeing the SOS process, is a superb, honest public servant, too. Nothing weird is going on. No one here expected complete results on Election Night. His staff is busy counting ballots and they are going to release totals methodically.
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2 Nov
Sheldon Adelson's newspaper has at the top of the front page and leading its website a column by Sheldon Adelson's wife lamenting the oppression faced by...Trump voters and urging them to get out to vote. This prejudice Trump voters face "is a tragedy for all Americans." My God.
"Trump supporters are by no means alone. But they certainly will be diminished, as individuals, if they swallow their pride, avert their gaze and shuffle along silently to cast their vote before rushing home."

Oh, the humanity, the tragedy!
"You see it in the boarded-up shopfronts of Manhattan and Washington, D.C., and in the extraordinary police deployments, all in anticipation of day-after rioting by vexed Joe Biden voters and other malcontents."

I remind you: This is at the top of Page One of a major daily.
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