You don't have to be an astro physicist in America to realize the 99% are ground down by corporations who are driven by a quest for profit like heat-seeking missles. Yet when these same corporations, banks, & governments, raise the "trans" flag & stump for everything "trans,"
Ppl are taken over with the idea this is about human rights. It positively boggles the mind. Governements, banks & corporations don't act like this around human rights movements or anti-war movememtns because those "movements" generally aren't profitable.
Yet all these entities, across the globe, rather quickly (human rights movements don't move quickly either) are all-in for "trans." Hollywood too, right on board. The rich, right on board. Anyone critiquint this "movement" is censored or framed as a villian.

If it doesn't look like a human rights movement, act like a human rights movement and is being sold by the top to the bottom of society, wouldn't it behoove people to question this?
With the money going into this purported human rights movement, and the amount of people it has purportedly arisen to protect, it could be considered a monumental success already & we could all go home. The money far outweighs the amount of people calling themselves "trans."
Yet it just proliferates, the voices growing louder. What exactly do you suppose this small fraction of people want from society, to have it rearranged, in law, in language & in space. Why are we accommodating this tiny fraction of people at the expense of everyone else?
Target spent 21 million rearranging their bathrooms when we never heard anything about them being a problem before the change. Multiply that out by what is going down in all corporations. This is a humongous amount of money. & that's just the bathrooms. Why? Why? Why?
All I really want at this stage is to preserve a little bit of faith in humanities ability to think, to ask questions, instead of just going along with this narrative of a human rights movement for people who dissociate from their own sexed bodies. Is this a human right?

• • •

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22 Nov
Why have The ACLU & Amnesty International turned on women?
They haven't. Women are in the way of a Big Pharma, Big Tech agenda to colonize human sex via "gender identity."
ACLU is funded millions by Arcus Foundation, which is fed by the founders billion dollar medical corp.
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2 Jun
New talking points for resisting the #GenderIdentityIndustry

1. Did you know the founder of the largest global LGBT NGO used to be a banker & is now heir to a multi-billion dollar medical corp which he uses to fund his NGO?
*Did you know that drugs used to block children's puberty are eight times as high as the same drugs used for adults?
*Did you know that there are over 50 "gender clinics" for children in the US, the largest serving over 1000 kids, where there were none ten years ago?
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6 Jan
If there were no culturally sanctioned right way to be a boy or a girl (sex stereotypes) there would be nothing for children (or adults) to feel they needed their bodies to conform to. There would be no transgenderism without sexism.
Women’s liberation movements throughout history have made great strides is breaking apart sex stereotypes which is why feminists are seen as dangerous & their movements have been usurped by capitalism (“sex work” is empowering, women who don’t like sex stereotypes are “TERFS”)
Trans is in part a backlash against the progress of women’s liberation movements which is why it is growing rapidly in western cultures where women are more liberated. Women’s subjugation is profitable for the capitalist marketplace.
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28 Dec 19
Super important thread that should be made into an article & taken a step further. LGB NGOs were taken over by gay men invested in Pharma & tech after AIDS crisis (not gay civil rights activists like Harvey Milk) who brought Gender ID in as profit generating ideology 1/
an ideology that would need tech & Pharma industry to materialize. Gay marriage for LGB was the issue used to tie Trans to our political structures. The process is well articulated in this thread but is much bigger than Scotland. It’s global.
Our political structures are all tied to commerce - the market rules. If your political agenda has no commercial value, banks, corporations, governments, the CIA, investment houses, tech giants and media have zero interest in promoting it.
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24 Dec 19
I know the propaganda machine around trans has been relentless but ppl really have to start moving beyond this idea that trans ppl r some marginalized little group of people who need civil rights. What is happening here, in the grand scheme has nothing to do with ppl
trapped in wrong bodies or not liking the stereotypes society has allotted to their sex. FFS start thinking. Why has this come out of the blue, spread like fire, have the full backing of the state, governments, politicians, corporations, banks, the CIA & investment houses?
Governments don't give a rat's ass about marginalized ppl, especially when we're talking about less than 1% of the pop. Why not roll out the red carpet for deaf or blind ppl, make sure every kid in school understands braille & sign language. C'mon, folks. This is not brain
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15 Dec 19
the LGB civil rights movement is not a social club for all sexual proclivities, it was a fairly simple movement to allow people to openly have relationships with those of the same sex. This whole idea that it is about sexual eccentricities is really disturbing.
As far as people into kink they don’t need civil rights. Loving other people openly in relationships is not the same thing as wanting to wear leather dog masks, or stuffed animal costumes, or dress in your wife’s bloomers openly.
.The latter can all be done in the privacy of your own home or a hotel room which is where sex belongs. You don’t need any civil rights to do any of those things. So unless you want to bring your fetish to work, unless there is a need for this,
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