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1. I don't care about Trump's ego self-gratification with his celebration of himself. It is how, through his ignorance, #DimwitDon is abandoning what Independence Day is all about, throwing out history he doesn't know, and undermining everything the celebration means....
2...unlike Bastille Day - which inspired this nonsense of Trump's - Independence Day is specifically not about a military campaign. It is about a philosophy of freedom, captured through the Declaration of Independence. There was no battle that gave America the power to sign...
3...this document. The Revolutionary War had barely started. There was a small battle in April 1775, followed by a long period of nothing, then a siege on Boston in March 1776, after which George Washington was named commander of the Continental Army. But we don't celebrate...
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1. #DimwitDon, in his continuing effort to remind the world that he only got into UPenn through the intervention of his father and brother, urges people to read Article II of the Constitution, proclaiming it gives the president "powers that you wouldn't believe."

Ummm...nope... this, the President of the United States demonstrates he doesn't know or understand fundamental history of the United States, or the Constitution he pledged to uphold.

America had been under the rule of a sovereign - King George III, who exercised "powers you wouldnt...
3...believe." While there was interest in giving George Washington sweeping powers, he rejected that, on the conviction that America did not need another sovereign.

So, Article 1 is about the power of Congress - a power that limits the power of the President that once could be..
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1. The most important story of the day, the week and possibly the month is being largely overlooked in the wake of Mueller.

China has just made one of the most terrifying declarations it ever has regarding the USA. If they arent bluffing, things are about to get very very ugly.. an editorial in the People's Daily - the organ of Chinese government, whose words reflect the policies of its leaders - it issued huge threats against the USA, along with the phrase that basically translates into "Don't say I didn't warn you."

That has enormous import...
3...this is not some throwaway line in China. This has huge historic import. It has been used only a few times in the official Chinese media, and always as a declaration of major threats.

In 1962, it was used just before China went to war with India. The next time, in 1979....
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1. How to be a political figure.

@FLOTUS tweets gracious words of support to the people of Paris, and the those putting their lives at risk....
@FLOTUS 2...while #DimwitDon spends the day tweeting about himself, proclaiming HE knows how to put out massive fires in ancient buildings - yet not ONE WORD of condolences from his personal account. (The account with tweets that usually HE, not staff, write.) Below: his tweets today.
@FLOTUS 3...i know everyone knows this but his cult, but this man is a sociopath and malignant narcissist. and his reaction to the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral is just more evidence of that.
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