Here, right at the heart of the U.K. Tory government, is another blot on the landscape. Someone who should typify the Law of the land, as the Head of the Department responsible for setting and enforcing British Laws. Someone who, like Caesar’s Wife, should be above reproach! 1/3
But will she step down, or be directed to resign, by Johnson, as the leader of a bunch of bullies, liars, cheats and incompetents⁉️
Unlikely, as he has sat on this report, hoping it would not be leaked; like the infamous Russia Report
The Report on #BullyPatel apparently says 2/3
“That officials should have raised concerns”. Yes, sure. Against possible accusations of racism, of this smug, vindictive daughter of an immigrant family, who in other circumstances might be accused of the same charge.
What a bag of worms‼️😳👎

@thetimes @cabinetofficeuk

• • •

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21 Nov
So a defiant British first Minister has been sitting on a high level and critical report, of his own Home Secretary, @pritipatel , who currently holds for better or worse, one of the three premier posts in the U.K. government.
He has sat on it for SIX MONTHS, knowing that his 1/6 Image
own senior official, Sir ALEX Allan, has asserted that Patel has demonstrated the traits of a bully, not once, but several times, in THREE different jobs (not to mention being sacked by him for lying.....oh boy, pot and kettle).
Johnson tried, himself, to effectively bully
2/6 ImageImage
Allan into watering down his report, such that Allan felt obliged to resign a post he has held since 2011.
What does this say about Johnson himself?
He has hidden the truth of a senior member of his own Cabinet, whom he selected, knowing her track record
He effectively 3/6 ImageImage
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20 Nov
Breaking News
Government sadist says she “unintentionally” bullied civil servant into writing report on her gentle treatment of him and other civil servants who ,of their own free will,admitted they had not complained of being shouted and sworn at
A spokes-victim said “it was 1/4 Image
ENTIRELY our fault. We were admittedly afraid of accusations of racism, but nevertheless we should have put our jobs and necks on the line. We unreservedly apologise.
We are extremely grateful that the Prime Minister, His Holiness St Johnston, took careful consideration, over 2/4 Image
two months, to decide that it was we who had made unreasonable and spurious complaints of bullying.
We grovellingly accept that this matter has been elevated, in an unacceptable and illegal manner.
Consequently, in accord with Sir ALEX Allan, we shall resign and throw 3/4
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27 Oct
You are indeed correct and I stand partially corrected!
The confusion lies in trying to encapsulate a very emotive & complicated subject on our beloved Twitter.
The roots of today’s EU rest in the 1950s and 60s. At that time, unlike today, the nation was divided (heavy irony)
Depending upon your point of view, Britain was involved, directly and/indirectly, as the EEC evolved and we chose to join the EU in 1973; and then with the Tories re-elected, the first referendum in 1975 confirmed this.
By then the broad outline of the fisheries policy 2/4
was agreed, including an extension of territorial waters from 12 to (in some case 100) 200 miles. Comment: this is tricky for us, as the Channel is only some 22 miles wide! (In international law, this is allowed for, by drawing a dotted line, in the middle).
But the point is, 3/4
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25 Oct
You only have to look at Lord Digby Jones, Ex CBI, to see how he as suffered since he stepped down, post supporting Leave and Brexit
Flesh has stripped from his bones, worry lines have cut in, as the awful truth has sunk home ...
His proud boast that “not a job will be lost”
But the truth is there for all to see, as @YorksBylines continues it’s harrowing task of listing all the jobs being lost to the EU
Fact is, we ain’t seen nothing yet, as Project Fear spreads its wings & much reviled experts come home to roost (alongside the chlorinated chickens no doubt!)
And already, in the last 4 years, as Nero Johnson has fiddled, U.K. has sunk from 5th to 11th in manufacturing chart
Read 4 tweets
26 Sep 19
In the middle of the night, great truths are sometimes thrust upon us.
For months now, we have seen the culmination of years of divisive ideas. Those who prefer to crawl into the hole, that is Little England (and Scotland, Wales & Ireland), cutting ourselves off willingly 1/15
from the rest of the world. “We can go alone, we did it before”....blah, blah.
And those who prefer to look at wider perspective of Europe, our nearest neighbours & world at large, aligning ourselves, with our local 500 million power bloc, pushing out GDP of 19.7 trillion pa
It were better if we could achieve a civilised and harmonious settlement of our differences and the so-called Remoaners have tried, without insults, to use logic and reason, to little avail. This in the face of bribery, black money and an assault on our electoral process, by 3/15
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25 Aug 19
Hi Mark,
We had at the height of the “Troubles”, thousands of troops in the Province (the in-word for N Ireland); plus thousands more of local troops and police, all armed. We had helicopters, sensors, armoured cars - I was responsible for County Fermanagh and I had 1,000 men 1/4
plus armoured cars and two helicopters outside my fortified base at Inniskillen.
In spite of all our 24/7 efforts and hard won intelligence, we barely kept the lid on. The locals crossed the border, whenever and wherever they liked, as we strove to intercept them.
If we 2/4
sealed the crossings, they used a bulldozer and made another one.
Smuggling was rife and some houses and barns deliberately built to straddle the border!
To “control it” needs hundreds, if not thousands of border force police/ troops. The current Army and Royal Marines cannot 3/4
Read 5 tweets

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