You are framing the question so that you can receive the answer you want but I’ll bite.

A thread.
1. Would you agree to a law that required you to get a blood test every time you used the bathroom?

How about a law that required you to slice one millimeter off your penis every time you used ketchup?

I bet you’re thinking “But those laws have no point.”

Every single large-scale peer reviewed study ever conducted says voter fraud does not exist on a meaningful scale.

Dating back to 1982, there have been less than 500 prosecutions. If we multiplied that by the literal billions of votes cast...
There are LITERALLY more people who claim to be abducted by aliens than there are convictions for in-person voter fraud (Seriously, there was a study)…
When Richard Hasen, a law professor and author of the 2012 book “The Voting Wars” looked at 30 years of data in search of voter fraud changing the outcome of an election, he couldn’t find a single instance…
Harvard calculated the probability of of non-citizens voting. Guess what the probablity was?

There were 2068 ALLEGATIONS over the last 12 years out of 146 million registered voters.

Zero would have been stopped by voter ID
Which begs the question, why do voter ID laws exist?

To keep Black people from voting
This isn’t my opinion. A federal court said this was the intent of Texas’s voter ID law…
An entirely different federal court said this about NC’s voter ID law:
Or I’ll let Brian Kemp, who ran elections in Georgia explain it:

Or maybe Wisconsin Rep Glen Grothman can explain it

After Black turnout fell in Wisconsin’s 2016 election, the state’s attorney general said he fought to get voter ID ON THE BALLOT TO HELP TRUMP WIN.…
3. Just in case you need data-based proof, how about some academic research? Peer-reviewed studies at state universities in Georgia, Kansas, Tex, Indiana, Md, Miss, Ala., Fla and SC all show that Voter ID laws equal voter suppression, specifically for non-white voters
4. Why do they do it?
Well, conventional wisdom is that when fewer people vote, Republicans win and when more people vote, Democrats win.

That is not NECESSARILY true, but...
If you can restrict poor people and minorities from voting it helps Republicans.

Also, urban residents are less likely to drive. Those areas lean Democratic and skew non-white.
5. But who doesn’t have an ID IN 2020.

See, here’s where your problem lies. You are focused on ID when voter ID specify WHICH KIND of ID.

Most only accept Government issued ID or possibly a student ID from a state school, which means MOST HBCUs are excluded
So whites are most likely to have the CORRECT ID, not just an ID.

5. Finally, this:

I grew up in Hartsville, SC. My mother is/was legally blind so she didn’t have a DL or a car. She literally had no use force an ID.


There was no DL office in my hometown
I left for college at 15 which meant I wasn’t old enough to drive. I had a college ID, but had no use for a state ID.

Now I live in Ala.

In 2015, just after enacting voter ID, the state closed MOST of its DMVs. Where did it close them?

In places where Black people live
So to answer your question:
Why do Democrats hate voter ID?

They don’t hate voter ID any more than you hate ketchup.

So why don’t you give up a slice of your dick every time you eat a hamburger?
By the way, I get that @Mr_Teekay was asking rhetorically, for clarification.

I was being an asshole by using the Royal “you”

Don’t ketchup me, please
Oh, and I didn’t come up with this off the top of my head.

I’ve written about this before:…

• • •

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9 Nov
To all the people who argue that the "left" should stop using phrases like "defund the police" and words like "socialism" or "reparations"


History has proven it time and time again.

A thread:
When the U.S. told England to kick rocks in 1776, Thomas Jefferson said: "If I'm going to write a declaration of independence, I GOTTA mention that 'slavery' thing. Yeah, I have slaves but we all know it's wrong."

But he was told not to use the "s-word" so he told King George:
But the other dudes were like:

"Maybe we should take that whole part out if we want those dudes down South to support our plan. I'm sure they'll come around in like 5 or six years."

Where do I get this information from?

Some dude name Thomas Jefferson
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5 Nov
A lot of the anger about non-white people voting for a white nationalist is because some people don't understand one inarguable historical truth:


A thread:
First of all, let's all agree that whiteness is some shit people made up. It has no basis in science or even logic.

For instance, for MOST of American history, the Irish weren't considered white and they might be the whitest people on the planet!
Now the Irish WERE NOT slaves, but the English and Scottish considered them "the closest thing to the negro" and "human chimpanzees"

Do you know how far England is from Ireland?

21 miles!

It's like when Brooklyn niggas talk shit about people from Queens. Image
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23 Oct
Trump: We will have a vaccine by next Thursday

Welker: Who’s making it?

Trump: Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Astrozeneca, Robotussin, Clorox, Vicks Vape-o-rona... Everybody!
Trump: I take full responsibility for coronavirus but it’s not my fault, it’s China’s fault. But it’s my responsibility...What does responsibility mean, again?

Trump talks about closing the border to China like Al Bundy talks about his four-touchdown football game in high school
Trump talks like someone giving a book report but didn’t read the book because it was “massive.” He knows the book “very strongly.” In fact, he gets along very well with author, who’s probably a Democrat, but he’d blow away every book report if he wanted to. Especially Hillary’s
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13 Oct
Did y'all see those lines yesterday?

For years, I've been arguing that we shouldn't refer to institutional race-based discrimination as "racism" and yesterday was a perfect example of this.

The correct term is "white supremacy."

A thread.
First, you have to understand how America is set up.

The Constitution isn't racist, it's a manual for setting up a white supremacist state. Even the founders who were against slavery believed Black people were inferior humans.

Tanke Thomas Jefferson, for instance:
Even before he wrote that BS about "all men are created equal," he was purchasing human chattel to rape and enslave. He said Africans were "as incapable as children" and called them "savages."

But he wanted to abolish slavery because he loved America.

Also, he was scared AF. Image
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3 Oct
This is not surprising to me. You can't teach 6th graders about "liberty and justice for all" then tell them their country started a race war

Nah, not the Civil War

The war against Black people in 1919 had MORE BATTLES than the entire Civil War

A thread:
First of all, let me say:

I don't know how many people died.
I don't know how many incidents happened.
I don't know a lot about 1919 because NO ONE DOES. People are still putting it together.

I don't even like the term the "Red Summer"
The term came about because people started using a collective term for a bunch of separate "riots." But there weren't a bunch of separate riots. It was all one thing.

First, you gotta remember when this was, It seems like an entirely different era than the Civil War.
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19 Sep
First of all, anyone who says I didn't vote in 2016 (or any state, or local election since I turned 18) is a whole liar.

My job has never been to advocate for a political party or group. Let me be clear, I am a partisan. I am beholden to 1 constituency:

Black people.
The narrative that black voters didn't vote for Hillary because they didn't care or don't understand how the Supreme Court works is intellectually dishonest and reductive.

The Democratic Party's reluctance to stand up for black people is DIRECTLY TIED to their assumption that
Black voters are going to vote for Dems even if they do nothing to help us. EVEN IF they do harm to us.

While you may think that I am one of these entitled "blue checkmark" MFs, I ain't shit but a dirt poor nigga from SC who grew up in what muhfuckas called "the hood."
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