Imagine you’re a doctor walking into an ER shift. You see so many really sick COVID19 patients, struggling to breathe.

The outgoing team isn’t convinced they’re that sick & refuses to treat them. They won’t sign them out to you until they have more evidence.

Sound implausible?
Well this is exactly what’s happening right now.

This administration is refusing to treat this pandemic as the public health crisis it is.

Nearly every damn day we set case & hospitalization records. Deaths are rapidly climbing.

And this absent and silent.
Worse is that now they’re refusing to sign out to the oncoming team.

So here’s the sad reality:

Every day the Trump administration postpones the transition, more Americans die.

Let me repeat.

Every day the Trump administration postpones the transition, more Americans die.
That’s because just like those sick patients struggling to breathe when you walk into your ER shift, our country needs immediate treatment for COVID19.

We need providers & public health professionals to put in place the protocols necessary to reduce transmission and save lives.
The longer this is delayed, the more the virus spreads. More get hospitalized. And more die.

The longer this is delayed, the less prepared the incoming team will be to rollout a vaccine - a task already set to be one of the most daunting logistical challenges in recent memory.
COVID19 is the greatest challenge facing the US right now.

And the unwillingness of the current administration to treat it as such is yet another example of its abject failure to manage this crisis.

We desperately need urgent intervention now, to prevent the worst.
We would never allow a doctor to withhold life-saving treatment from severely ill patients. We would intervene if their delay was putting lives at risk.

In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, shouldn’t we hold our president to the same standards as our healthcare providers?

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If each death was one seat on a jumbo-jet that crashed, this would be the toll to date:

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17 Nov
The Trump administration deserves praise for the development of promising vaccines in record time.

Unfortunately this has been accompanied by a public health response that in every other aspect has been an abject failure.

As the virus ravages the US, there is still no plan.
I see people replying this administration should get no credit for the vaccines. I disagree.

Moderna has NEVER brought a vaccine to market and was in dire financial straits before getting a huge cash infusion from the US. Today they announced a vaccine that’s 94.5% effective.
And saying Pfizer didn’t get funding to help develop their vaccine is true - but they did get nearly $2 billion to bring 100 million doses to market.

Yes, the vaccines exist because of the hard work of scientists, all over the world, working nonstop for almost all of 2020...
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10 Nov
Although there was good #COVID19 news today, the hardest part still lies ahead.

New cases are at record highs and hospitalizations will soon be as well. Deaths will sadly follow.

So I made an explanatory photo montage for why we mustn't be complacent. Follow along below:🧵
When you look at these charts and see daily updates on COVID19 cases/hospitalizations/deaths, it might be hard to understand how they all fit together and why the recent trends are so worrisome. So let me explain...
First, let's look at CASES.

We won't look at the first 'wave' from March because we had very testing then and we missed the majority of cases.

But look at our huge cases increases starting in June and September. You see new cases start ⬆️ around June 8 and Sept 14...
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7 Nov
COVID19 continued to spread as the country was distracted with the ongoing election coverage.

Record case counts, hospitalizations soaring & deaths increasing.

With a new administration in place, we have the opportunity for a COVID19 reset. So what do we need to do? 🧵...

We STILL don't have enough. In March, I wrote we needed to use the Defense Production Act to acquire the PPE we'd need to get through this pandemic.

We are on the verge of a tough winter. We need to prioritize getting more of it, especially N95s.…

Our testing missteps at the outset really hurt us. Thankfully we've dramatically expanded testing since then.

But we need way more. We must increase testing capacity, including rapid tests in addition to 'traditional' PCR tests. We will need millions of tests a day.
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3 Nov
On March 12 as #COVID19 was starting to hit NYC, I wrote a short piece for a show that was cancelled because of the pandemic.

On the eve of an election defined by our response to #COVID19, I want to share what I wrote then to reflect on what we learned, and what we didn't...
"As we watch this pandemic spread, I keep coming back to that empathy I so painfully learned taking care of Ebola patients in West Africa and as an Ebola patient myself, lying in a NYC hospital bed.

I think of it every day now as coronavirus spreads through our communities..."
"...disrupting our social fabric and leaving many to wonder what comes next.

"In times of crisis, we naturally tend to think inward, reflecting on how we protect ourselves. But what we need right now is a focus on the most vulnerable amongst us."
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17 Oct
You might’ve scrolled past today’s #COVID19 update. Or maybe you've become numb to the numbers.

But outbreaks thrive on complacency! As many turn their attention to the election, we cannot underestimate the very worrisome nature of this worsening pandemic in the US...

Today the US passed 8 million confirmed cases. At ~20% of the world's total, that's a staggering toll.

And the 68k new cases today represents the highest daily toll since the end of July. It's also the 7th highest total EVER.

"Yeah, but there's more testing" some will argue.
But it's not just the daily tolls - it's the trends.

The last time we hit 68k cases, we had begun a downward trend.

But there is absolutely no mistaking the fact that we are on a steep upslope.

And not just in cases, but also test positivity and hospitalizations as well.
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