first listened to this about a week or so ago and it's now one of my favorite albums. every song on it is a classic

goddamn it really is every single song that's a banger. the only other albums I've come across that have this level of quality consistently throughout are dylan's streak in the 1960s
the best flow in rap history is on this album, particularly on this song, with these lines:

"Packed up my tools for my raw power move
Glock 19 for casket and flower moves"

here's how fucking amazing the album is. you're listening to it, and then suddenly this comes on with the most badass reggae chorus

and of course let's not forget that the album has this classic on it too

• • •

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10 Nov
malcolm x: "you bleed for white people, but when it comes to seeing your own children murdered you haven't got no are you going to be non-violent in mississippi, as violent as you are in korea?" in case anyone is wondering why malcolm had to go
malcolm's point about revolutionary violence being *a defensive measure against the constant violence inflicted against the marginalized and exploited* is essential to remember bc they always try to turn it around. he goes into it in more detail here:

I also highly recommend checking out malcolm's full "message to the grassroots". here's the text:…

and the audio:
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10 Nov
to celebrate evo morales returning to his homeland to adoring crowds, and the fascist puppet anez being indicted, I'm going to listen to big for the rest of the night and sip some cheap wine. feel free to join me!

me rn Image
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8 Nov
reminder that biden wanted to run in 2016 and would have easily become the nominee and have beaten trump, but obama told him not to and cleared the way for hillary, thereby giving you a trump presidency. thanks, obama
love bernie, but let's be honest, a lot of his '16 showing was due to anti-hillary resentment which simply wouldn't have been there w/ biden. he'd have lost by a bigger margin given his lack of name recognition. also biden hadn't gone senile yet, so he'd have smoked trump w/ ease
so fuck all this deranged russiagate, jill stein, susan sarandon shit. you can thank obama and hillary for the last 4 years
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7 Nov
yesterday was the 103rd anniversary of the october revolution, which became the beacon of hope for worker's liberation throughout the world, setting off a wave of revolutions, strikes and mass social movements. here's a scene from the great film "reds"
I highly recommended watching that. it's about american journalist jack reed who witnessed the october revolution firsthand and became a communist. he wrote the brilliant book "ten days that shook the world", a must-read. here's a PDF of it:…
the revolution also created a backlash, leading to the murder of heroes of the communist movement like rosa luxemburg by an alliance of fascists, liberals and social democrats, and the imperialist invasion of russia itself, as detailed in this thread:
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6 Nov
joe scarborough on msnbc expressing the view of the entire professional media class: "biden will have to govern like bill clinton governed, he will govern from the center, from the middle". in other words: the exact thing that gave you trump
the entire professional media class is manufacturing consent for neoliberalism on steroids under biden: harsh austerity, cutting social programs (he might even go for social security), tax cuts, corporate giveaways. and you know what? they'll get it all. bc they own this place
do you think an election platform, hilariously called "the most progressive in US history", means a goddamn thing when a record-breaking 14 billion was spent on the election? LOL biden will wipe his ass with that, just as obama did. THEY OWN EVERYTHING
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6 Nov
andrew yang says democrats should listen to the working class more, which for yang means pushing a neoliberal UBI with the explicit aim of gutting and then destroying social programs and the last remnants of the welfare state, as he admitted to dave rubin

listen carefully to what andrew yang says at the end: he knows its unpopular to attack these programs head-on, so instead he's going to trick people into voluntarily abandoning them, and then destroy them, per chomsky's point. yang is a trojan horse neoliberal piece of shit Image
here's andrew yang getting exposed for the neoliberal grifter hack he is when he admits that he doesn't even support a 15$ minimum wage. remember, florida just overwhelmingly voted for it even though biden lost. yang would have run against it. but "listen to the working class"
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