Few things I advise people who are in a good/great situation in life is to:
1. Never speak of it with your own tongue (it may burn some of it eventually)
2. Never tell others of your really big successes, it will come out on its own.
3. Hide your real treasures. Never reveal.
4. Spirituality wise, never reveal your best experiences.
5. Reveal experiences decades after they happen if you must ... if you want others to get motivated or to have faith (that fits with Swa Dharma)
6. If harmed, stop those ppl from harming you rather than retaliate.
7. Always promote the next generation of people, especially those who are NOT blood relations if they show promise.
8. Where possible to help, always help. If not possible, try and express sympathy.
9. Try not to laugh at people’s desperation.... no matter how bad they may be.
9. Swa Dharma (for most except kings or rulers) is not Raja Dharma.
Don’t confuse.
Don’t give danda to people unless they have caused serious harm or they are imminently going to cause harm. (It’s not without consequences)
10. Try not to take advantage of people.
If you don’t ask, you get milk, ask and you get water, snatch and you get only blood.
11. The people who hold you together during your moments of crisis and disaster are like diamonds. Keep them happy. They are your real friends.
The woman who sticks beside you in your dark hours (no matter how many rough words she may speak otherwise) is invaluable.

• • •

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11 Nov
A President of the United States dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Aug 1945 killing 226000.
Mughals too followed no rules, killing millions unlike the Mahabharata which was fought between two sides in 3067BCE following rules and disallowed genocide of non combatants
The point I make is pretty simple. Apart from a few plot twists during the Mahabharata, non combatants basically were not harmed on the battle.
That’s India for you.
Hell, the Indians even returned 90,000 POWs to Pakistan (then West Pakistan) in 1971...
Compare that to America, dear Audrey.
To enkindle memories, it’s the only country to drop the atomic bomb on hundreds of thousands of civilians in the history of mankind and so you do not get to lecture Indians on the Mahabharata!
Read 6 tweets
11 Nov
It’s not what Pawan Khera is saying.
It’s the unspoken words here. Congress party became spokesperson of Muslims in India post 1947.
Now Owaisi has taken that 15-20%(or 20+%) votebank from Congress.
Congress officially mar gayi!
Remember turnout is 60% or lower in most places and minority voters are said to always come out and vote.
That was basis for Congress wins in past.
Now, Owaisi will take a large percentage of the Muslim vote.
What happens to Congress in this scenario?
There is one more problem for Congress in fact for all “so called secular parties”
If Owaisi takes votes on basis of religion then what stops BJP or another party in future to take the Hindu vote similarly?
Read 4 tweets
11 Nov
Answer to a question- thread.
All charts with powerful Vipareeta Raja Yogas (VRY) tend to show struggle.
When other factors in chart are also powerful and allow success, then the VRY results in success and every struggle results in some elevation, great or small.
If other factors allow success then grade the VRY according to how many grahas are involved.
Only 8th and 12th?
Only 6th and 8th lord
Only 6th and 12th Lord
All three lords and at least one must be in own house or Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga.
If 2+ satisfy then renown post struggle
Rarely, all three lords are involved in Vipareeta Raja Yoga
all of them are in own house or Neecha bhanga Raja Yoga
Other Raja Yogas are present
No Raja Bhanga yoga
VRY planets are enemies to one another.
Result: “Raja Bhave Dharmika Chakravarty”
Read 4 tweets
11 Nov
The main questions for any Mahabharata dater are:
1. Did you take 60+ observations of Drona Parva detailing crescent waning phase late late night Moonrise on 14th war night?
2. Did you take AV observation as Nimmita AND BEFORE the war?
3. Did you put Kartika Purnima BEFORE WAR?
4. Did you take Saturn at Rohini or made it a conflicting observation?
5. Did you take Bhisma Moksha at maximum of 58 nights from fall/start of war as shown by text or made ur own interval?
6. Did you take Magha Masa for Bhisma Moksha or not?
7. Did you take Balarama’s pilgrimage start point as PUSHYA or make up your own start Nakshatra?
8. Did you take Balarama’s pilgrimage end point as SHRAVANA or make up your own end Nakshatra?
9. Is your solar eclipse visible from Kurukshetra or ONLY from Antarctica?
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10 Nov
Truth (3067BCE) vs Fiction (5561BCE)
3067BCE is the single date for the Mahabharata war which proves all 14 major parameters of the Mahabharata astronomy as against 5561BCE which fails every single criteria of the Astronomy verses given in the text. Image
When you see a screenshot like the one in blue I showed above, naturally you must be shocked. (Because you keep hearing otherwise).
What’s the proof?
Here are war and pilgrimage timelines start and end points with software screenshots in front of your eyes.
How the Tithis of the entire year are a complete blunder in 5561BCE.
Because 60+ verses of Drona Parva are taken as a “conflicting observation”.
Hence Moonphases of the full year are wrong.
Read 15 tweets
4 Nov
Every single karma for you (and against you) gets paid back.
Both types are paid many fold.
Only question is how long one waits for it to happen.
There is a school of thought that if people abuse you verbally they take a small percentage of your karma.
If they think of you badly, a smaller percentage of ur karma is now theirs.
If enough people abuse verbally a large percentage of your karma is now gone.
Conversely if you abuse someone verbally or in writing, a small percentage of their karma is now yours.
If you gather enough people to verbally or otherwise abuse someone, then you take on a substantial portion of their karma. (So some say) They become lighter.
Read 8 tweets

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