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6 Nov, 13 tweets, 3 min read
Between 1351 to 1506 CE, the Vijayanagara empire fought 13 bloody wars with the bahamani barbarians. Most of these wars were defensive in nature, often resulting in Vijayanagara suffering territorial losses, except the 7th & 13th(last) war that Vijayanagara won decisively(1)
Most of the defeats were as a result of the Vijayanagara rulers simply not going the whole hog. On the occasions that they did i.e. The 7th war under Deva Raya I in 1417 & the final war in 1506 under Narasimha Raya, it resulted in the complete decimation of the bahamanis.
Deva Raya I chased the turushka barbarian feroz shah into his own kingdom & inflicted such mayhem. It resulted in the words of chronicler ferishta:

"The result was that
Deva Raya made a general massacre of the mussalmans &
created a platform with their heads on the battlefield"
"His army
even followed the sultan into his own country with fire and
sword, capturing many places, breaking down mosques and holy
places and slaughtering the people without mercy"

Devaraya I reversed much of the territorial losses & expanded the empire to new heights.
All these gains would go in vain due to the shortsightedness of Devaraya's grandson, Devaraya II. He would bring about changes in the military that would result in recruiting large number of turushkas into the army. He would go out of the way to appease them.
Like building exclusive quarters, places of worship for turushkas. He even had a copy of their holy book placed before his throne. Despite such appeasing, the bahamanis would wage the 10th war in 1443. Like always initial Hindu wins would be reversed due to treachery.
At the battle of Mudgal, where Vijayanagara were on course to win, will result in the killing of Deva Raya II's eldest son. It would send Hindu forces into disarray. Secular Devaraya II would be forced to accept defeat & forced to pay tribute to the bahamanis.
This unfortunate practice of recruiting turushkas into the Vijayanagara army started by Devaraya II would continue till the time of Aliya Rama Raya, who would be betrayed by his own turushka generals, the gilanis, resulting in the irreversible decline of Vijayanagara in 1565.
Everytime Vijayanagara made military advances towards the bahamanis, their sultans often united to wage jehad against the "infidels" of Vijayanagara. They also sought help of other turushka kingdoms to defeat Hindus. One such example is when feroz shah sought the help of...
sultan ahmed, the turushka ruler of Gujarat.When Devaraya I devasted the bahamanis in 1419, feroz shah went crying for help to sultan ahmed, who would gladly lend help. This would also repeat in 1565 when 5 turushkas kingdoms of deccan would unite at Talikota to defeat 'infidels'
While the turushkas often had internal quarrels, they ALWAYS united when it came to fighting the infidels of Vijayanagara.

Tragically the opposite never happened. The only other significant Hindu kingdom in the vicinity of Vijayanagara was the Gajapathi kingdom..
Infact something far worse happened. During the 11th bahamani war in 1449, the Hindu ruler of Gajapathi would walk into an alliance with the turushka bahamanis to defeat Vijayanagara. This combined army would lay siege on Hampi itself.
Turushkas always united under a common flag to defeat Hindus. While Hindus always indulged in dangerous games of one upmanship that would see Hindu kingdoms like Gajapathi fraternizing with turushkas.

This disease ails Hindus even to this day. Let us find a cure to this. /end.

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5 Nov
Linguistic division of states was the biggest blunder ever. If southern states follow this move, there will be chaos in this country.

Look at our Puranas. When the Rishis classified regions of Bharat, it was never on the basis of language.

It was always river & mountain systems
Many of our Puranas speak in detail about the sacred geography of Bharat & its dwellers. There is NO mention of any language when describing the various people of Bharat. For example in the Markandeya Purana the various peoples living along the Vindhya range are described as:
इत्येते ह्यपरान्तश्च शृणु विन्ध्यनिवासिनः।
सरजाच करूषाच केरलाशोत्कलैः सह॥५३॥
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अन्नजास्तुष्टिकारश्च वीरहोत्रा हवन्तयः।
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5 Nov
This is probably the most exhaustive & detailed temple thread ever written on twitter. Its a result of several days of travel, several weeks of researching ancient texts like Devatamurthiprakaranam, Rupamandanam, Vishnudharmotthara, sritattvanidhi etc to put it together. (1)
I NEVER watermark any of my Temple photos. Its a principle I have always followed. I've also in the past put forward my reasoning as to why I don't watermark any of my Temple clicks. I do it in good faith. (2)

The info that I share here or on my Temple blog is free for anyone to share. I don't expect anyone to credit me for any of the information that I put out. Honestly what matters for me is the info to reach maximum people. Thats the sole aim. (3)
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30 Oct
This generation of Hindus has so much intellectual material to fall back on to dent the hostile anti-Hindu forces. All the hard labor & ground work has been laid before us by stalwarts of the past like Goel, Swarup etc. We are not in the unenviable position like they were once.
Hindu intellectuals of the past like SRG had to start from the scratch. They had to formulate & articulate all their thoughts in a manner to be understood by the largely ignorant & naive Hindu samaj of the past. They did so risking their own careers & lives.
Especially Sita Ram Goel, who was admonished by many within the sangh for stating the truth & facts without sugar coating them.

Yet it his voluminous works that most of us fall back on to make out our case. He was a visionary like none other.
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29 Oct
Read these 3 books. Will expose you to the realities of the world & remove any misplaced "vishwaguru" thoughts from your mind.

1)Hindu view of x'tianity & isl@m by Ram Swarup

2)Hindus & Hinduism: Manipulation & meanings by Sita Ram Goel

Contd... (1)
3) Jehad : the isl@mic doctrine of permanent war by Suhas Majumdar.

All these 3 books are very brief. Make some time & read them without fail.

After read this, you'll get an idea of what actually ails the average Hindu mind & the thought process.
Everyone in this country at the subconscious level thinks like ghandi. One may not like to acknowledge it, but it is the bitter truth. Its not your fault either. We've been programmed & manipulated from childhood to think & act like that. Setting us up for defeatist mindset.
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24 Oct
A thread on my book recommendation for Hindus. Many of you might already be familiar with some of these books...but sharing it anyway for the benefit of those who are not. These books will give you ideological clarity & also enrich ur knowledge on many aspects of our Hindu Dharma
I'll list it by author's name in alphabetical order

AS Altekar
1) Education in Ancient India
2) State and government in Ancient India

Arun Shourie
1) Eminent Historians
2) Worshipping False gods
3) Hinduism : Essence & consequence
4) Harvesting our souls
BL Atreya
1) Yogavasistha & its philosophy

C Rajagopalachari
1) Mahabharata
2) Ramayana

David Frawley
1) How I became a Hindu
2) Hinduism & the clash of civilizations
3) The myth of aryan invasion of India
4) Gods, sages & kings
5) Arise Arjuna
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24 Oct
Most folks have no idea how corporate media works. Most of us, atleast oldtimers joined this platform to take on the soldout mainstream media back in the day. Purpose was to render MSM obsolete. Today dying MSM is using us to resurrect itself. They need us more than we need them
Playing one corporate media house against another might seem like good strategy. But at the end of the day viewership rating is all the matters. With that come revenue etc. Issues hardly matter. What is relevant today will be junked tomorrow for something else juicier.
Media is a fraternity, just like the cinema industry. While there is cut throat competition for viewership & ad revenue, the very same ones who appear to be siding with your ideology will miss no opportunity to junk you once patrons change. They are all fundamentally anti-Hindu.
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