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15 Nov, 12 tweets, 6 min read
My latest in @TheAtlantic : the GOP's two paths away from Trump - forward toward democracy, back toward the methods of Jim Crow: leveraging anti-democratic local rule to wield national power theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
@TheAtlantic A last-ditch Trumpist plan to overturn the 2020 election results: beg GOP state legislators in Biden states like Pennsylvania to substitute pro-Trump electors.

This idea was thinkable because GOP had won majority in PA legislature with 500,000 fewer votes than Dems in 2018. 2/x
@TheAtlantic Similar outcomes in MI and WI: GOP had won majorities of the seats with minority of votes.

In the end, the legislators flinched. The idea was illegal anyway. (Little Trumpists care about that.) But it demonstrated ... 3/x
@TheAtlantic The interoperation of minority over-representation at the federal level with minority dominance in the states. This was how the white South asserted its claims in the pre-civil-rights era. Now that seemingly banished past is becoming future. 4/x
@TheAtlantic My last three articles in @TheAtlantic form an (unplanned) trilogy on the state-federal minority rule.

I wrote this just before the election on how a Blue Wave would threaten the minority-rule system theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
@TheAtlantic I wrote this the day just after November 3 about how federal-state minority rule had probably survived the severe threat of the anti-Trump wave in 2020 theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
@TheAtlantic And here is latest - and final - about the future prospects of the federal-state minority rule system. theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/…
@TheAtlantic The Republicans wins in 2010 - plus favorable judicial decisions - enabled them to draw the most gerrymandered maps since before the civil rights era.

The Democratic vote in 2020 was not big enough to overcome those maps and change state legislatures to redress the maps
@TheAtlantic Prospects are that after the surge of 2020, Republicans in 2022 and after can again count on maps that privilege a minority of the state vote with a majority of the state seats - and then leverage state majorities into disproportionate federal power.

- more -
I hope each of the articles stands on its own, but if you have time/interest, you'll get the clearest picture by reading all 3 in sequence



Conclusion: it's a great step to have defeated President Trump and opened the way to a more normal administration. But the US remains in dire need of a democratic agenda to do what democracy promises: award the power to govern to those who win more votes in a competitive election
If anything, the outcome of the 2020 election should teach Republicans to trust democracy. They did WELL down-ballot, and with many different kinds of voters. There's a multiethnic democratic future for GOP - if they will compete *for* votes, not compete by *preventing* voting.

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13 Nov
Those of us who have lived in the vicinity of malignant narcissists will recognize Trump's behavior pattern 1/x
Trump has been abruptly and harshly cut off from his source of narcissistic supply. Here's what typically follows such a shock healthyplace.com/personality-di… 2/x
The deprived narcissist

"minimizes social interactions and uses 'messengers' to communicate with the outside."

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11 Nov
I think I've found the best yet explainer for Trump and GOP strategy post November 3. They are engaged in a form of play therapy verywellfamily.com/what-is-play-t….
Play therapy is used with children and adults who lack verbal and cognitive skills verywellfamily.com/what-is-play-t….
Play therapy is an effective way for children to deal with anger and loss verywellfamily.com/what-is-play-t….
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5 Nov
When do Fox News reporters start being assigned "Biden safaris"?

"Biden's electoral path spanned the country, largely bypassing unpeopled sagebrush to join dynamic city centers and the single-family suburbs that once formed the basis of the Nixon-Regan coalition ..."
"Biden supporters seemingly reveled in Trump's descriptions of them as 'rioters, looters, and Marxists,' seeing it as proof that they were looked down upon ..."
It's a lively genre, ready for a reinvention!
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3 Nov
"If there was a flaw in our strategy, it was probably that we forgot that women had the vote."
"If there was a flaw in our strategy, it was letting our campaign staff steal all the money instead of using it for campaign purposes."
"If there was a flaw in our campaign strategy, it was probably failing to deal with pandemic disease while plunging the economy into the worst slump since the Great Depression."
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2 Nov
When my late father-in-law served in Canadian forces during Korean war, Chinese loudspeakers would broadcast propaganda messages to entice defectors. Years later, he recalled one of them ... 1/x
"Cross over to our lines," the loudspeakers blared, "and we guarantee you will have bread everyday."

The Chinese were inadvertently revealing how miserably poor and hungry their own army was. Bread as a selling point? Really? 2/x
Messaging done wrong communicates weakness and fear.

Weakness and fear is what the Trump twitter account has been communicating all day.

It's bad enough news for an incumbent when he must go negative on an opponent rather than positive on the incumbent's record. But 3/x
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2 Nov
"I don't even know where I was on VJ Day-and if it seems remarkable to you that I am unaware of these things, I must emphasize that at a private soldier level you frequently have no idea where you are, or precisely how you got there, let alone why." - George MacDonald Fraser
"War is like that, full of cliches, and of many incidents and speeches that you couldn't get away with in fiction. Later I shall describe how a comrade of mine, on being shot in the leg, rolled on the ground shouting: 'They got me! The dirty rats, they got me!' ...
... I would not use it in a screenplay - and I know what the director and actor would say if I did. But it happened, word for word, nature imitating art."
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