Imagine opposing mass immigration and terrorism and poverty but also opposing mass population control programs of troubled counties. Can’t relate.
Droning brown people’s weddings in the Middle East is clearly the superior option according to some people.
I’m not saying I prefer one thing over the other but I would like to point out the logical inconsistencies between opposing something based on “human rights” but throwing out those human rights entirely when drones and bombs get involved as a solution.
There’s a certain hypocrisy in opposing peaceful initiatives because it seems patriarchal and colonialistic but being okay with dropping bombs on innocent people to arrive at the same result.
You’re not taking away anyone’s rights with vaccines. Vaccines prolong children’s lives that would’ve otherwise be cut short and this in turn causes people in developing countries to have fewer kids, which they get as an insurance policy to look after them in their old age.

• • •

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16 Nov
Antifa is very mad at Andy Ngo again and blames him for the Proud Boys showing up in DC last night because he posted a clipped video of some old man being punched that omitted his own attempts to fight them.

Let’s ignore all the other videos of Trump supporters being attacked.
Ngo should not have clipped that video to only show the suckerpunch. He still didn’t deserve to be sucker punched even in context because other people were randomly being attacked and the victim stepped in.
That being said the left is now singling out this video as an example of dishonest narratives on the right, while they continue to falsely refer to Trump supporters as Nazis and ignore every other video of an innocent woman or child or elderly person being attacked.
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12 Nov
Bob “MovieBob” Chipman, an anti-Trump liberal movie reviewer/male feminist ally, is in the midst of being canceled for sexual harassment. Reset the clock.
Uh oh.
Leftist dudes being creepy. In other news, water is wet.
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9 Nov
BREAKING: Trump plans to hold rallies to send a ‘message to the left’…
Jake Tapper has separate confirmation of what my source told me.
I cannot comment about his claim that people in the White House are not on the same page. I did not get that impression at all.

Previous (erroneous) reports falsely claimed that Kushner and Melania were urging the president to concede.
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31 Oct
If even half of these claims are true, President Trump is incredibly based. I didn’t think I could like him even more than I already do.
Turns out this wasn’t just a meme.
Miles put out all that bullshit to make Trump seem insane and tyrannical but if anything those proposals appeal to me on a personal level.
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27 Oct
Trump’s campaign website has been hacked.
Trump’s people have taken the site offline but this is what was posted.
It reads like it was written by someone who speaks English as a second language, poorly. Money‘s on China due to the grammatical construction.
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24 Oct
Who ever thought it would be a good idea to make a hot pepper-based cola rated at a million Scoville heat units?
I regret this.
So I drank the whole can and my take is that my insides feel electrified and my tongue is on fire.
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