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20 Nov, 12 tweets, 3 min read
It's crazy, as bad as Trump lost, he's forcing us to watch him lose everyday til he leaves. Every day.
Still stunned that a man who went bankrupt six times. Who bankrupt CASINOS! Who has 27 sexual assault allegations. Who wants to date his daughter. Who was impeached, Got 1 vote
A man WE HEARD SAY "They let you do anything, grab em by the pussy!" We heard it! We heard him say he KNEW people were gonna die, he called it the plague! HE LET AMERICANS DIE! Put farmers on welfare, because he's the shittiest negotiator ever seen. How'd he get 1 vote? but 70m?
Everyday of the last 4 years was a nightmare, tax cuts for the rich, shithole countries, mexicans are rapists, his destruction of our rep worldwide, disbanded THE PANDEMIC RESPONSE TEAM! Pulled out of the WHO, during the worst pandemic in 100 years! Pulled out of the Paris accord
How did you vote for this hump? He golfed more than Tiger woods, he stole money from his first inaugural, laundered 170m in DONOR money funneled it through his companies. He screwed our allies the kurds, & GAVE OUR MILITARY BASE TO THE RUSSIANS. How TF did you vote for this ass?
The dude wanted you to inject DISINFECTANT! Wanted to cure you with a "Powerful Light" WTF?
He wanted you to take a drug that study after study said did nothing for you. Lied about anything and everything, even when he didn't have to. His default is being an asshole, are you one
He avoided the draft 5 times, made up an ailment, "Bone Spurs" Then after doing everything to avoid serving the country that had so much opportunity it made his dad rich. He called our soldiers "Losers and Suckers" Trump isn't rich, that's daddy money. He also lost it repeatedly.
Now that he lost, he hasn't done shit in 14 days. The leader of the free world. He has golfed everyday and pouted, tried to sue to rig the election, claimed fraud with ZERO evidence. He has the character of a four year old who as been given participation trophies his whole life
And you voted for him a SECOND TIME? After all the fuck ups, lying, pornstar payoffs, no taxes, HE PAID LESS TAX THAN YOU AND HAD THE BALLS TO ASK FOR A 72 MILLION DOLLAR REFUND! He CHARGES the government more for the rooms at his own resort than he charged Jeffrey Epstein.
Oh yeah, you voted for a dude whose best friend was the most notorious pedophile on the planet, dude wrapped up Princes and politicians, billionaires and superstars. The dude you voted for was sued by a girl that said he raped her with Epstein, at THIRTEEN, she had a court date
16 days before the election, she pulled the case, big checks fix anything, even elections. He is trying now, to fix the most secure US election in history. He's filed 30+court cases and lost them all. Electors are going to the white house to meet with him, BEFORE they certify
And 70 million voted for all of it. I don't understand my country anymore. I don't understand how this pillow fisted, daddy's boy, hack, Bankrupt reality TV joke, is President. HE told us that he wasn't leaving. Michael Cohen told us he would do it, and here it is. Happy now?
You who voted for him, killed America, if he pulls this off. . I think the GOP knows they blew it and they will lose big time in the next election. So the power grab is NOW. I hope when this is over our jails are full of real criminals, the ones that tried to end America. Pray.

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16 Nov
I’m gonna explain why I’m a democrat now. I had voted for Reagan and for HW Bush. I may have even voted for W, after 9/11 as a sympathy thing. I wasn’t informed, I was sucked in by the constant Republican fear mongering that they have done my entire life.
With Reagan it was “The Russians, Carter will get us killed” Regan’s dead and Carter is one of the purest souls we have in the American lexicon. Since Obama became President I have immersed myself in politics, much to the chagrin of people in my life and people who like my comedy
. If I lost you, I don’t care. You are who I was, following party and dogma instead of facts. You’re gonna get us killed.
The republican party is actually the party of limited government, which sounds great, I’m sure Genghis Khan loved that there were no rules.
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15 Nov
Now that we’re here, Sweet Potato Hitler lost the election. There is no evidence, there are no smoking ballots, software in the machines has been checked and rechecked and the Head of Homeland Security said there was no fraud and yes, there were observers Dem & Rep countrywide.
To the point that all of his legal cases were laughed out of courtrooms across America. I’d like to remind you , In 2016, Jared Kushner had a back channel server in Trump tower connected to Russia, they met with Russians over dirt on Hillary and asked Russia for jacked e-mails.
In 2020, Trump put unqualified sycophants in charge of huge agencies. The post office was decimated for one reason, to take your vote and win the election for Trump. They actually ripped sorting machines apart to stop Americans from casting their vote. Do you get that?
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3 Nov
Tomorrow. That word has never felt so heavy. When Trump was announced as the winner in 2016, my lovely wife was standing in front of the TV like she wanted to fight it. Then she burst into tears,"WHY? How is this possible? This scumbag, this pussy grabber, this joke? How?"
How? How did it happen? The second Trump got that he won he had a weird look, not of terror but a definite " Oh shit!" I instantly started writing "Amerigeddon" knowing that this guy was gonna fuck up like we had never seen. Come on, you bankrupt CASINO'S, where people walk in,
hand you money and walk out? You fucked THAT up? No way he's gonna handle trade. He was an adderall fueled bull in a literal China shop with trade. Now we're subsidising farmers with billions. Trump lost contracts for years. He blew it and moved on. It's what he does always. Dons
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1 Nov
I AM in a bad place, we have a despot, a man who has desecrated the office of the presidency while he pisses on America like a russian hooker. We have the highest deaths worldwide and the highest infection rate, while he golfs. Please don't watch buy, see, or listen to my comedy
anymore. Your stupidity at ignoring what's in front of you, how you lie to yourself and others is not just actively ignorant but destructive to a country, that before Trump was a beacon of freedom. Obama/Biden brought us back then you racist fucks voted in a reality TV hack
You follow a man that divides us daily, YOU follow a man that takes children from their parents, as a deterrent to others trying to find a better life. YOU follow a man that has done NOTHING while 300 THOUSAND Americans die. He has added 7trillion to our debt and made the
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26 Oct
Sunday night conspiracy thread. Do not read this

Ask yourself, why would Trump, who knew the virus was deadly and admitted it on tape, do nothing? Not even order PPE, which would be a basic humanitarian thing to do.
Why open back up while the curve was flattening? Why? Insanity?
Trump has gone out of his way to do everything wrong, marginalizing Fauci, refusing masks, opening schools, getting sports going, and the more it goes wrong, the more he doubles down. He wouldn’t even pass a stimulus. Which leaves HIS OWN VOTERS hurting. Why? He’s cruel, stupid?
Or since Trump has been doing business with Russia since 1987, is it possible that all of this is for Putin? We know nothing of their meetings or phone calls, he’s ripped up translators notes. Trump had offered him a 50m dollar penthouse in Trump Tower Russia, and Trump said if
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20 Oct
Lets deal with the new dis-info about COVID19.
This Virus is a bitch, it's been here almost a year and killed 1.2 MILLION people. Yet there is the MORON class that thinks it's a hoax or "not that bad." An ICU doctor said on the news " I've heard so many last words as they
get put on a ventilator, "I had no idea it was this bad, I should have listened." We'r 9 months in. This virus not only kills but IF you don't die, there is a good chance you're gonna have organ damage, Lungs, heart, brain, also blood clots vessel problems, So roll those dice!
cuz it's time to ride the 19! Other organs affected by blood clots include the lungs, legs, liver and kidneys. COVID-19 can also weaken blood vessels, which contributes to potentially long-lasting problems with the liver and kidneys.
This is if you survive it. More funs a'comin!
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