Let me give a timeline.

>2018, Sargon uses a clip of Akilahs youtube video with a youtube title that made fun of her.

>Akilah gets mad, lawyers up and begins proceedings to sue Sargon.

>She makes a video bragging how she is "boutta end this mans whole career"
>Sargon crowdfunds for legal support, hits his target.

>Sargon lawyers up too, the lolsuit begins.

>Sargon throughout the whole trial stays quiet, only gives basic factual information about the lawsuit that is in the public interest. Follows advice of his lawyers to the letter.
>Akilah ignores all her legal teams advice and constantly attacks Sargon on twitter calling him a nazi, white supremacist etc, while bragging about how she is going to financially ruin him, how she can't wait to get all his money, what she is going to spend his money on etc.
>Akilahs first legal team either quits or she fired them, but they noped out, this was either because they knew her actions were going to cost them the case, or Akilah was sick of them telling her to, you know, stop acting in a way that would damage the case.
>Akilah gets another legal team. The trial starts.

>Sargons lawyers present all the horrible things Akilah said, you know, the things her lawyers told her not to say, showing that her intent was to damage and ruin him, meaning her lawsuit was intended to be malicious.
>The judge agrees, and throws her entire case out.

>Akilah then has an absolute meltdown online, still calling Sargon a white supremacist/nazi etc. Akilah takes it even further by publicly calling for the JUDGE who presided over the case, TO BE FIRED. This did not go down well.
>Sargon, is still following his lawyers advice, and stays completely quiet.

>Akilah is ignoring her second batch of lawyers advice, and continues to publicly attack Sargon and the judge.

>Sargons legal team file a motion for Akilah to be forced to pay Sargons legal fees.
>The judge accepts this, and orders Akilah to pay roughly £40,000 ($?) to Sargon, to cover his legal fees.

>The salt floweth

>Akilah has another huge online meltdown, attacking Sargon, the judge, everyone.

>Akilah opens a crowdfund to help pay the sum she has to give to Sargon
>All of her SJW/Far Leftie/Fuck Trump followers, the ones who curse Sargons name before they go to sleep at night, all pay their own money into this fund that is to be paid to Sargon.

>Today, Sargon recieved the money.
Just to summarize, some idiot that throws around the terms nazi/racist/white supremacist like confetti at a parade, tried to sue Sargon over literally nothing, bragged about "destroying" him and then sabotaged her own case by saying exactly everything her lawyers told her not to.
What happened next was her having to pay Sargon, and because she couldn't pay it, she got ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO HATE SARGON TO PAY IT.

The very people who hate Sargon with every fibre of their being, just bought him a new car.

I can't deal with how fucking funny this is.

• • •

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28 Oct
Blocking is not anti-free speech. People are free to say what they want, but that doesn't mean people have to listen.

If there is someone they don't want to hear, they can block, change the channel, flick to the next page of the newspaper etc.
The key element here is individual choice, a person can choose to listen or not.

With the censorship crowd, they wish to remove the individuals choice and make the decision for them of what they can and cannot hear to influence their opinions to match those of the censors.
A practice very common in dictatorships, control the information a populace has access to, only allowing information that speaks of The Party favourably and over time this will build an obedient population, a very effective method in securing The Parties power.
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28 Oct
Despite Humzas extremely authoritarian tendencies, I thought maybe this headline was misquoted or embellished.

Nope, he actually believes this and is defending it.

Humza literally wants to be Big Brother.

For the protection of human rights, Humza must be removed from power.
An appeal to the @SNP and @NicolaSturgeon . This guy is actually costing you voters and is damaging your goal of independence. You need to sack him.

No one wants an independent country if it's going to be ruled with an iron fist.
Never have I said that someone should be fired, but when a guy is constantly using his position to take away fundamental basic human rights, then he should not have that position.
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28 Jun
There is a theory around the whole Dr Disrespect thing that some believe to be true, and given the response to a few things, I think it might be true also.

During his last livestream, doc gets a text, his attitude changes, he says "We wil get through this guys", ends the stream.
It's then announced that Doc is perma banned from Twitch, but Twitches lips are locked fucking tight, as are Docs. As are other streamers who know about the situation. People found this wierd, conspiracies start popping up.

People assume a MeToo among many other things.
This was cemented further when sponsors dropped Doc, but then shortly afterwards, all his sponsors re-instate him.

I think it's because the sponsors just heard there was drama and jumped right away to avoid controversy, but they were then informed of what was REALLY going on.
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27 May
Seeing a lot of people getting really mad about Trump wanting to regulate silicon valley, I'm not down with regulation either, but I am sure most of you agree with laws against companies forming monopolies.

That's kinda what Silicon Valley has done. An information monopoly.
"Trump has violated the first amendment" is pretty ironic coming from people who 🦀🦀🦀 when they see a right winger getting banned.

More so when we all know for a fact if the Silicon Valleys bias was the other way around, you would all be making the same arguments we are.
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc are viewed by literally BILLIONS of people every day, all of these people get their news and info from them and they also communicate with others on them.

They literally are the biggest information/communication platforms in the world.
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21 May
I made 9 prediction for how the Vaush debate would go, almost all of them came true. Sent these to a few people so I would have a timestamp showing that the predictions were made before the debate.

Let's go through them.
1. He would re-frame the definition of white supremacist into something very wide and vague that he could easily fit me into.

He did that right off the bat.
2. He would use the "Spicy jokes enable white supremacists" argument which is the same as the boomer tier "Rap causes gang violence" nonsense from the 90s.

He did make that argument.
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11 May
Scotlands new Hate Crime bill. This is an entirely new level of authoritarianism coming from @theSNP and supported by @HumzaYousaf .

It has the same grey areas that allow for selective prosecution as other hate crime laws, but much worse.

The SNP aren't hiding it anymore.
Literally ANYTHING you send or display online can be interpreted into being abusive/threatening/racist/etc (as is very often done in this "everyone is a nazi" age).

Your intent can also be interpreted into anything the courts wish it to be, as was demonstrated in my trial.
If the SNP pass this, there is no coming back from it. I will put this legislation in front of as many SNP voters as I can and let them see the true nature of the party they are voting for.

Authoritarians who want to turn Scotland into the next China.
Read 7 tweets

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