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20 Nov, 6 tweets, 2 min read
I had a limiting belief that using strategy makes you inauthentic

How I view it now:

Using strategy to:
- Make sure it's received how you want it to be

- Tweak the packaging of the message so it gets the attention it deserves

Entirely changing the message is inauthentic
Saying what you were already going to say

While also:

- Keeping it simple
- Engaging
- Not wasting their time/rambling
- Algorithm optimized to hook attention at start

Those subtle tweaks don't change the core message

tbh it's being respectful of their experience consuming it
What's mad cringe & inauthentic

Is when you can tell...

The entire message itself is crafted to please

Intentional polarizing, VERY surface level to appeal to more people

-Copying what's already been said & got high engagement

We all see right through their intentions lol
To thrive on an algorithm you have to violate norms of human behavior

Not every message can be put in a way to please the algorithm

Which is fine, when you're not needy

You only make subtle tweaks to the messages that could hit on the algorithm

What's inauthentic & cringe...
Is when you can tell

Everything they post is just an attempt to go viral & get attention

It comes across as needy & inauthentic

🔑 Because what pleases the algorithm is content that ATTRACTS THE NEW

It lacks the depth & personality to NURTURE the current audience
Change the packaging, not the message

This is how I have built audiences since I was 15

If you change the message you're a commodity

Nothing unique, nothing compelling

A 12 year old virtual assistant can replace your brand if it's all surface level algorithm pleasing content

• • •

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21 Nov
Commitment is unnatural

Change is the only constant

Commitment is a commitment to change alongside a constant

Commiting to owning a home does not mean it will never need repairs & remodeling

New furniture to meet your new tastes

Moving things around to accommodate new additions to the family

Changing alongside the constant of your home
"Discovery is not always in seeking new landscapes, but seeing the landscape with new eyes"

If you commit to building a business

You won't always have that same feeling & level of commitment

Your perspectives will need to change

What motivated you day 1 might no longer be it
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20 Nov
Quantity is the path to quality

Large enough data size is required to identify patterns

- Discard what’s not working

- Extract & implement what’s working

- Consciously doing it until it becomes the default

- Level up is then completed, then repeat the process
The worst yet common thing to do

Is assume a pattern (quality about ourselves)

Without enough data for a pattern to exist

What may have been a one off instance or fluke mistake

Then gets interpreted as a character fault that you don’t actually even have
Taking 100 shots
Posting 10-20 pieces of content
21+ days on a nutrition plan

Then you can make accurate evaluations

Dieting for 1 day is not enough to determine its effects on how you feel

Posting 1 article is not enough to show what topics/styles the audience resonates with
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17 Nov
🧔🏽 "be more disciplined & rational"

🧔🏽 "do what scares you, take a risk, follow your bliss"

Which is right?

What is 'wrong' is what both seek to point you away from

...the middle (a thread) ⬇️ Image
The picture above is the barbell strategy

A investment strategy which very simply put allocates

80-90% in the low risk/low reward

10-20% in the high risk/high reward

Avoiding everything in the middle
💵 Income Example:

30-40 hour a week job or contract work

Stable, not too demanding

The type of job where once you step out the door there is no additional work

Bonus if it's aligned to a interest of yours
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16 Nov
- Lust starts as a intense craving

Getting weaker as the craving gets filled

- Love starts as a slight curiosity

Getting stronger over time

Opposites attract, it seeks to fill a lack

INTENSE desire before getting to know someone

Is trying to fill a lack
The lack gets filled as you spend time together

Then all attraction disappears

The purpose of that relationship is done

Zero desire for each other

Love does not originate from lack
Same is true for money

Which is why we always see guys make a ton of money

Then once the lack is filled

Hop online & talk about how “money is not everything” & wont make you happy
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15 Nov
1) You desire a change from the familiar

2) You venture into the unfamiliar

3) You adapt to the unfamiliar

4) It becomes familiar & you return to where you started with new adaptations

Results are reflections of who you had to become
⬇️ *THREAD* ⬇️
The novelty wears off over time

Which then makes you desire the next change

From either inspiration or desperation
Curiosity or discontent

Expression - Fall
Experimentation - Winter
Integration - Spring
Transcendence - Summer
- We are wired to conserve energy
- We are wired to fear the unknown

The mind will not release the resources you need until it sees the immediate demand

It won't adapt until you lift the weight

It won't give surplus oxygen/blood flow until you start running
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15 Nov
*Thread* - Bliss Point Formula 🧪

Why they put sugar in everything

Reveals the ONE extremely attractive thing

That makes people irresistibly magnetic
Bliss point - perfect balance of sweet & salty

The craving never gets satisfied
but dopamine still releases

Making these foods extremely desired

Bliss point also applies to personality

Two contradicting qualities in perfect balance = extremely attractive
The craving never gets satisfied because it’s not dominant enough in one

Eat something very sweet you’ll crave salty to balance it

With this perfect balance neither gets satisfied

just dopamine triggers

It’s why they put sugar in everything like tomato sauce & bread
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