Any negative energy and fears are stored within our energy fields & chakras. They act as blockages and filters that lower our overall vibration. They also make it more difficult to connect to higher realms, to tap our intuition, and Divine guidance.
Shadows also influence us in a negative way. They make it easy to resonate with our lower nature, our egos, and the mass consciousness. They pull us down. The more we have them, the easier it is for us to lose our cool in situations. The negative reactions are also more intense.
Since they lower our vibration, they also make it more difficult to manifest what we want. The higher your vibration, the bigger is your energetic footprint and the stronger are the signals that we send into the Universe.
Shadow work boils down to energy work. It means clearing and balancing our chakras and cleansing our mental and emotional bodies by flooding them with love.
I did all of my shadow work organically using guided meditations and visualizations. There are channeled guided meditations online that are of tremendous help. I used meditations by Orin & DaBen, Natalie Glasson, and Steve Nobel. See my pinned tweet and comments for links.
Shadow work can be also done with the use of psychedelics. I do recommend Ayahuasca for those interested. Aya will simply mirror your own darkness and fears to you. This is why Aya ceremonies are not pleasant for some people as they battle their own inner demons.
Some say that taking psychedelics is taking a shortcut on one's spiritual path & they mean it in a negative way. I agree, that they R a shortcut but in a positive way. Since when shortcuts are illegal? It's like accusing a sick person 4 taking a shortcut when s/he takes medicine.
Psychedelics are a valid option for those drawn to them. Since all experience leads to expansion of consciousness, all experience is valid, and so are psychedelics.
I also witnessed physical healing during Aya ceremonies. If Aya is able to help us heal our mind, then healing of the body will follow.
I recommend that you do whatever resonates with you, whatever you are drawn to. It is your spiritual path and others have no business in judging your path. Try different things, see what works for you, and stick with it.
Here I recommend working with the 7th (violet flame), and 8th (seafoam green flame) rays of light as they are deeply cleansing.

• • •

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15 Nov
During our spiritual journey we go through different levels of consciousness. Each level is characterized by different perspectives and beliefs.
Since all levels of consciousness are valid (as they generate different experience, and all experience is fodder for wisdom for our souls), that also means that all perspectives and beliefs are valid.
When we gain all there is to gain from one level of consciousness and we want to move up, we must let go of previous perspectives and beliefs to be able to embrace new ones.
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13 Nov
Our physical bodies are constantly influenced by our own states of consciousness. Part of our DNA contains information that originated in our minds. If our minds are busy with discordant thoughts containing fear based thoughts, then our DNA will reflect that.
During conception part of the DNA that comes form the parents also contains information created by their minds. Again, discordant thoughts of the parents will be encoded in offspring's DNA.
If both parents have elevated their state of consciousness to Christ consciousness then that information will be encoded in the offspring's DNA. The child's physical body will have perfect blueprint that reflects oneness, and unconditional love.
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12 Nov
Another question was asked: "How to handle a person that takes pleasure in triggering us?" The answer is simple. Don't give them the satisfaction. Respond to attacks with love.
When ego attacks another, it expects a reaction in the form of defense which is simply an attack back. When two egos attack each other, they both spiral down vibrationally. The best way to diffuse a situation is by using energetic alchemy.
Love is the philosopher's stone that can turn anything into gold. If you react to an attack with love you transmute negative energy.
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12 Nov
A question was asked: "How to overcome triggers?" To answer that question first we need to understand what triggers are. Triggers are automatic reactions to ego based programming/conditioning.
Ego based consciousness and societal conditioning go hand in hand as societal conditioning is ego-based for the most part. Social conditioning strengthens our egos.
The first step to overcoming triggers is to become aware of them. It happens when we have introspection right after being triggered. The second step is to learn to observe ourselves and our reactions.
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12 Nov
Most people in our society are simply unconscious. They react to everything based on their own conditioning. Social conditioning is nothing but programming that was instilled in them from a very young age. Triggers are an example of that.
A computer is not conscious and only runs on its operating system and programming. Programming contains conditional statements that direct the computer. If A happens, then the computer reacts with B as programmed.
Social conditioning in a sense, works the same way. We accept what we are taught in schools, we don't question everything, we automatically judge people who don't follow the societal norm, etc.
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3 Nov
We are all spiritual beings having temporary physical experience. Our origin is in higher spiritual realms. We descended into lower, physical dimension to experience physicality and all it offers. Many of us are conscious of our origin, but just as many forgot their true home.
They believe that physicality is all there is and that they are separate from one another and God. They also believe that they are just human beings, as opposed to spiritual beings having human experience.
God gave us free will that includes the ability to go against God and to create reality that is out of touch with true reality based on love and oneness. That reality is based on fear, belief in separation which are nothing but illusions.
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