Ready for our state of the society address with @gillianhoo!!! #NSGC20
Gillian highlights the challenges of this year with COVID, social and racial injustice and general uncertainty. And we've had to face all of this head on knowing that inaction reflects the biggest mistake we could make. #NSGC20
But it's been a test of our skills and training. We've had to shift, pivot, flex, and understand what we can and can't control. Through it all, our strength has come from our incredible growing energetic community of GCs. #NSGC20
At the top of our list of things that we are doing to promote access are our advocacy efforts:
1. State licensure
2. HR 3235
3. 1132 Telehealth waiver
4. Comment on revisions to payment policies under medicare physician fee schedule
Also have been having ongoing conversations with ACMG and inability to support our bill. And learned that ACMG has sent letters expressing their concerns of our bill. ACMG is unwilling to support out bill w/o specific restrictions limiting scope of practice. #NSGC20
What they are asking for is not precedented nor does it achieve our goals of providing access to genetic counselors. ACMG's position is short-sighted. #NSGC20
In 2020 we have 29 states with licensure! And all 21 of the states that don't have licensure are engaged in some conversations in getting licensure. #NSGC20 Major props to everyone that has worked on these efforts tirelessly!
While the pandemic stalled our efforts in some states, folks are ready to pick back up in the new congressional session. #NSGC20
While HR3235 gained traction at the beginning of the year, the pandemic did stall many of the efforts but have still managed to add a number of co-sponsors in the last few months. #NSGC20
As of today our bill has 22 co-sponsors with strong bi-partisan support. And support from key organizations like the American Heart association, Cancer Action Network, & American Kidney Fund. #NSGC20
The AHA also issued a policy statement articulating their position on genetic counselors and the importance of recognition of genetic counselors as providers. And this statement has been incredibly well-received & the same thing happened with the American Kidney Fund! #NSGC20
The ongoing communication has been critical in garnering support. Over time we are seeing people begin to engage. Thank you to all who have have continued to move the needle. #NSGC20
Our bill is competing with thousands of other bills. 12k+ bills were introduced in this Congress with ~1% enacted into law. Need to think about how we bring our bill to the forefront of the discussion. #NSGC20
This is one of the reasons we launched an NSGC PAC. It allows us to meet with Congressional leaders and enable us to build key relationships with strong supporters. #NSGC20
You can log onto the PAC website and see exactly where the contributions go. The Board wanted full transparency so everyone knows what's going on. #NSGC20
What's next? Looking for a new lead bill sponsor bc our current lead sponsor Loebsack is retiring. Once the bill is introduced it will receive a new #. Won't be 3235 anymore. We will continue to build co-sponsorship. #NSGC20
Also planning for a Senate companion bill! We plan to build a more formal coalition of efforts to engage our supporters and co-sponsors. We are also going to hold an advocacy summit to help train everyone on how to engage. #NSGC20
We need YOUR support to pass H.R. 3235. Build a relationship with your member of congress. Recruit physicians, patient advocacy orgs, institutions, and other orgs to support the bill. #NSGC20
Also, if able, consider donating to the PAC. 2020 has definitely been hard financially for many folks but for those that are able to, donating to the PAC can make a difference. #NSGC20
Switching gears now to talk about our strategic aim of diversity and inclusion within our profession and community. #NSGC20
There's a tension between the impatience we feel to see real change implemented to take action now and to make sure that we take actions that learn from our previous efforts to make sure we don't repeat efforts that were not effective in the past. #NSGC20
Also shout out to the amazing @minoritygenetic! MGPN has done a phenomenal job in bringing minority voices together. #NSGC20
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory group has been maintaining a page of resources for members. (side note, should this be renamed the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion) council following @ltalusan's talk yesterday?) #NSGC20
We engaged with the Exeter consulting group to help us perform an assessment of the organization. They've done a survey & now setting up focus groups (Sign up here:…) to hear from YOU! #NSGC20
There are 24 different focus groups that individuals can sign up for. Including lapsed and non-members! So please take a look and sign up soon:… #NSGC20
Focus groups will last 90 minutes and take place virtually via Zoom during the weeks of 12/7/20, 1/4/21, and 1/11/21. Only a summary of topics that emerge with representative anonymous quotes will be shared with NSGC. The list of participants will not be shared with NSGC. #NSGC20
Exeter will be delivering information to the leadership in early 2021. We have asked for both short term and long term guidance. #NSGC20
The education committee has taken great thought for the program put together for this conference. #NSGC20 Thank you to all of the presenters for these amazing sessions that we have planned for this conference.
