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A Thread on the description of Bharatavarsha & its sacred mountain ranges, river systems & its people in the Brahma Purana

Rishi Lomaharshana begins the description of Bharatavarsha with this verse:

उत्तरेण समुद्रस्य हिमाद्रेश्चैव दक्षिणे।
वर्ष तद्धारत नाम भारती यत्र सतति ॥ (1)
To the north of ocean and to the South of Himalayas is the sub-continent Bharata. The subjects are called Bharatis.

नवयोउ नसाहस्रो विस्तारश्च द्विजोत्तमा । कर्मभूमिरिय स्वर्गमपवाञ्च इच्छताम् ॥

He describes Bharat as the land of of karma where swarga can be attained. (2)
महेंद्रो मलय सह्यः शुक्तिमानक्षपर्वत ।
विध्यश्च पारियात्रश्च सप्तात्र कुलपर्वता ॥

Then he describes the 7 Kulaparvatas i.e chief mountain ranges of a Bharat, namely : Mahendra, Malaya, Sahya, Suktiman, Rksa, Vindhya and Pariyatra. (3)
In below verses it is reiterated that its only from Bharat that men attain swarga & mukthi. Nowhere else on earth are holy rites prescribed for men. It also talks about rebirth. (4)
Below shlokas mention 9 divisions of Bharatavarsha, namely :

Indradvipa, Kaserumat, Tamraparņa, Gabhastiman, Nagadvipa, Saumya, Gandharva and Varuna.

Indradvipa is identified with the trans Brahmaputra region. (5)
Kaserumat is the coastal plains between the deltas of Godavari & Mahanadi rivers.

Tamaraparna is associated with the southernmost perennial river of Tamaparani which flows in southern TN.

Gabhastiman is the hilly region between Narmada & Godavari rivers. (6)
Nagadvipa is the region extended all over the mountainous belt between Narmada ranges upto the Chota Nagpur plateau (northern Chhattisgarh & parts of Jharkhand)

There is a mention of a Sowmyadvipa in Brahma Purana. In other puranas this is replaced with Simhala(Lanka) or Gandharva.

Varuna is the western coast of Bharat. (8)
Here Lomaharshana demarcates the eastern & western borders by describing the people who dwell beyond the borders of Bharat. To the east are the Kiratas & the west the Yavanas. (9)
Every Purana that dwells into this topic describes the Chaturvarna & assigns their role, so does Brahma Purana.

Brahmins perform sacrifices, Kshatriya the battles, Vaishyas trade & Shudras are into service.

Only the above can call Bharat their homeland. (10)
The next few shlokas describe the rivers & their mountain ranges from where they originate. Here Satadru(Sutlej) & Chandrabhaga(Chenab) are mentioned to be originating from the foot of the Himavan mountain. (11)
Narmada, Surasa & other rivers originate from the Vindhya mountains. Tapi, Payoshni, Nirvindhya have their origins from the foothills of the Ṛkṣa mountains. Taking a dip in them relieves one of paap. (12)
Godavari, Bhimarathi, Krishnaveni and other rivers originate from the foot of Sahyadhri. The Kritamala, Tamraparni start from Malaya. The Trisandhya, Rsikulya and other rivers have their source in Mahendra. The Rsikulya, Kumara flow from the foot of Suktiman mountains. (13)
These Shlokas identify the various people dwelling along the banks of all the rivers mentioned in the above few tweets. It mentions the well known Kurus & Panchalas. Eastern people of Kamarupa(Assam). Paundras & Kalingas are mentioned as people south of Kamarupa(WB & Odisha) (14)
The Saurashtras, Abhiras (Gujarat & southern Rajasthan), Arbudas (mount Abu region), Malavas (Malwa), Sauviras (Sindh), Saindhavas (near Dwaraka), Salvas (Alwar), Madraramas (Madra kingdom), Ambashthas (Punjab?), Parasikas(?), Sakala(sialkot)


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21 Nov
Degenerates who keep blabbering about "modernizing" ancient Hindu rituals just so that their kids will take a liking to it. How screwed are these people in the head? Isn't there enough modernity around you already? Its your parenting style that needs changing, NOT rituals.
These people talk in a manner as if they are doing everyone some great favor by performing rituals. No you aren't. A ritual is performed for many reasons. Entertainment isn't one of them. Seek it elsewhere. These ppl won't even spare the last ancient connect we have, our rituals.
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Worst part is this is not the 1st murthi to either be damaged or go missing in this temple. In the 3rd pic you can see a murthi of Bhairava in place of what originally was a big murthi of Keshava. Notice base of the Peetha, depicts Garuda vahana. Archeologist Dhaky confirms this Image
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Placing Bhairava in place of Keshava. Vaastu shastra be damned. No one cares for such things anymore. It can have malefic effects.
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20 Nov
What is shameful is that the government which spends crores of rupees on the upkeep of tomb of dead barbarians fails to provide even basic security to ancient & timeless temples.

This is what happens when GOI converts an active place of worship into ASI tourist spot. Shameful.
Now they are bullshitting that the murthi slipped off & broke on its own. Do these people even know how heavy soapstones are?! Chloritic schists have the quality of becoming harder with time. Each & every damage inflicted on Hoyasla era temples is deliberate.
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Never go looking for modern science in our scriptures.Moment you do that, you are discrediting it. Its not necessary that each & everything in our scripture should adhere to the principles of modern science.Leave such comparisons to marxists.Intellectual dishonesty is their forte
For eg Varahamihira in his Brihatsamhita made some very critical observations on planetary bodies. His work is nearly 1500 years old.

Marxist types will compare his work with Kepler or Newton who were born over a 1000 years after him & discredit Varahamihira's works as primitive
Forget Kepler & Newton,they'd want Varahamihira's work to adhere & satisfy the equations of Einstein's general relativity & Planck's quantum theory before they can approve his works.Marxists have no sense of proportion.They use Modern Science as a stick to beat Hindus around with
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In today's India it is not sufficient to be a Hindu by birth. Hindu society and culture are under attack from several quarters. One has to be a CONVINCED and CONSCIOUS Hindu to meet and survive that attack. One has to find one's roots in Sanatana
Dharma ~ Sitaram Goel in 1982.
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17 Nov
Heavy Weights 🏋️+ Heavy Metal 🎸🎶 = Awesome feeling 💪🏻

That's the great thing about Metal, it gets you up & going even on days you don't feel up for the task.
Am quite amazed that people have started going back to the gym in the current situation. Its impossible to perform strenuous exercises with the mask on & so is maintaining social distancing. Not even talking about sanitization.

Don't understand why people would take such risks.
Especially if you have parents or elderly folks at home. I'd say it is pretty selfish of anybody to put their personal interests over the safety of family members

Any place where one cannot mask up properly & perform sanitization should be a no go. Gyms r not safe in this regard
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