What do a Stetson hat and a pipe cleaner have in common? FELT. Mark Felt was an FBI Leaker revealing the illegal surveillance of US Citizens. #WatchTheWater
Who else was a leaker?


Did Seth Rich "have it all" with respect to just how the Dems were planning on stealing the 2016 election? At all costs, DJT could not end up in the White House.
How did the CIA surveil Donald Trump, private citizen, and others? Did they use the CIA hacking tools - Ghidra? Ghidra was made public in March 2017 via Wikileaks.
So why did it take two years for the NSA to release Ghidra hacking tools to the public? Could it be that the White Hats were using the CIA developed hacking tools against the Black Hats? Obtaining evidence - building court cases not like Law & Order episode @jennaellis BOOMERANG
The Ghidra hacking tools were officially released in March 2019. The NSA commented "hackers are loving it- so long as the NSA makes good on its promise not to use it to spy on them."
In August 2019, Dominion was supposed to have hackers at DFCON try to penetrate their machines and software. They did not end up participating over a "discrepancy" at the conference. But vulnerabilities were discovered in other systems. But not Dominion because they did not test.
Also in August 2019, we lost 8 Chan. Coincidence? In November 2019 we got a new Q board as 8Kun was launched.
May 5, 2020 (5:5) we got a Q drop - Tool Kits can be helpful.
What are the odds the logos are so similar?
What is also interesting about May 2020? Ezra Cohen-Watnick was appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Counternarcotics and Global Threats. Let's back up a bit though and walk through Ezra's timeline...
2010- joined DIA and trained at "The Farm" - Sent to Afghanistan with GS-13 rank.
2014- assigned temporarily to DIA headquarters
2017- left DIA for National Security Council- brought in by @genflynn
2017- When Flynn resigned, HR McMaster took over and attempted to remove Ezra
August 2017 - he was dismissed and @potus brought him back in April 2018. New role- DOJ advising Jeff Sessions on counterterrorism and counterintelligence.

So for two years, Ezra Cohen Watnick was running a counterintelligence operation for the DOJ.
Call me, Maybe? 🤣
( Late night musings with IMAPATRIOT1st) 😉

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Is it a "coincidence" that these Q drops occurred on Nov 22 (2019 & 2017 - 1 and 3 year deltas = 13?) - President Kennedy's Assasination? *Hint: common theme is CIA. It's all CIA. Owl in a dead looking tree delivered to Rockefeller Center? Owl (Rockefeller) removed? 1000 pieces. ImageImageImageImage
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WHAT IF...FOX is in the process of cleaning house? You remember when it started to take a turn, hiring people like Marie Harf and Donna Brazille. When "the kids" pushed Ailes out and took over the place went to hell in a handbasket. Image
Lachlan is the more conservative of the two Murdoch brothers. In fact, James is so liberal he has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to The Clinton Foundation and to Hoe Biden and his wife works for the Clinton Climate Initiative. ImageImage
The Murdochs got themselves implicated in a little phone hacking scandal in the UK. Concerns spread to the US because of their many US holdings. But don't worry...Eric Holder was all over the case! 🙄 ImageImage
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This morning I pulled up the Brennan/Comey posts from 8kun and noticed they are in RED. The two rows of RED reminded me of post 273 - doesn't line up properly on Qposts but it's RED RED in the shape of a cross. 2+7+3 = 12. On 9/12 George W. Bush declared the attacks an Act of War
In addition to the Congress approving billions in disaster relief, everycrsreport.com/files/20030327… other organizations racked up private donations. The Red Cross Liberty Fund raised almost $1B in a few weeks quickly became controversial enough to force it to shut down by 10/31.
Why do you ask? Co-mingling and misappropriating donations for "other needs" which were meant for victims' families. We already know funding bills and organizations like this create slush funds for other use such as trafficking. But back to Comey and Brennan...
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Now WHY would @lindseygrahamsc do that? Before you flip out and say he's black hat, STOP and THINK.

Johnson and Peters are Committee Chair and Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Think back to a recent Senate Judiciary hearing...

Graham was being challenged by the Committee Dems to block approval of 53 subpoenas related to the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation. LG handled that hearing masterfully, causing Kamala to miss the vote happening over at the Homeland Security Committee meeting. So what happened?
Ron Johnson calls for a vote to issue the same subpoenas and it pases Committee.


Now, why would Johnson, Peters and Graham only be meeting for 7 hours with Pientka? In "secret?" Graham was JAG. Could this be a tribunal? If so...
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Naasón Joaquín García & other leaders of La Luz Del Mundo were charged with human trafficking, production of child porn, forcible rape of a minor and other felonies, according to CA AG, Xavier Becerra....
This Mexican based megachurch has a worldwide congregation of 5 million people. His bail was raised from $50 million to $90 million a few days ago...
Did you hear about it? fox5vegas.com/news/bail-hike…
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Very interesting hearing. Here's the quick summary:

1. Austard will continue employment (participation in documentary, market and promote their QAnon documentary) with the Keystone Project Wanderer Film Collective and has a financial stake in the venture

2. He may travel to Scottsdale (with advanced permission) for the purpose of filming documentary

3. Austard may move in with the roomates as long as he has no access to firearms, deadly weapons, ammo or any other deadly devices

4. He may have no contact with anyone who has engaged in any criminal activity

5. He may have access to computer devices, internet and social media, with conditions
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