🚨Humans of the Earth : 🕊️UNITE🕊️

Are you really awake because you are quiet while you are being driven to the slaughterhouse ? Do you understand that, since you say nothing, you give consent to go on ? And they won't stop and go on with determination like Robocop ? (Continued)
Don't you understand that the Human Race is threatened ? Don't you understand it is Human culling ?
Don't you understand that the worm is inside the Apple ?
Don't you understand that there are legions outside the Earth ready to intervene ?
Why don't you understand that you have parents & friends ready to liberate the Earth from tyranny ?
Ask for help in your tweets, in your actions, in your meditations, in your entreaties, in your prayers ...... &

🕊️UNITE 🕊️

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22 Nov
🚨The ROTHSCHILDS are KARAMANIDES and Knights of Rhodes, and they are Ismael's lineage and not Isaac/Jacob-Israel's.
Let's analyse their twisted STAR OF REMPHAN because they twisted the original double triangle which was sacred and with a double meaning. -Thread- ImageImage
Their Seal of Solomon was used during the Middle Ages by Arab magicians, Cabalistic Magicians, Druid Witches and Satanists (against God, against truth/Satya).
Their hexagram, a six pointed star (erasing and destroying the significance of the two triangles Woman/Man ...)
was to mean"seed of Satan" (a total misunderstanding & jealousy at the time of Ismael/Isaac). It has been on the ROTHSCHILD coat-of-arms since 1822 when their name from Bauer became Rothschild in German which means Red-shield.
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21 Nov
📌 At 1:22, the proof of the licence given by the Chairman himself, Mark Malloch-Brown
That is the proof of a licence agreement but not of a fraud. But but there could be security breaches, Smartmatic won't tell you. It looks like a planned cyberattack close to the planned (false) CV19 biological attack : I watched the WEF cybersecurity 2020 conference & others.
The WEF with their 4th Revolution to usher in their abomination of NWO, have planned a "fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity". They are are anticipating all the risks of a unique digital "world" with those large scale simulations of cyberattacks/cyberpandemics
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19 Nov
🚨 No Proof ! of course because it is not a disease it is just to drive you to the Certificate Of Vaccination ID (identification) in their AI (= 19) and the syndrome is a psy op. nurtured wih intense FEAR to make you obedient and quiet slaves to usher in their NWO .

The sanitary measures you take will create diseases and also create a deficiency of the immune system because it doesn't work at all. These measures from another age were well known in ancient Italy, at the time of the pandemics caused by fleas, it was the plague...
But there are no such problems in developed countries! When you are overprotected, you artificially create real diseases. Do you realise how absurd that is? These sanitary measures are poisons.

So ask yourself the question ? Do they really want you good ?
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18 Nov
🚨Watch the "Digital Fiat Currency"and the date May 14th 2020, always the "14" (used during the "COVID Syndrome", all was planned, I already explained) . It is always the same FIAT system revisited in a digital way. It means IT IS NOT BACKED BY A COMMODITY SUCH AS GOLD -thread-
and it goes on increasing the Control of CENTRAL BANKS over the economy. They tell you they willl erase your debts, a favour ? NO they want to erase their debts. And it is just the right time for them to make the switch, as Caesar did for his Jubilee,
but this is to cover the bankruptcies of their systems. In fact today, you have the upper hand. Their crypto FIAT currency is still based on a Ponzi scheme but as the money always stays at the bank, the flow never stops, it is continuous, nobody leaving....
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15 Nov
📌 Une République ? Que des menteurs et les mensonges se superposent... Ils ne sont pas élus car ils ont été choisis dans le "cercle", la République est bafouée et les gouvernements fantoches
Le peuple a t-il choisi le système ? Non, il a été imposé par vos despotes et annoncé comme étant le meilleur !! La République n'a jamais été une Démoarchie où les "élus" auraient été des leaders reconnus et choisis par le peuple....
Ils auraient été des citoyens et non les sujets d'un despote ou esclave d'un maître. Le jeu était tronqué dès le départ et il l'est doublement car, comme disait Kant, seuls les hommes "libres", c'est à dire capables de penser par eux-mêmes (donc non "mineurs") ....
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14 Nov
🚨 What a wonderful day today : Friday the 13t & for all the Women ! Are you aware that you all create, you have babies , and that is magic.
Do you know that the Church has always hated women, remembering the Divine Feminine (Continued) warwick.ac.uk/fac/cross_fac/…
They were awake, powerful and threatened the Established Order, hence they had "intellectual limitations" which made them inferior to men and "they adhered to a religious belief contrary to church dogma" (Continued)
Do you think men (of sin) have grown up and think differently ?
And because they have babies they are hunted and killed, and their babies too by all the AntiChrists...

Women, take back your feminine gifts ! (Continued)
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