COVID Update November 21: There is a big ugly COVID divide in this country.

Plus some fascinating distractions. Anyway...1/
On one side of the divide, you work in the service sector, & are a renter, this is COVID:

-You were forced to work,
-12 million job losses
-no paid medical leave
-Student loans, eviction, unemployment protections— all disappearing
-multiples higher death rates 2/
At the end of the year all those protections disappear. Likewise, if you are an independent contractor, you lose access to unemployment— unless Congress acts. 3/
They are now calling any potential bill that would provide relief to folks by a nickname— “the Loeffler-Purdue” act.

Why? Because Loeffler and Purdue (both Georgia senators) care about these people?? 😂😂😂😂 4/
Loeffler and Purdue do care about people. Seriously. Two people. One named Loeffler, the other named Purdue.

To be clear. Loeffler cares about Loeffler and Purdue cares about Purdue. So maybe that’s not 2 people. But 1 person twice. Anyhoo...5/
The REASON any COVID package is called “Loeffler and Purdue Act” (for simplicity just call it “the Insider Trading Act”) is that the only thing McConnell will consider passing in relief to our frontline service workers is something that helps the Insider Trading bunch. 6/
That’s right. Today’s political landscape: Mitch McConnell won’t recognize a national election and won’t give relief to millions who need it— unless it helps two felons.

Yeah. That’s where we are. 7/
And McConnell’s GOPAnon has had time for exactly 2 things— approve judges AND hold a hearing yesterday on the vital topic of Hydroxychloroquine. 2000 people died yesterday and that’s where they are. Anyway... 8/
On the OTHER side of the divide (sorry I got distracted...), there is the Melania Trump crowd

Housing prices up 6%.
Stock market up
The goods economy— well off people buying shit they don’t need— is growing double digits.
All employment recovered. 9/
In this part of the economy, people are doing so well that their only problem is the annoying complaining of other people. 10/
People are buying cars, taking trips, loading up on stuff from Amazon like that waffle maker that makes margaritas that you just have to have. Go ahead treat yourself Tiffany. 11/

I’m mean there are thing you didn’t know were necessities until they became necessities, amirite? Anyway... 12/
See, for the service worker, this pandemic has ALWAYS sucked. They have to look at half-maskers, listen to the COVID deniers, sleep on couches because they can’t isolate.

Like health care workers & people with illnesses, this sucks.
For the other crowd, this is bad when it gets to them.

“Sorry your dad’s in the hospital but I can’t go to Applebee’s.”
— That’s not even close to a literal translation of something anyone has said to me, but it’s damn close to what someone conveyed on my wife’s FB page. 14/
I have no problem with people wanting to go to Applebee’s. I’m sure that’s very common because of all the great apples they are famous for.

Anyway... 15/
It’s just we’re not EXACTLY all going through this together. I mean we were for a week when everyone had their sewing machines out. And then a week passed and a bunch of people were basically like “I’m bored. Besides, I’M not dead so this isn’t real.” 16/
“But what about all the people in nursing homes?”

“Oh, Just protect them.”

“Uh . . . OK. And, uh, people in jails? And homeless shelters? And farm workers? And processing plants?”

“What? Sorry. I just super-pissed. There’s a 2 week wait for this thing I really need.” 17/
Whoa! Donald is president for life. And Black people in Detroit and Philadelphia and Atlanta can’t figure out where to vote! And Michigan electors are at the 4 seasons. And COVID is a hoax because White people aren’t getting it. And hydroxychloroquine works.18/ White dude with a virtual reality headset
Its going to be a long number of years for people who Trump promised he would serve several more terms to.

Anyway, got a good feel for why we’re so politically divided is that we’re a little to reality divided. /end

• • •

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22 Nov
COVID Update November 21: The US vs. Europe. What’s different about this wave.

I spoke to the head of one of the national European health systems this week.

Here are 7 key differences. 1/
I was doing an interview with the @StarTribune in Oct when I was asked a tough question.

“Andy, you say the US can be down to near 0 cases in 6 weeks like other countries in the world.”


“Doesn’t Europe’s spike prove you wrong?”

“No. They’re going to show us how again.”2
I added that these waves may be inevitable, but in the meantime— May to October, we lost 4x the lives they did. 3/
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21 Nov
In less than 2 months, he will have no access to call local officials
no access to a justice department
no cabinet
no access to the Lincoln bedroom
no access to intelligence briefings
no ability to direct ICE
no ability to obstruct a COVID response
no authority to build a wall
no government funds or airplane to pay to fly him to rallies
no reason for people looking for government favors to use his hotels
no way to appoint his family to powerful positions
no way to fire government workers for doing their jobs
no military parades
no one saluting him
no pomp or circumstance
no presidential legal protection
no Rose Garden access
no ability to intimidate the press
no ability to appoint a judge

So while he tries to manipulate our democracy, he has the sad awareness that soon all he will be is a legally-troubled Twitter troll.
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21 Nov
South Dakota vs Vermont: 2 small states w big differences
-SD: heartless/headless— governor & Hosp ceo say masks are just symbols, no actions
-VT: heart & head— found hotels for homeless, pay low income ppl to isolate Image
SD: Sturgis rally — infected 10s of thousands or more across country, Gov would do it again
VT: Hazard pay to essential workers who make less than $25/hour
SD— headless & heartless: dismissed meatpacking outbreak. Picked fight with SD tribes for trying to stay safe
VT— head & heart: acted immediately in March, one of slowest times reopen, tests frequently
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20 Nov
It is simply more dangerous out there than it was a few weeks ago.

At the beginning of October, 5% of people tested were positive. Now it’s 12.3%. Activities that were safer then aren’t any longer. 1/
34 states are now above 10% test positive. 22 above 15%. Mostly north, central and west but including AZ & FL.

1.4 million new tests/day and it’s clear we’re not close to scratching the surface.
In North Dakota, 2/3 of tests come back positive. Hospitals in Iowa, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas are growing fairly rapidly. Mitigation efforts in these states are weak.
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20 Nov
COVID Update November 19: Here’s the idea. It’s a 3 pronged patriotic appeal here for Americans: #BarBonds.

Buy bonds. Save lives. Save businesses. (And eat and drink.)1/
We are at a watershed moment in the response to COVID-19. 1900 deaths
175,000 cases

Per day & worsening

Alarming rates. Winter months are coming. Holidays. Fatigue. Hospitals are nearing the point in many places where caring for patients will be difficult. 2/
Belatedly, state governors are beginning to act. Those that are acting consistently are in much better shape.

They are beginning to take actions on everything from small gatherings to mask mandates to limiting bars & restaurants. Often late. Reluctantly. 3/

Source @nytimes
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18 Nov
If the state you live in is adding restrictions on holidays, gatherings, or dining— believe me when I tell you, it’s the last thing they wanted to do. Most are even too late and many will reverse it too early. 1/
Just because something is legal and still allowed doesn’t make it smart.

There are no helmet laws where I live. But the government can’t make me not where a helmet. 2/
Politicians by and large are the worst arbiters here. They want you to like them. So by the time they do this, it’s bad. 3/
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