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14 Nov, 12 tweets, 5 min read
“Lead, follow or get out of the way.” The quote has been attributed to both philosopher Thomas Paine and General George S Patton. No matter the source, the meaning is clear: the status quo is unacceptable, and if you aren’t going to change it, stand aside. #velshi
That’s where we are with COVID: The United States is currently breaking coronavirus records we don’t want broken. Infection positivity rates continue to increase around the country as states like Texas and California reach more than a MILLION confirmed cases each. #velshi
We’ve firmly returned to 1000+ deaths a day. In fact, these days we’re losing a grandparent or a parent or a child, a cousin or an uncle, an aunt, a friend or a neighbor, EVERY MINUTE of the day. #velshi
Since before March 13, when the pandemic was officially declared, many in the country have asked for—begged for, really—a plan. Despite the lies told by Trump, Americans knew this wasn’t a hoax that would “magically disappear” one day. We knew it wasn’t like the flu. #velshi
Despite everything we absolutely knew to be true about COVID, there is STILL no national plan 8 months later. That’s how the CURRENT administration decided to handle it. The only choice we’ve had is to wear a mask, wash your hands, keep your distance. #velshi
With 67 days to inauguration, Joe Biden wants to try something new. He wants to marshal our best resources and go to war with coronavirus. But until he is sworn in, there are limits to how much Biden can do as he continues to hit petty bureaucratic walls. #velshi
The barriers to the Biden transition are the only walls Trump has ever succeeded in building during his administration. These particular walls come with heavy costs: increased American deaths. #velshi
While Trump can disrupt the transfer of power by clogging the courts with baseless lawsuits, he can’t stop the incoming administration from talking to governors around the country. State leaders are open to a coordinated federal fight against this pandemic. #velshi
Mask mandates are gaining momentum. All options are being considered, and science—our strongest weapon in this war—is trying to push its way back through the doors of the White House. #velshi
We have a clear signal that a COVID vaccine will likely require shipping and storage logistics our current infrastructure can’t guarantee, but we have an Army Corps of Engineers! We have a National Guard! We have FEMA! #velshi
Thousands of men and women are standing at the ready to serve their fellow Americans in a cause for which they can be proud. We can achieve a lot. But the current administration is not planning for this and has spent 8 months wishing this deadly virus away. #velshi
Joe Biden has won this election. Today, even Donald Trump knows and privately accepts that. But Biden needs the power of the presidency and a normal transition to get it done. So, Donald Trump: lead, follow or, more likely, get out of the way. #velshi

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15 Nov
During my special this morning on surviving the next wave of COVID, I shared a letter from comedian and MC @ThatEvanFowler in Atlanta, GA. He says the pandemic has left him “a single baby-step away from homelessness.”
@ThatEvanFowler 2/7
Evan writes, “Even if they hadn't cancelled all live events, I still would have had to go into long-term quarantine because I am the sole caretaker for my elderly mother. I am also immunocompromised due to a near-fatal bout with genetic pancreatitis a few years back.”
@ThatEvanFowler 3/7
“When they passed the CARES Act, I signed up immediately for assistance as a gig worker. The $600 expansion was a godsend. It kept the rent paid, let us buy groceries, and covered all of the bills.”
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3 Nov
You are entitled by law to cast your ballot free from intimidation. I’ll be in #Philadelphia all day/night. If you witness or hear of voting problems or intimidation, please contact me directly & we will investigate. Let no one stop you from voting.
We have teams across Pennsylvania & across America equipped to identify & report voting problems & intimidation. please contact me or any @NBCNews or @MSNBC reporter or producer. my DMs are open.
If you witness or learn of misinformation, disinformation or attempts at voter suppression on-line, or on social media, @NBCNews & @MSNBC have teams set up to investigate that, too. Send me screenshots of what you have. My DMs are open.
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31 Oct
The USPS recommends mailing-in your ballots at least 7 days before Election Day. We are now 3 days out. If you haven’t mailed it in yet, it’s probably too late. It's now time for Plan B. #velshi
In more than 2 dozen states—including some crucial battlegrounds—your absentee ballot *must* be received on Election Day to be counted. The rules in each state vary, so check your local election website or go to #velshi
You can hand-deliver your completed absentee ballot to your local election clerk or a local drop box if available. #velshi
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31 Oct
On April 18th of this year, 1,520 Americans died of COVID. 40 states were under stay-at-home orders. It had been a month since a global pandemic had been declared. April 18th—one week after Easter—was the date by which Trump had said America would be open. #velshi
On April 18th, Jared Kushner told veteran journalist Bob Woodward on tape that Trump’s push to reopen was a way of quote “getting the country back from the doctors.” Once again, science was losing to Trump’s impulsive and irrational decision-making. #velshi
Kushner said to Woodward, “We’ve now put out rules to get back to work. Trump’s now back in charge. It’s not the doctors.” Because why would we want doctors to get us through a pandemic when we can have a real-estate developer with no medical training? #velshi
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24 Oct
Voting is personal for me. I grew up in Canada, a country to which my family and I immigrated. I’ve joked that unlike Barack Obama, I actually AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. But that’s not the whole story—and the whole story shows why voting matters so much to me. #velshi
In 1981, 10 years after my family arrived in Canada, and having just recently become citizens, my father ran for office. I was 11 at the time, and maybe the hardest working campaign volunteer he had. #velshi
Late on election day, when all was done but the counting, my dad and I drove home to get ready for the big night. He was going to make history, becoming the first person of South Asian descent to be elected to any major office in Canada. #velshi
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18 Oct
COVID has killed more than 220,000 Americans & infected more than 8 million in the past 10 months. Since day 1, Trump has downplayed both the seriousness & science of it. That's neither new or refutable since he said as much to Bob Woodward on tape. Multiple times. #velshi
While there are moments in which Trump grudgingly acknowledges the severity of it all, saying things like “even ONE death is too many,” his consistent message to Americans has been socially-distant from reality, from science & from good public health. #velshi
Trump said the virus would disappear when warmer weather arrives & that portions of the population are “virtually immune.” If words don’t capture his recklessness, then remember his actions after leaving Walter Reed: shedding his mask & resuming in-person events. #velshi
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