Make the choice of multidimensionality. So many are still stuck in linear concepts even through their experience of what we call the ascension journey.

To truly understand multidimensionality, as best we can while in human form, we have to be willing to BE.
This means allowing ourselves to experience all from the same perspective as that of our higher self and from the nothingness that we are.

We are nothing that expresses itself as something. Therefore, we are Creation and the Creator. We are the intent and the void.
It's not one or the other, it's ALL. All means everything and nothing.

You are truly doing yourselves a disservice if you continue to choose to experience in a linear way.
What's the point of progressing and wanting to remember who you are...

If you're not willing to experience life as your soul does?

If you prefer to stay in your linear ways of being by focusing on semantics and right or wrong?
Are you truly allowing yourself to be when you continue to tell yourself "it must be this way"?

Being simply means flowing. It means allowing yourself to be the nothingness and the everything.
Give yourself the opportunity by making the choice to face your fears and the programming that dictates it must be this way or another, it cannot be in multiple ways and it cannot be possible if this or that doesn't deem it.

Everything is a choice. Everything is possible.
Your choices define your reality, and if you're not living the reality you want or desire, that's your clue that you have to shift your intents, beliefs or thoughts because they're not working in your favor.

BE! I love you always.

• • •

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12 Nov
Allow your life to flow and allow allow yourself to be who you are.

Let that be your aspiration, motivation, and experience. Even through the energy shifts, external chaos, and ascension symptoms, you can set yourself for success if you allow yourself to be.
That's why even though my packing and moving and adjusting the energies as I shift things physically, I have spent time for myself by driving an hour away almost every day to the beach.
If you were to aspire in your embodiment to allow yourself to be who you are and allow what wants to come through you to come through you, you would have a very beautiful, expressive life that benefits everyone in the most powerful way.
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7 Nov

We already knew that they would possibly call Biden president in the media. Many states are still recounting and there is a 1% difference between candidates.

It isn't over until all legal votes are counted and until the courts make their final choice.
This is also being investigated by the DOJ and CISA. There is plenty of evidence of fraud.

Remember, all of this is happening perfectly. The plan is going as it's meant to be. How else would we be able to create massive awakening across the world than through a huge trigger?
The trigger happens they realize Trump has truly won when they already believe Biden has.

Stay strong to the vision. We are in control.

And let's be honest, this is most exciting freaking experience ever. We are living history. 🙌💯💚
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7 Nov
ARCTURIANS: These beings of light are from the star of Arcturus, a red giant start in the Northern Hemisphere about 36.66 light years away.

Arcturians have a deep connection and focus on every aspect of the God-realization path, ascension.
They teach the most fundamental ingredient for living in 5D is love. Because of their connection to this unconditional love and ascension journey, they created many advanced technologies and tools to accelerate ascension.
They have been able to, in many unique and wonderful ways, balance Source with science and technologies.

They specifically specialize in the use of sacred geometry to move through space and time as well as to shift realities.
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5 Nov
People seek to acquire things because of what it will do for them or how it will make them seem. We are constantly adorning ourselves and masking who we truly are.

We see this all the time. Just as we masks ourselves with makeup, clothes, items, we can also mask how we feel.
It's time to shed it all soul family. Let go of the things that keep you from being 100% you. Show yourself to the world and learn to see beyond the mask.

Until you see yourself for who you truly are, beyond all those things, and truly unconditionally love that part of you...
You will not be able to see beyond the cloaking or masks of others. You will still be blind to what is right in front of you.

This is not to say you cannot wear the clothes or the makeup or anything else. We are here to enjoy being human too.
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5 Nov
Yesterday, I pulled some cards to see who was going to win the election. I clearly received Trump as being the winner.

Today, I wanted to dive into what will come of this entire situation he's facing now.

I pulled the assertive, happy changes and don't stop cards.
With the assertive card, it's truly about Trump maintaining his position on legal voting counts and his stance on what he desires the outcome to be.

Right now he seems to be shifting between a dualistic mindset filled with fear and doubts and a non-dualistic one.
He must stay assertive throughout this entire process, being strategic in all he does and not allowing the situation to get in the way.

In the end, we still see him winning with the big, happy changes card. This tells us that even if the initials results are not in his favor...
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4 Nov
There are times when beings of light believe themselves to be a specific aspect. For example, some might believe themselves to be Yehosh'ua (Jesus) or another important figure in time.

Believing this, even if they aren't, doesn't make them delusional, crazy or dumb.
Choosing to believe this is part of their journey and the unfolding of such a journey is just as beautiful when they realize who they truly are.

Even if that person consciously chooses to claim themselves as that being, knowing well that they are not, is also beautiful.
Because there is always a lesson for all involved, an energetic alignment for the purpose of awareness through their actions.

And that too is worthy of an experience, even if to you, it is false.

We must always use discernment with clear energy bodies. Go within.
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