The sign of a weak Prime minister. The honourable resign their posts while the dishonourable keep theirs.
If the press focus on Priti over this, in a week we'll be being told "we have moved on", but if they focus on failure of the Prime minister to sack her, things might be very different.
The Prime minister wants to be seen as a Churchill, while actually just being spoilt, entitled, and lazy. He knows he is all of those things, but insists on trying to cultivate this Churchillian figure who will see us through Brexit.
If the press make this about his weakness of being unable to sack people who have done wrong, it is going to strike at that image pretty hard.
His allies will defend him and point to the people he has sacked who have defied him, but that's not a sign of strength rather than a sign of insecurity.
The Home secretary, however, has cultivated this image of strength. Accuse her of bullying and her defenders will simply point out that she is strong. (And they have)
An army of Conservative MPs have been sent out to talk about how she is strong and resolute.
The armour is on, and Priti Patel is not the weak spot in it now.


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12 Nov
1. Hello, tonight’s thread is going to be focused on the recent article by @anandMenon1 and @jillongovt about how we ended up outside the Single Market.
2. It makes various claims which have merit, and some, like the EU’s attitude to bespoke deals, which are inaccurate, but it’s biggest failing is not recognising how the media is the main actor in this.
3. At the start of the referendum the government were very clear we would have the vote and then they would look at the various options available.

(They were required to publish those options as part of the referendum act 2015).
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10 Nov
You decide....
None of this language belonged in the debate, and I cannot believe there are people in the BBC that want to close their eyes to it.
Here is a another. We have advisory referendum which means parliament can do what it likes, but apparently if you run for election to specifically do something you are accused of "Overriding democracy".
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6 Nov
1. So, why does it matter that Joe Biden’s electoral college win does not rely on Pennsylvania?
2. You will notice that Trump’s focus on electoral fraud is directed at places like Philadelphia, and this matters.
3. Donald isn’t really a politician, he is a populist and that makes him distinct in terms of where he gets his support.
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6 Nov
This is unbearable. Trump can still take Arizona, he can still take Nevada, he can still reflip Georgia, and he and his maga minions have built a heavy narrative around Philadelphia to try and stop and contest the vote in Pennsylvania in that event.
That is probably the route he is looking to, and the sooner Arizona and Nevada come in the better.
I suggest some people step away from CNN for a moment and watch Fox News to learn how a lot of people are digesting this election.

There are people pushing the Philadelphia conspiracies hard.
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5 Nov
Let's talk about hypocrisy and false equivalence of the @thatginamiller case.
When we were negotiating to join the EEC, even before we had come to terms, there were a few court cases...
First there is Blackburn vs Attorney General. Raymond Blackburn took the government to court arguing that a referendum or an election was needed to sign over that level of sovereignty. He lost.
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4 Nov
Accepting the vote means peaceful transfer of power, and comes from "The Revolution of 1800" a US political event.

There was a peaceful transfer of power in 2016 with Hilary conceding.

Confusion of this only highlights the lack of understanding of democracy in the UK.
Why are the press being rude for Trump not accepting the result? Because the Revolution of 1800 is a US event they pride themselves on the first peaceful transfer of power.
It's not just an important part of democracy, it's a very important part of US democracy.
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