It’s not about us “thinking this is a thing.”

It’s about his goons who are MAKING this a “thing” harassing legislators.

If we must have an Electoral College, the electors should be legally required to respect the will of the people.
The GOP has long supported the Electoral College for giving disproportionate weight to states that lean Republican.

Their reasons for supporting it have VERY RECENTLY shifted to include their ability to pressure individual states to choose electors that support their candidates.
The current GOP plan is absolutely an end-run around democratic rule.

Who cares how the people voted when the electors support Trump?

Who cares what the nation’s laws are when the Supreme Court supports Trump?

This is autocracy in the making.
The ability of non-elected citizens to affect what happens in DC is usually limited to “voting” and “taking to the streets”.

We ALREADY voted for Biden.

However, @RepSwalwell, it may lean a bit more heavily on our existing elected officials to ensure that our vote is respected.

• • •

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18 Nov
A Post-Mortem

- Taken as a whole, the Democratic base is extremely cautious & extremely conservative (with a lower case c)

- It’s been over 40 years since a progressive leftist was able to win a plurality of primary votes when a moderate centrist was available
- The main reason Joe Biden won the election was COVID-19. Had Democrats been required to campaign against Trump’s record up to that point (which included 20,000 documented lies, children in cages, and an impeachment by the House of Representatives) it would’ve been a dead heat.
- Most Democrats, regrettably, hate to fight. Too many Democrats have convinced themselves that refusing to do so makes them appear virtuous. Hell, the most successful attack ads against Trump came from the anti-Trump Republicans in the Lincoln Project.
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18 Nov
Hard fucking pass.

When Democrats are the slightest bit merciful to Republicans, we are rewarded with a slap in the face and a boot on the neck.

Let’s try giving the bastard what he deserves, and see how that goes. For once.…
I mean, just follow the events of the last 10 days. Look at who Donald Trump is, and what he thinks of us.

He has utter contempt for our democracy, our republic, and our voters. Nothing matters to him unless HE WINS. If that doesn’t happen, Trump will destroy whatever he can.
I’m sure Michael Conway is trolling us, and I do I feel a bit suckered by taking the bait.

But how fucking DAFT would any of us have to be to worry about “dividing the country further” after watching Trump, McConnell, & the rest of the GOP dance on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s grave?
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29 Oct
Have you ever talked to a Trump supporter
I sincerely hope that Joe Biden will win the election and be inaugurated in January. But Trump’s base isn’t going to just go away.

They will still disregard everything the mainstream media tells them, and invent their own fanciful stories about Biden, Harris, and AOC.
As Trump’s base has repeatedly demonstrated, they are entirely untethered by reality. They will soldier on with memories of a nation under the firm grip of Dear Leader, a selfless idealist who sacrificed all to make America great again. If only the Deep State hadn’t stopped him!
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20 Oct
Donald Trump has spent his entire Presidency, if not his whole adult life, crafting a narrative he hopes to convince us is the “truth”.

He views it as an unforgivable offense if others offer facts that run counter to his narrative.

Above all: the narrative must be preserved.
I think about this in light of his debate performance, & his reaction to the still-unseen Lesley Stahl interview for 60 MINUTES. How much it clearly terrifies him to let anyone else pass judgment on him, tell his story, or get in the last word.

He’s like a toddler: “No. No. No!”
Now that Trump is, at least nominally, the Leader of the Free World, he feels genuinely entitled to present his narrative as fact without being challenged by anybody. It’s why he constantly complains that the MSM gangs up on him, which his acolytes are all too willing to believe.
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19 Oct
Here’s the thing about Trump supporters: they all believe that virtually all of the media is lying to them, virtually all of the time.

That is a necessary precondition to being a Trump supporter. If that supposition turned out not to be true, being pro-Trump would make no sense.
Imagine having a worldview where EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE is contingent on such a shadowy conspiracy theory. Where “The Deep State is out to get Trump” is the linchpin of every political view that guides you.

You can’t prove it; not really. But your views make no sense without it.


R: “I will listen to Rush Limbaugh because he is entertaining and I agree with his views. He makes me feel smart by telling me things that the liberal media won’t.”
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7 Oct
In some circles of the anti-Trump universe, it is popular to imagine a post-Trump reckoning, much like that of Nazi Germany, wherein his followers deny ever having supported him.

I do not imagine anywhere near that level of self-awareness.
The GOP will never be convinced Trump did anything wrong.

They will believe the Democrats relentlessly hounded him & impeached him for no good reason.

They will believe he was unfairly blamed for the deadliest pandemic in history & cheated out of reelection by a vengeful media.
Their media bubble will ensure that they never view our shared history in the same way we see it. No matter how insanely obvious it may seem to us.

“History will not be kind” is gone. Fox News and other fact-averse media has robbed us of any kind of shared perspective.
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