Waiting for the @GOP, @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC to contradict a man who said he did not win an Emmy because of fraud (2005), another Emmy because of fraud (2006), the Iowa caucuses because of fraud (2016), the Virginia vote because of fraud (2016), the New Hampshire vote...1
...because of fraud (2016), the California vote because of fraud (2016), the entire popular vote of the country (2016), the popular vote of the country again because of fraud (2020), the Michigan vote because of fraud (2020), the Pennsylvania vote because of fraud (2020), the...2
...Nevada vote because of fraud (2020)...oops, forgot one...an Indian Casino contract because of fraud (1993), Georgia vote because of fraud (2020), Arizona vote because of fraud (2020)...going back in time again...was sued for housing discrimination because of a fraud (1972)...3
...didnt win the Nobel Peace Prize because of fraud (2018 - compared it to losing out on an Emmy because of the fraud), the Nobel Peace Prize again because of fraud (2020), ..saw a Wall Street analyst say his Taj Mahal casino was at risk of bankruptcy because of fraud (1990)...4
...EVERY single time this man has lost at ANYTHING, he has said it was because of fraud (recap: A casino contract, charges of housing discrimination, a Wall Street analyst negative report (which was correct) 2 Emmys, the Iowa caucuses, votes in 3 states in 2016, the popular...5
...vote in 2016, loss of 5 states & popular vote in 2020, in 2020)...despite him claiming fraud in every loss dating back to 1971, @senatemajldr @SenatorCollins @LindseyGrahamSC are willing to let him attack our democracy because he is screaming fraud for the 1,000th time.

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19 Nov
Trump, after losing Iowa in 2016 to @tedcruz
...and again - Trump, 2016, accusing @tedcruz of fraud in his win on the Iowa caucus. Needs investigation!...
...and again, Trump after winning the electoral college in 2016, but losing the popular vote, with big losses in Virginia, New Hampshire and California...
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18 Nov
That anti-maskers so quickly crow about Danish mask-wearing study without reading shows why America is doomed. The study *specifically* underscores need for widespread mask wearing because what it SAYS is, if everyone doesnt wear, you cant protect *yourself* from anti-maskers...1
...in other words, if YOU wear a mask, but are surrounded by those who don't, your chance of infection is decreased but not a ton. However, you wearing masks protects others. That's why it underscores need for mass mask wearing - we can only protect each other if we have high...2
...compliance because then we get equivalent of herd immunity. Bottom line: Anti-maskers who scream "freedom!" and "my choice!" are, as we know, full to it. This is not about THEIR freedom or THEIR choice. It is about them making a choice for *everyone* who wants to be safe...3
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18 Nov
.@clarkcountybar: I am reporting an improper act by a lawyer in your county. While I recognize she must take another step in furtherance of a court-sanctioned abuse of process, you need to be aware of this unethical act. She is serving as local counsel for a VA lawyer while.../1
...he awaits pro has vice application approval. These lawyers named individual electors of Joe Biden, suing on behalf of electors for Donald Trump. These lawyers are acting on behalf of the Donald Trump campaign. This lawsuit contains no allegations against...2
..Biden electors. The case is a cut-and-paste series of allegations from a lawsuit against the county which has already been filed. In no way are any acts/behavior/or thoughts of these defendants linked to any of the allegations. Their sole connection to any..3
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11 Nov
To everyone freaking out about what Trump's doing with Pentagon: Don't. No military officer would follow an unlawful order to do anything to keep him in office. Generals might remove him if he goes too far, though.

HOWEVER, from a national security perspective, bad things.../1
...are going to happen, and we are seeing them coming fast. He has a LOT of Putin appeasing to do. Remember, this asshole is $1 billion in debt, no bank will touch him, and he needs cash. So...yah.

So we will pull out of Middle East, send lots of weapons to countries who he.../2
...bribed with promises of weapons to get them to do the Israeli deals. He's rushing an arms "agreement" with Putin, that Im sure Putin has dictated to him. However, this will put us in a very dangerous place in the Middle East. #DimwitDon is too stupid - or probably doesnt.../3
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11 Nov
America has turned a pretty serious corner. Even when Trump leaves, the standard has been set. Anyone can just scream “fraud” with no evidence, even in the face of a landslide, and disrupt a transition. Terrorists will plan their attacks for early February, since they will.../1
...know the new administration has not been able to hit the ground running. In 2000, we had a messed up transition cause of Bush v Gore, and the 9/11 report cited that as an issue that contributed to the failure to stop the attack. There were recommendations from the 9/11.../2
..Commision on how to handle a transition, to make sure this never happens again. They never envisioned a situation like this, where one party would just lie and lie and lie, pretending that 1million votes were fraudulent. We are now doing *everything* the opposite of what.../3
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8 Nov
.@JonathanTurley is an liar willing to assault democracy. He went on national TV saying Philly was “compelled” by the Suprme Court to ballots that arrived after election and it “required” the intervention of Alito. Philly was doing it already, as they reported in court filing...1
...and the reason the request was put in place by alito is that there was a motion by some GOP group that sent an email saying “are you separating like you’re supposed to?” and when they didn’t get a response in less than 24 hours (because Philly had other things to do) ran to...
...the court screaming “they’re not doing it, they’re not doing it! They didn’t respond to our email immediately!” So Alito just issued an order saying “yah, keep things as they are, follow the rules.” This was what ANY responsible jurist would do. It simply stated the obvious...
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