From the death of an Empire, a new kingdom emerges, one that carries on its legacy, despite having nothing in common with its predecessor - A rare historic event, which allowed a dead nation to retain a strong influence over 1,000 years after collapse.

Story in the evening ...
Chlodovech was born around 466 to Childerich, who was a king of the Salian Franks, and Basina. Salian Franks were one of the two groups of Frankish tribes that had settled within the Roman Empire and they concentrated largely in the Rhine delta. 1/10
The Franks were one of the many Germanic tribes that had settled in the Roman Empire. After the assassination of the Emperor Valentinian III in 455, the collapse of the Western Empire had accelerated, with many Germanic tribes acquiring parts of the Empire. 2/10
Chlodovech, better known as Clovis (or Louis), became king in 481 after his father's death. But the Franks were not a united force, ruled by many kings. On the other side the Western Empire had finally collapsed, with Odovacar deposing the throne and seizing Italy. 3/10
In 486, Clovis would ally with another Frankish king and a relative, Ragnachar, to defeat Syagrius, a Roman general who ruled an erstwhile Roman province around Soissons. 4/10
By 491, Clovis had control over the former Roman province and its army, since he set his sights for more expansion. Defeating the Alemanni in 496 and the Burgundians in 500, he would come up against the Visigoths who ruled in Aquitaine. 5/10
In 507, in the battle of Vouillé, Clovis would defeat and kill the Visigothic king Alaric II, adding Aquitaine to his vast realm. Clovis now ruled over a much larger nation similar in size to Roman Gaul. However, this realm had little in common with its new master. 6/10
On Christmas Day in 508, Clovis would be baptized by Bishop Remigius of Reims. Though the Roman Empire had adopted the Nicene Creed of Christianity as its official religion, most of the Germanic tribes that now controlled the Empire followed the banned Arian teachings. 7/10
The baptism of Clovis would prove to be a crucial event for Christianity and Rome. As Frankish power in the former Empire continued to grow, Roman culture and Latin would retain its reach through the Roman church. 8/10
The vast Frankish realm would not last for long, as it was divided amongst Clovis' sons as per tradition, followed by civil war, not as per tradition but regular, just like Clovis had got rid off many relatives and competing Frankish kings when he consolidated his realm. 9/10
The attachment of Christmas with the baptism of Clovis also foreshadowed the later prominence of the festival. Charlemagne would also choose the same day when he was crowned Emperor in 800. 10/10

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A loyal Count, in a region ruled by a rebellious Duke. But as the rebellious Duke is finally put down, he is rewarded with the duchy, surrounded by nobles loyal to deposed Duke. The new Duke & his family would go on to make this ancient region their own.

Story in the evening ..
Otto von Scheyern was born around 1117 to Otto von Scheyern, Count Palatine of Bavaria and his wife, Heilika.

The title of Count Palatine was similar to an Emperor's representative in the court of their powerful subordinate rulers. 1/10,_Duke_of_Bavaria#/media
When Otto succeeded his father as Count Palatine in 1157, Bavaria was ruled by Heinrich der Löwe, whose cousin, Friedrich von Staufen, was the Emperor. Otto's loyalty would be brought in question when Heinrich rebelled against his cousin. 2/10,_Holy_Roman_Empero
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A princess thrust into a war of religions, negotiating for peace and seeing it through to its end, leaving a throne to seek self actualization, but the lack of rule creating a void.

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Princess Kristina Augusta was born in 1626, the only child of the Swedish king Gustaf Adolf and his wife Marie Eleonore.

Her father had propelled Sweden as a great northern power and raising it into a military power. 1/10
In 1630, Sweden, a Lutheran state, entered the war raging in Germany over religion. Gustaf's leadership turned a losing Protestant effort towards victory. But his death in 1632 during the Battle of Lutzen would put a brake on it and a young Kristina on the throne of Sweden. 2/10
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A nation of city states all ruled by the same family, dominated by a foreign invader who extracted tribute for centuries, till a prince beat them in battle and set stage for his city to become the most powerful city in the world, the third of its kind.

Story in the evening ...
Dmitry Ivanovich was born in 1350 to Ivan, Prince of Moscow, and his wife Aleksandra.

Moscow used to be a minor trading post in Vladimir, till Aleksander Nevsky placed his youngest son Daniil as its prince. Its distant location kept it insulated from regular Mongol attack. 1/10
After the Mongol invasion in early 13th century, the principalities of the Rus had submitted to the Horde, remaining vassals for over 200 years. Moscow was also one among those principalities though Daniil became its prince only in the 1280s. 2/10
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A pagan ruler, converting to Catholicism and creating the largest Christian kingdom of that time. Though the kingdom would endure long after his short lived dynasty, it would eventually be partitioned by its neighbours and briefly disappear from the map.

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Jogaila was born in 1351 to Algirdas of Lithuania and Iuliana of Tver. One of the many sons of Algirdas, Jogaila was the designated heir for the southern part of Lithuania which Algirdas ruled. The northern part was ruled by Kestutis, younger brother of Algirdas. 1/10
Jogaila had many elder half brothers who were assigned parts Lithuania had acquired from the Rurikid princes. When Algirdas died in 1377, Jogaila would become the Grand Duke of Lithuania, though his elder brothers would challenge it. 2/10
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An illegitimate son of a king, fearing his life after his father's death, rebels against his half brother, who pardons him after defeating him.

But eventually he would seize the throne and kill the king, setting up a dynasty to reunite a broken nation.

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Enrique Alfonso was born in 1334 to King Alfonso XI of Castile and his mistress Leonor de Guzman. Illegitimate children were common for generations in Castilian royal household, but Alfonso would pamper his mistress and children much to the envy of his wife and son, Pedro. 1/10
Alfonso died in 1350, with Pedro succeeding as King. His mother would see to the execution of her rival quickly, leading to Enrique and his brothers flee from the palace. The next two decades would see Enrique and his brothers set up many rebellions against Pedro. 2/10
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A young noble from a dynasty of many new kings, thrust upon a throne as great powers squabbled, driven by ambition and desire to unite his new people ending up sparking off a world war. Well, almost ...

Story in the evening ...
Ferdinand Karl Leopold Maria was born in 1861 to Prince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-Kohary. His father was the younger brother of the Portuguese King Ferdinand II and cousin of King Leopold II of the Belgians and Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. 1/10
As a younger prince (He had two elder brothers as well), Ferdinand was not expected to rule, but an unexpected opportunity arose in Bulgaria. Bulgaria had gained autonomy from Ottomans in 1879 with Prince Alexander of Battenberg as its ruling prince, with Russian backing. 2/10
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