If you were persuaded or reasoned from normiedom into the dissident right, it's easy to lose track of that process, and then assault those in the middle for their lameness

But never lose sight that you *were* talked into it: and it took more milquetoast types to get you there
Consider also that the "pipeline" is constantly fracturing: either breaking back toward the establishment (or with "Breadtube) even full leftism), or toward our ranks instead, as they either go deeper, or retreat towards the more comfortable position
In the current age, the center is the least stable point (what even is the "center" now, when everything is realigning?), because this is an age of extremes, and so people walk up to the brink, and then fracture towards the extremes—usually, but not always, to our side
So when you see a person that is *moving towards* our side, but still rife with unshed assumptions that they were born and bred with, I always consider this a friend, on the friend/enemy distinction: because they *are* shedding those assumptions
As others watch them progress through that shedding process, they will follow it also: because they are, in that moment, being reasoned into it *by watching it before their own eyes*

Just as we did, before the people we were watching broke our way, or retreated back to the other
Since redpills break 80/20 our way, of those who take more and those who spit them out—anyone to the left of us, but is dispensing redpills, is a friend

But they'll break one way or the other soon anyway. So when you speak to them, it's not to *them*, but to their audience
The idea is two-fold: if they're moving toward you, they are almost certainly not an enemy, but a friend

And remember that before you swung this way, people like us seemed *insane* to you until you moved closer this way: but that it took a process
If you lead a thirsty horse to water? It *will* drink. For it wants the stream, and will come back to it, and will drink more deeply, unless you shove its head under the water it before it's filled.

• • •

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13 Nov
Learning that John Gardner's GRENDEL is a vicious takedown of Sartre makes me understand why I loved it even as a young prog, and already makes even the second page of my reread an order of magnitude funnier than when I first took it in
That's the greatest part of it as art—it's written so that by the end, you *do* pity Grendel. But you also believe the world is made a better place when


Beowulf rips his limbs off and leaves him for dead

This is very similar, dramatically, to how Tolkien treats Gollum

But in Tolkien's realm, where Christianity is still in charge, Gollum is also *physically* weak—an object of pity, but overpowered by mere hobbits, once they understand what they're up against
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16 Aug
21st century schizophrenic mindset arises from the triple realization that

1) the "guardians of the truth" are lying to you

2) there's no alternate authority out there who can tell you what the truth really is, and

3) there is no way to figure out the truth on your own
The result, as Barnes gets at, is you know *something* is wrong. But you have no way to know what the true scope or scale of the wrongness might be

It could be a trivial error—or it could be that everything you believe is a lie. And you have to decide which, over and over again
Determining when a lie of way-of-life has been told, and what to do in response, isn't something normal people can reliably do on their own

That's the role of kings and chiefs and inquisitor-priests. And even they only had to decide now and then, not every single fucking day
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16 Jun
The entire BLM movement is based on lies. But since it's backed by elite institutions who have no interest in actual truth—and who actively brainwash people to support their power in defiance of the truth—"voting" is exposed as a means of laundering power through "public opinion"
Good lord, he really is gonna get fired and have to start his own Joe Rogan thing, isn't he. What he's saying is indistinguishable from a dissident right groupchat whose opinions would get every single participant unpersoned.

Bless this man

Is there anything more revealing than the corpse of Jon Stewart getting trotted out every two years to push some ossified irrelevancy while Ol' Bowtie emerges as a political tour de force

"Clown nose on, clown nose off" was the most devastating own of the 21st century
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16 May
Since the core tenet of the progressive faith is that all people are equal, resources like "education" are canonized as the only reason for inequality.

But if people privately spent the exact same quantity of resources on direct education, it would be recast as "privilege"
Belief in perfect equality means that creating it is a moral imperative. Infinite resources must be spent to achieve it

Since equality is curiously slow in arriving, more and more resources are spent creating the elitely educated administrative class capable of building utopia
Since this class is at the core of the progressive faith, it is intrinsically high-status. That means that huge numbers of people will fight to become part of it.

As it populates more and more of the elites and the bureaucratic middle class...
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31 Jan
"Fear, finger-pointing, and militaristic action against the virus are unproductive. We may be better off adjusting to a new normal of periodic outbreaks."

The Cathedral appears to be mutating into something overtly hostile to continued human existence.

The Spanish flu killed 50-100 million people at a time when the global population was about 1.8 billion.

In today's terms, that would be 200-400 million deaths.

...why do outlets like Buzzfeed and Wired keep insisting there's nothing we can do about this?
It's strange that the possibility of the planet getting a couple of degrees warmer is justification for upending entire economies and societies, but the possibility of regular outbreaks of mega-death plagues is apparently "part and parcel of living in a global world"
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21 Dec 19
Lovecraft owned the genre so hard he's still a central figure a century later. That happened in part due to the very reasons you're criticizing him

This attack isn't aesthetic, it's ideological. Progressivism leads to stillborn art—and you want to charge writers for this lmao
The sustained act of delaying satisfaction to the reader is the core of drama, the hardest art of storytelling. It is especially true of horror, where the imagination is provoked to run wild and overwhelm all reason

You're a hack and an ideologue

The *entire point* of Lovecraft's mythology is these monsters are

a) beyond human comprehension

b) any enduring contact with them that might let you *start* to comprehend them will drive you insane, unable to describe them: that's how inhuman they are

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