Our goal is to support ALL members in practice, and have a diverse workforce equipped to serve a diverse patient population, and access to our services for ALL patients who can benefit. #NSGC20
Now switching gears to talk about our goal of Service Delivery. We want to provide high-value care. #NSGC20
We have to think about our different customers, how we can provide highest value care to customers and establishing guidance around appropriate care for our patients. #NSGC20
The Access and Service Delivery Subcommittee was tasked with developing business cases for hiring and utilizing genetic counselors. A virtual summit will be happening in early 2021. #NSGC20
Learning from GCs who have built group practices successfully within health systems. Learning from experience; documenting leading practices to share with others. #NSGC20
We are also engaging with @andyfaucett to engage in payer conversations to understand the current landscape, & perspectives that payers have on genetic counseling. We've heard that payers respect our services and value. #NSGC20
NSGC has a distinct role to play. We have no contract or payment agenda. GCs are billing major national payers AND getting paid. Need to build models that are scalable. #NSGC20
But does require institutional support & credentialing. And that is a barrier that we are seeing. #NSGC20
We are also still hearing that payers still believe there are "not enough genetic counselors" We need to change our message around this. This argument has historically been used as an excuse of why you don't need to use a GC. #NSGC20
Moving forward, we have an outreach campaign reaching out to C-suite executives that @andyfaucett has started and also reaching out to health benefit managers & continue to build relationships to have productive conversations moving forward. #NSGC20
Last up is about our goal of accelerating research to expand the evidence base for genetic counselor services and value-based care. #NSGC20
Earlier this year @LeighaSenter led a group of individuals to develop a Research Agenda for NSGC. The framework was published in the JGC #NSGC20…
Two exciting developments this year was the NHGRI funding announcement which provides support for investigator-initiated research on genetic counseling processes & practices in genomic medicine. #NSGC20
Additionally, NSGC has been asked to recommend individuals for the Genetics and Genomics Workforce Diversity Advisory Group. #NSGC20
We continue to find ways to assess needs within our profession. One such effort was partnering with @LunaDNA_ and develop a survey assessing support needs of GCs during the pandemic & in the future. Shout out to @carrie_haverty for this survey! #NSGC20
Survey went out yesterday, so check yo emails!! #NSGC20
Additionally we continue to make updates to our professional status survey. Enhanced reporting around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Well-positioned for outside data requests. #NSGC20
Please keep filling out the PSS! It is an invaluable tool that we have. #NSGC20
We are continuing to think about what our research infrastructure looks like. Our Research, Quality, & Outcomes Committee is thinking about ways to measure development work. #NSGC20
They have been working w/ an external group called Discern to conduct an environmental scan and develop a quality strategy to ensure NSGC's current and future related efforts. #NSGC20
Shifting to discuss current issues which has involved NSGC pivoting and shifting. This year we have developed a COVID webinar series & discussion forum, Town Hall on racial injustice, Life insurance webinar. By no means were these perfect or smooth but needed. #NSGC20
Over 800 registrants for the remote supervision webinar at the beginning of the pandemic. #NSGC20
Congratulations to the 2020 Outstanding Clinical Supervisor Award Winners!!! Check out the list again in the recognition lounge. #NSGC20
Our Education committee has done an AMAZING job this year. Thank you to everyone that has participated this year. #NSGC20
And props to our JGC Editors and Section Editors. The submissions to the journal have gone up, our impact factor has gone up and we are seeing submissions from all over the world. #NSGC20
Minority & Health Disparities will now be a standing topical section. And a special issue on how our profession is responding to the pandemic is coming up! #NSGC20
Also a shout out to the NSGConnect mentorship program! It's a great way to find someone to talk to. This isn't just for early career GCs. #NSGC20
There is also now an annual coordinated process each September for a Call for Volunteers! Allows members to identify all opportunities and state interests. #NSGC20
Also check out the monthly e-newsletters for all things NSGC:
1. Dates & Deadlines
2. The Link: General News
3. The Source: Education Offerings
4. The Advocate: Updates on policy efforts & government relations team
I'm going to take a break during the financial report. But awesome to see the membership growing! #NSGC20
It's amazing to see that we have 1000 volunteers within @GeneticCouns! That's more than 25% of our membership!! #NSGC20
Super excited to join the Board for the next two years! #NSGC20
Ahh so many amazing Committee Chairs!! I can't type fast enough for all of these names!! #NSGC20
All the props to the SIG Leaders! I'm always amazed at the time and dedication that the leaders of the groups that I am a part of put into the SIG. Very appreciative of everything you all do! #NSGC20
Gillian recognizes the amazing legacy that Joan Marks has left on our profession. #NSGC20…
Thank you @gillianhoo for your leadership during these unprecedented times. #NSGC20

• • •

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21 Nov
I am incredibly honored and humbled to receive this award & thank you so much to @carrie_haverty for the nomination. Having you as a mentor, colleague & ally has meant so much.
But if I can say something else, I am also incredibly frustrated at our NSGC community #NSGC20 #GCchat
To see people make excuses & provide reasons as to why they may not have participated in the membership DEI survey is ridiculous. Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic. We ALL are. & everyone has been impacted in some way or another. That is not an excuse. #NSGC20 #GCchat
People that are BIPOC are doing more of the work than ANYONE in the majority with not only a pandemic going on but also fearing for their lives and safety due to the environment we live in. #NSGC20 #GCchat
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What are things you wish other GCs knew? Or misconceptions that you want to correct?
@shreshthaGC #NSGC20
1. Ambition is not a bad thing. Ambition should be valued as a positive.
2. We tend value loyalty over innovation or over growth and we need to change that.
@twitherington #NSGC20 I am not my company. You may disagree with some policies but at the end of the day we are all trying to do good work.
#NSGC20 @SohneeAhmed
Psychosocial counseling is still a part of what I do. Even if I don't have direct face-to-face patient interaction I still am utilizing my GC skills and it doesn't make me less of a counselor by moving from clinical to non-clinical.
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19 Nov
Next plenary: More than just raising our voices: confronting injustices in patient care moderated by @ERamosSD! #NSGC20
Shawneequa Callier highlights some issues we've been discussing: lagging diversity w/i the scientific community which then translates to inequitable policies, guidelines and access. #NSGC20
SC highlights how as more patients were tested in diverse populations we were able to reduce the VUS rate for BRCA in non-White groups. #NSGC20
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19 Nov
What's at stake here? Black women are less likely to participate in genetic risk assessment & counseling. Less likely than white women to know about risk reducing therapies. #NSGC20
Black women also have less knowledge about risk factors for breast cancer & perceive themselves to be at lower risk for developing it. All of this contributes to the fact that Black women in the US are 40% more likely to die from breast cancer than white women. #NSGC20
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